Ches 19, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One…

Spring has come to the vale, though the country be sundered, mountains and rivers endure. The trees and grasses turn green again, where petals have been shed like tears and lonely birds have sung their grief. After the warming fires of three months, one merchant caravan from a far away land is worth a ton of gold. Beneath the mysterious Star Mounts, at the southern edge of the ancient High Forest, the Gray Vale straddles the river Delimbiyr in the North. A prosperous region thanks to river traffic, merchant caravans from distant lands, and other travelers looking for treasure amid the wreckage of lost kingdoms, Gray Vale is a land ripe for adventure.

Welcome to strokesRPG – Grey Vale

Grey Vale is a heroic tier, gritty sword & sorcery styled D&D 4E Campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. My name is strokes and I will be the game master. I enjoy a 50/50 RP/Combat game, both of which will have a purpose and will propel the story ever forward. I’m planning to run a serious game with intense action, requiring players to be both thoughtful and cautious. I prepare gaming material before hand and use the cartography application Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) and its various add-ons, so if you like high resolution battle maps this game may be for you.

The Town of Loudwater needs Heroes

Children of the outlying farms of the Gray Vale are going missing at an alarming rate. Grieving parents of the abducted blame the goblins infesting Southwood, which also snatch cattle and supplies before retreating to the dim shelter of their foreboding forest. The good folk of the Gray Vale will not idly stand by while their children are left open to an unknown fate. The Town of Loudwater has sent word with passing merchant caravans that they need help in dealing with their goblin affliction and ask that any capable adventurer come to Loudwater to deal with the threat.

The majority of the game’s RP will be Play by Post (PbP) here on the Adventure Log. I’m hoping player’s can post a minimum of once a day on weekdays (lets see how this goes). Look to the forum for rules on posting. Every other Saturday night, from 8pm to 12am MST, I will host a Maptool game to resolve combat.

Application Process – Closed

Interested players that are new to strokesRPG should email me at Please put “Gray Vale” in the subject line. Along with your character concept, please tell me a little bit about yourself and what you enjoy most from the D&D game. Applications will accepted until all the player-spots are filled. I’m currently looking for 5-6 adult players and am hoping to fill the iconic rolls first. It will be up to the players to decide which rolls should be doubled up on.


Character Creation

Just follow the rules listed in the Player’s Handbook, using either Method 1: Standard Array, or Method 2: Customizing Scores. Click on the link for a more complete campaign handout on Character Creation and a listing of Acceptable source Material.

Quick Links

Character Creation Cartography
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Faiths and Pantheons Creatures
Calendar of Harptos

strokesRPG: Gray Vale

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