strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: Contested Hallway

The CFP delve deeper into the Ruins of Torarr battling goblins along the way.

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 7/27/2009.

MT Session Date: 8/8/2009, 9:00 PM (MST)

Adventure Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.4

Pregame Notes


Late Afternoon, Second day, Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 22, 1479, the Year of the Ageless One…

With the help of Curuvar, the CFP find the ruins of Torarr and enter the Barrow of the Ogre King. After the encounter with goblins in the Ruined Gatehouse, the CFP enter the courtyard beyond. Tracks circumvent the main area, clueing the CFP to a False Floor Pit Trap within the main thoroughfare . Raz purposely springs the trap and the CFP descend into the darkness through the secret door found near the ruined tower. The CFP enter the Slaughter Pit and encounter more goblins, who are ready and waiting. Battle ensues, with Raz being seriously wounded from charging skullcleavers. Amagar has a warrior marked, the warrior has already retreated to the rear of the chamber, protecting the hexer. The hexer casts his Vexing Cloud, obscuring a large area of the chamber in a ocloud of fog. Gweena cast healing word on Raz relieving some of his pain from the skullcleaver’s vicious axe wounds. Digi is able to confront a skullcleaver and deals a vicious axe blow of his own. Will the CFP be able to defeat the goblins, find the Gray Vale’s missing children, and stop the High Shaman Sacussog from resurrecting the long dead Ogre King?

Welcome to strokesRPG: Gray Vale, MT Session 1.4

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Southwood, Ruins of Torarr

Building\Level: Barrow of the Ogre King, Level 1

Module Location Number: B3. Contested Hallway

Campaign Date: Second-day, Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 22, 1479

Time: Afternoon

Weather Condition: 38 F, None, Partial fluffy clouds, Wind 6 mph

Other Information: Both X-Codes & Gypsy were not present for the game. Amagar was NPCed by Crrrazyhawk, and Gweena was NPCed by Samaelryn.

Last Major Events

  • Raz and Iris both notice the False Floor Pit Trap
    • XP 175/5=35 XP ea.
  • The CFP find the secret door leading into the barrow. They descend down the ladder and encounter several goblins in the Slaughter Pit.
  • The CFP defeat the goblins.
    • XP 850/5=170 XP ea.
  • The CFP defeat the zombies and goblins in the Contested Hallway.
    • XP 625/5=125 XP ea.

Last Minor Events

  • CFP take a Short Rest after the Ruined Gatehouse encounter
  • Raz purposefully triggers the False Floor Pit Trap with a successful Thievery check.
  • Digi triggers the False Floor Pit Trap in the Slaughter Pit.
  • Treasure Parcels found in the Contested Hallway.
    • Amagar – Lifedrinker Short Sword +1, Lvl5 (PB)
    • Iris – Blood Cut Leather Armor +1, Lvl4 (PB)
    • Melieraz – Serpentskin Hide Armor +1, Lvl3 (AV)
    • Digi – Blood Claw Great Axe +1, Lvl2 (AV)
    • 1 potion of Healing
    • 170 gp

Other Information

  • Curuvar’s Endure Elements ritual ends in 13 hrs. and 30 mins.

Total XP Awarded

  • 175 + 850 + 625 = 1,650 / 5 = 330 XP ea.


The chamber to the east contains no features except for a 7-foot-tall stone statue standing on a short marble podium. Dirt and clay cake the statue’s surface, blurring its features and making it impossible to identify.

Scratched into the hardened clay are words in an unrecognizable language.

Placed at the base of the statue are some offerings, a potion of Healing and a small pouch containing 170 gp (both have been included in the latest Treasure Parcels).


Now with a moment to take a careful look, Raz searches the hall, crypt and throne room.

(Perception Roll: 25 = 16[d20]+9)


Raz looks to the 7 ft. tall stone statue in the shrine. He wipes off the clay and dirt caking the statues surface and notices the earth is still moist. A sure sign that the statue was recently unearthed. What initially resembled a large humanoid is actually revealed to be a sculpture of a burly ogre wielding a battleaxe.

Other than that Raz finds nothing of interest.


Looking at the statute and says “Ahhh…could this be the fabled Ogre King?” Raz wonders if the CFP should try to sunder it, but decides not to suggest it.

“Well, my friends, should we take a long rest or continue the drive into the heart of the hoard?

(So Codes, you have 2 healing surges left and 2-3 HP shy of full strength. I think it’s up to you if you want to continue or take an extended rest. Raz only has 2 left as well, but is planning on staying back and plunking as much as possible. Amagar is more a magnet for abuse, so what do you think?)


(If we’re going to Extended Rest, we should be able to jam the door into the temple room.. and I can then use Iris’ Create Campsite ritual so we have food and bedding to get the full benefits of the rest..)


Iris’s countenance finally returns to normal as her adrenaline rush declines, and after tossing the potion to Melieraz with some disdain for his running up and getting himself so badly hurt, she shifted forms again, once more taking on the visage of the Tiger and goes about methodically searching the area while the others continue to rest up.


(Oh, and Codes, Amagar still has his dayly)


Raz takes out the fake horn totem to see if it can mate or match some part of the statute. He also takes a closer look at the altar for signs of blood.

(Yeah, I can’t spell…anyway, maybe we should just continue and plan a rest after the next combat. That way we may be able to have the Endure Elements still in effect if we can finish before we need to take another rest after the next one.)


The horn totem doesn’t seem to have ever been part of the statue. The statue is made of clay and both totems are made of a black horn. The fake has been dyed, but the original must have come from some animal.

Raz doesn’t find any blood on the statue either.


Giving thanks to Chauntea for the survival of the group, Gwenna mutters a short prayer, then turns to her companions, ” If everyone is able, I think we should move on. Methinks the sooner we can find the children, the better.”


“well, Digi is always ready to move… and i have a new toy for stomping the squeakers with…”

A broad smile crosses his face as he looks at his new axe.


Raz catches the potion thrown at him and notes the disdainful look on Iris and says, “What is this, poison? You want me to drink it?” He eventually figures out what it is and stows it in a hand spot.

Getting a boost of confidence from his friends’ courage and eagerness, Raz says “OK, let’s take a deep breath before the plunge and continue on our quest.” He heads for the top of the stairs and says “Wait here, I’m going to try to scout ahead.” He then carefully and quietly descends the stairs.

(Stealth: 1d20+9 = 13, Perception 1d20 +9 = 17)


Before he moves down, he draws his dagger but still keeps his bow ready.


“I have no problem continuing. Like Digi, I’m eager to cause some damage.” With that, he sheathes his new blade with a flourish. “It might be better if Digi takes point for a while. I am starting to feel a little tired.”


“after Raz returns, i will do that. maybe it is the horns that draws them to you?”


The stairway at the end of the hall descends 10-feet and comes to a set of heavy stone double doors. No sound emanates from the doors and slight push reveals that the door may be locked or stuck.


Raz returns to get the rest of the gang.

Raz will look to see if there are any locking mechanisms. If not, he’ll say “Hey Digi, you want to try to open this door?”


(Don’t know if I need this or not: Perception Roll: 14 = 5[d20]+9)


(and before we go any further, FYI, Amagar’s token on MT is showing 24/28 HP and 1/10 healing surges BTW).


Raz puts his ear to the door and still doesn’t hear anything. He also finds the locking mechanism and notes its fairly complicated but could be picked in a few tries.


Raz will get the CFP so that everyone is by the door and then pick it. After he picks it, he will open the door slightly and peer in.


(How bout a thievery check)


Gwenna stands back from Raz, about 1/2 way down the staircase, allowing him some elbow room to pick the locks. She rests her hand on the scythe handle, ready for action if needed.


Raz pulls out his tools from the backpack and begins his work.

(Theivery: 28 = 17[d20]+11)


Raz hears the tell tale sound of a click from the lock, and he now knows that he was successful on his first try.

He opens the door slightly and peers into the torchlit chamber and sees the leather leggings of a man sized humanoid. Beyond is a fountain, spewing forth what appears to be fresh water.

(I need init checks from everyone).


(Raz Init 18 = 12[d20]+6)


Anxious, alert, and poised for violence, Digi tenses with expectation

(Digi Initiative (1d20): 20)


Gwenna Init 7 = 5(d20) +2


Iris follows along after the others, shaking her head at Raz’s comment about poison with a smile. Hopefully he’d learned his lesson, he didn’t look too good. As the others moved down the stairs, she stayed back by Gwenna.

(Iris Init 5 = 2[d20]+3)


Digi is up first with a 20. Amagar is on deck with a 19.


(Digi, go ahead and take your move into the room. A creature with a better init score has a readied action (imediate reaaction) to anyone moving into the room).


Double doors open into a wide chamber with a tiled floor. The northwest corner of the room falls away into darkness, though a staircase appears to descend into the pit. South of the hole is a rune-inscribed disk, and to the east of the hole is a fountain. Several goblins in the chamber are poised for action.


(Digi will also have to use a minor action to fully open the door before moving into the chamber)


Digi, seeing the hexer with his rod pointing at the door, appears to be waiting for something.


(Go! Go! Digi! Make em pay!)


“Alright, let’s end this one quick.” Amagar says as he brings out his new sword for the first time.

(Init 3)


Iris checked that she had donned her new armor properly, waiting silently for the others to move in before she could decide what to do.


(sorry. out of town most of the day) With a mighty yell, Digi kicks the door the rest of the way open to reveal the rest of the room. Digi then rushes forward along the shortest line to the closest opponent raising his axe for a devastating strike. “Stompin time” he roars as he closes with his intended target.

(waiting for the interrupt action before roling dice)


Digi rushes in to attack. When he steps into the room, he notices a hobgoblin soldier hugging the wall, trying to stay out of view. Digi moves towards him, because he’s the closest.

The hexer begins his chant and points his rod at Digi, placing Digi in a Vexing Cloud. Digi’s mind is foggy, making hard to concentrate on his target (-2 to attack rolls).


The Hobgoblin soldiers wear scale armor, have heavy shields, and are carrying flails. There’s a hobgoblin archer, wearing leather and has a long bow leveled at the double doors.


A frustrated Digi Howls in rage….

(Dice Rolls
To hit (1d20 + 6): 6 + 6 = 12
Damage (1d12 + 8): 1 + 8 = 9
Devastating Strike (1d8): 6 )


The hobgoblin lifts his shield as Digi’s axe comes down with a load clang. Smiling, the hobgoblin says in rough common, “You will have to do better than that!”

At that same moment, another hobgoblin from the north, which Digi failed to notice moves south to engage the goliath. He swings wide of the double doors, allowing the CFP remaining in the corridor a quick glimpse of the creature. Once clear of any attacks from the corridor, he charges Digi, placing himself in a flanking position with his comrade.

Flail : If attack is successful the target is marked and slowed until the end of the hobgoblins soldier’s next turn.  

(1) Digi    Rolled 22 vs. AC     8 damage.  


(Raz is up, then the other hobgoblin soldier is on deck)


Screech will fly into the room and get just close enough to the archer so that he can be quarried (has to be the closest enemy) and then will move behind the pillar in the N. part of the room in order to try to get cover from the archer.

Raz will Nimble strike at the archer (15 = 8[d20]+7). If that hits (12 = 4[d10]+5 + 3(1d6)) dmg. Then he will shift into the room as part of the nimble strike and then try to get cover from the archer via the pillar in the north part of the room. He will try to get as far from the vexing cloud as possible and still have cover.


(That’s not a pillar… looks like another of those platforms like in the last room?)


(what is up with the area (upper right) that looks more black than gray? not just the part outside the hexer’s area of effect…)


(Sam is correct, its another stepping disk. You can get cover from it, Superior cover if you drop prone. The black represents a deep pit)

Raz looses his arrow at the archer. His aim is off, the arrow fly’s wide of his target.


The hobgoblin just south of Digi raises his flail and tries to strike him.

Soldier 1:

  Formation Strike : If attack is successful the hobgoblin soldier shifts 1 square provided it ends in a space adjacent to another hobgoblin.  

(1) Digi  Rolled 18 vs. AC   8 damage.  

The hobgoblin then shifts so he is adjacent to the other. Both their shields come up in such a fashion that its obvious they have trained to protect each other.


(Initiative 15)

A goblin warrior appears on the stepping disk. He then move to the western wall throwing a javelin at Raz.


(2) Melieraz   —

  Rolled 22 vs. AC  

 —    5 damage.  


(Hobgoblin Archer is up at Init 12)

The Archer looses and arrow at Raz, even though he has some cover from the stepping disk.

Longbow : , and the hobgoblin archer grants an ally within 5 squares of it a +2 bonus to its next ranged attack roll against the same target.  

(6) Melieraz   —

  Rolled 23 vs. AC  

 —    10 damage.  


(Gweena is up on Init 7, Iris is on deck. Raz is bloodied with 7/25 hps. Digi is bloodied with 21/44 hps, and he is marked and slowed)


(not sure if i can do this)

Hearing the sounds of battle, Gwenna quickly enters the room (4 sq to east; 1 sq to north). She can see that both Raz and Digi are in need. She quickly whispers a healing prayer to Chauntea and divine light envelops Raz (5 = 1d6 (1) +4 ) then turns in the direction of Digi. She touches her holy symbol around her neck and directs the Sacred Flame at the first hobgoblin between her and Digi (17 = 1d20 Wis vs Ref; damage 5 = 1d6 (1) + 4 and Digi can either gain +2 temp hp or make a saving throw).


(Digi takes the HP option) Feeling slightly stronger, the hints of a smile cross the goliath’s features. he looks at the 2 hobgoblins adjacent to him then says “you look a little bigger than the other squeakers, but that only means I might have to stomp twice.”


Gweena channels the divine energy flowing through her and directs it to the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin howls in pain as flame erupts from the ceiling enveloping him and searing his flesh.

(Two 1’s in a row on those 1d6 rolls, ouchie. Just a reminder folks, you have two action points, and everyone has their dailies available. Iris is up and Amagar is on deck)


(It’s been one of ‘those’ encounters so far. We miss everything, or almost, and they hit every time. How annoying!)

Before Gwenna heals Raz, he looks at the javelin and arrow sticking out of his flesh and with it dawning on him that more goblins could be pouring out of the stepping pedestal, he says ‘OW…OW…OH CRAP….OW….OW…OH CRAP….OW….OW…OH CRAP…’

Raz stops the repetition once Gwenna heals him and he then nods in gratitude, hoping to survive another day.


Iris, hearing the sounds of battle already joined in the room, returns to her true form then moves quickly through the mind numbing fog and over to the other side of the pedestal, where she is clear of the fog, and standing next to the deep chasm.

Minor: Shift 1 NE from Wild Shape,
Move: 3 E, 2 NE, 1 N (Just 1 SE of Melieraz)
Standard: Cull The Herd against the Hexer

1d20+5 19 = 14[d20]+5 2d8+4 7 = 1[d8]+2[d8]+4 If that hits..and I’m fairly sure it did… I pull the Hexer 1N, 1W, 1N, into the center of the hole.)



The Hexer is pulled to the edge of the hole and then falls in. Iris sees the look of surprise on the hexer face as he begin his fall into the depths below. The first ten-feet of the fall, the hexer reaches out to grab something, anything to arrest his descent. He’s grasping at straws as his attempts are futile. Two more times he tries, but he’s unsuccessfull. The hexer falls into the darkness until Iris hears the thud of the hexer hitting the bottom of the deep pit.


(Bravo Iris, Nice move! Amagar is up at Init 3, Digi is on deck at the top of round 2)

With the hexer’s death, the mind numbing cloud clears, allowing the CFP a clear view of their enemies.


(THAT was awesome, Sam!)


(ack.. I just noticed I had her WS back to her true form in order to get that extra square of moment… So since I needed to be in beast form for that to work, she needs to be 1 square south of her current position… on the disk..)


(took care of the hexer in a hurry. woot!)


Digi howls in delight at the fall of the Hexer


“No fair, I wasn’t paying attention!” Amagar complains as he misses seeing the hexer fall into the pit of death. With that, he moves around to flank the injured hobgoblin, intent on driving his blades into the back of the beast.

Dual Strike Attack 1 (Lifedrinker): 1d20+11 = 13 vs. AC, 1d6+3 = 4 damage Attack 2 (Mundane): 1d20+10 = 28 vs. AC, 1d6+2 = 6 damage

Stinging the hobgoblin in the back with his blade, Amagar draws his attention and taunts him with a shame finger for leaving him out of the fray. (Mark)


The hobgoblin turns to face Amagar. The tieflings first attack is blocked by the hobgoblins shield, but his second attack finds a weakness in the creatures defenses.

(Digi is up and the hobgoblin soldier is on deck)


Digi shakes his head violently… his hair flys wildly and there is a small drop of spittle on his chin. “YEEAARRGG!” he bellows as his axe swings down toward the hobgoblin to his north. “try this on for size”

(Devasting Strike
To hit (1d20 + 10): 8 + 10 = 18
Damage (1d12 + 8): 3 + 8 = 11 + (1d8): 5 = 16 HP)

the barbarian shrieks in glee his hide seeming to harden as his lust for blood increases. (minor action: Stones endurance. damage resistance of 5 till my next turn)

(i will also gain 5 temp HPs if i dropped the hobgoblin i have lost track of my HPs during this encounter.. Think I am at 23 now since I took 2 hp heal from Gwenna)


The hobgoblins seem to work together. As one turns to face the new adversary the others shield comes up to protect its flank. Digi is having a hard time finding a weakness in their defenses.

(Digi has 21 hp + 2 temp hp for a total of 23)

The Hobgoblin soldier to the south of Amagar pulls his attention from his mark (Digi) and lashes out at the tiefling with his flail.

Flail : If attack is successful the target is marked and slowed until the end of the hobgoblins soldier's next turn.  

(1) Amagar  Rolled 26 vs. AC   — 8 damage.

(Amagar has 16/28 HP and 1/10 surges)


(Raz is next up for the killing, Hobgoblin soldier 1 is on deck)


(I think Digi used his daily last encounter. Everyone else should have theirs. Raz used an AP last encounter, so I think he has 1 now. Digi, I think you should start using your APs to get another attack.)

Raz will drop prone (minor action), gaining superior cover. Then with a great effort of concentration due to his wounds and the thought of the wounding of his comrades, he focuses his bow are the evil archer. (Daily: Hunter’s Bear Trap: 21 = 14[d20]+7. Assuming that hits: 21 = 10[d10]+4[d10]+5+2[1d6] dmg. Target slowed, 5 ongoing. If it does not hit, he will use Encounter power Elven Accuracy to roll again.]

Then Raz will shift 1 square to the west and try to go stealthy against the archer [Stealth: 23 = 14[d20]+9] Screech will fly, avoiding OOA against him and end up directly S. of Raz.


...and Screech will decrease elevation just enough to threaten the shorties, should one come near.


(Digi did use his daily, and i have used one AP previously so i only have one)


(a lance of faith would do wonders… if we can whack one of the hobgoblins…)


Raz looses his arrow sending it right into the archer’s chest. He howls in pain as the arrow hits with a loud thud, hurting him badly.


Hobgoblin Soldier 1 shifts 1 sq. to the SW, flanking Digi. He then strikes with his flail.

Formation Strike : If attack is successful the hobgoblin soldier shifts 1 square provided it ends in a space adjacent to another hobgoblin.

(1) Digi Rolled 18 vs. AC 8 damage.

He then shifts back to where he was originally, shield at the ready.


The Goblin Warrior’s eyes fill with violence as he charges Iris Attempting to Bull Rush her into the pit. (This will provoke AO’s from both Gweena and Screech)

Bull Rush : Push a target 1 square and shift into the vacated space. This is a standard action   You slam your body into your opponent forcing them back before your momentum!

(1) Iris  Rolled 5 vs. Fortitude


The hobgoblin archer still howling from pain from the arrow in his chest levels his bow at the priest of Chauntea.

Longbow : , and the hobgoblin archer grants an ally within 5 squares of it a +2 bonus to its next ranged attack roll against the same target.  

(4) Gwenna 
Rolled 12 vs. AC
13 damage.  


(Gweena is next up for the killing, Iris is on deck)


Screech flutters and darts in towards the face of the goblin, claws extended. (9 = 3[d20]+6)


The goblin warrior pushes the bird aside with its javelin as it moves past.


Gwenna shifts to the north to flank the goblin warrior. She calls out Chauntea’s name and a brilliant ray of light sears the warrior. (lance of faith 15 = 9[d20]4+2 (flanking bonus) vs reflex) dam 10 = 6[d8] 4. Iris feels the power of the goddess too. (+2 power bonus to her next attack roll).


(Lance of Faith is a ranged attack, so that provokes an AO. Because its also a ranged attack, you don’t get the flanking bonus, so thats a 13).

As Gweena calls forth Chauntea’s divine might, the goblin turns and thrust its javelin into Gweena’s torso.


(1) Gwenna  Rolled 26 vs. AC   CRIT: 8 damage.  

It then dodges Gweena’s lance of faith.


(Iris is up, Amagar is on deck)


Seeing Gwenna stabbed by the goblin that had tried to push her over the edge only pisses Iris off more. She leaps at the Goblin, raking with her claws slashing and teeth gnashing, a ball of bloody, furry fury. As she comes off the goblin, thoroughly coated in it’s blood, she keeps to its side instead of between it and the ledge.

Standard Action:
Grasping Claws: 1d20+5+2 27 = 20[d20]+5+2
CRIT: 12 damage, target slowed
Move Action: Shift 1 SW
Minor: Unspent


(Strokes, question: did Raz obtain stealth against the archer or will he know? Is the goblin by Iris/Gwenna giving the archer cover? If so, can Raz shift and still maintain superior cover and not have the jav goblin give the archer cover? Thx.)


(Raz did obtain stealth from the archer, but thats ooc. The warrior is giving the archer cover and he can shift and still maintain superior cover, although he’ll have to make a stealth check again to remain hidden. Also note that while prone, Raz takes a -2 to all attack rolls. Standing up from prone is a move action).


Amagar is up at the bottom of round 2, Digi is on deck at the top of round 3. Amagar has been marked and is slowed from the hobgoblin soldier just south of him and the slowed effect lasts until the end of the soldiers next turn.)


(That may be a problem, because I doubt there will even be a ‘next turn’ for him. ;) )

Amagar grimaces with anger from the shot he took from the hobgoblin earlier, and leans in to deliver a harsh strike with his blood drinking blade, flames flickering about it as the Tiefling’s anger boils over.

Infernal Wrath, +1 attack and damage Villain’s Menace (Lifedrinker)- Attack: 12(1d20) +12 = 24 vs. AC Damage: 1(d6) + 6(d6) +8 = 15 damage

(Guessing that’s a hit, which gives me a +2 power bonus to attacks and +4 power bonus to damage against him. Further, I think that will bloody him as well and give me another +1 to attacks, but in case it doesn’t I won’t add that in.)

Beating back the Hobgoblin, Amagar’s infernal bloodlust takes over as he lunges at the hobgoblin once with both blades.

Action Point, Dual Strike- Attack 1 (Mundane): 15(d20) +13 = 28 vs. AC Damage 1: 1(d6) +7 = 8 damage Attack 2 (Lifedrinker): 2(d20) +14 = 16 vs. AC Damage 2: 2(d6) +8 = 10 damage

Amagar’s assault and infernal presence make him a target that cannot be ignored by the Hobgoblin (maintaining my mark on him).


(Ack, sorry that’s so messy. I keep forgetting that I have to put in line breaks.)


(Yeah, definitely need a ‘medic’ over there.)


(no worries) Amagar’s attacks almost overwhelm the hobgoblin. His first two make it through its defenses, hurting him badly. The hobgoblin is just able to get his shield up to block the last attack from Amagar’s Dual Strike.


(Digi is up at the top of round 3, and the hobgoblin soldier is on deck)


Digi laughs wildly as the Hobgoblin is struck by Amagar. he then takes full advantage of the hobgoblins attention being taken by Amagar and swings his axe in a great cleaving motion. taking advantage of the power of his axe to it’s fullest by giving a few drops of his blood to it (-1 HP for dig in exchange for extra +1 of damage in this attack).

(ATTACK: Great Cleave
To hit (north) (1d20 + 10): 17 + 10 = 27
Damage (1d12 + 11): 3 + 11 = 14 HP
To hit (east) (1d20 + 10): 15 + 8 = 23
Damage (1d12 + 11): 11 + 11 = *22 HP *


(If north Hobgoblin is dead, then i will spend my AP on the following attack)

Digi then initiates a pressing strik on the hobgoblin to his east. shifting one square to the north east, and swings his axe with a vicous uppercut motion.

(ATTACK: Pressing Strike
To hit (1d20 + 8): 7 + 8 = 15
Damage (1d12 + 8): 9 + 8 = 17 HP) (if that hit (i don’t think it did) i push him one square south. if i dropped him to zero (which i really doubt), then i will charge the archer using my swift charge free action)


(Digi, your bloodclaw greataxe actually gives you triple the amount of damage for every pnt. of damage you take. So for that 1 pnt of dmg you take, it gives you a +3 extra dmg. This is because you are wielding the axe two-handed. If you wield it single-handed than its only double :( I also believe this only applies to one attack, hit or miss. I could be wrong, so double check).

Digi cleaves into the hobgoblin to the north, his axe biting deep into his side. As Digi pulls his axe free, using his momentum to cleave into his next foe, the hobgoblin slumps lifeless to the ground. (How many temp HPs do you get)?

The second hobgoblin, looking surprised to see his comrade fall, lets his guard down. His shield lowers just slightly exposing his shoulder. As Digi’s next blow is delivered, the hobgoblin snaps out of his stupor and is able to get his shield up to block Digi’s attack.


(Digi’s second cleave attack actually hits, its the third attack which misses).


(Melieraz is up, and the Hobgoblin soldier is on deck)


(i should have shifted NE which happens before the attack, i also gained 5 Temp HP for the kill. my dmg resistance expired also. what is that extra marker on digi?)


(the marker is just a reminder that you spent an AP)


Raz will stand up (move action) and slide as attack in one fluid motion to the square just w. of screech and target the archer (Nimble Strike, 12 = 5[d20]+7).

Feeling the shot go off badly, at the last moment uses his elven sense to correct it as the arrow flies out of the bow (Elven Accuracy, reroll: 16 = 9[d20]+7. Probably missed but here is dmg jic, 11 = 3[d10]+5 + 3[1d6])

Seeing his attack miss, he uses an extra flurry to get one more arrow off. (AP, Basic Range, 13 = 6[d20]+7*grrr what a bunch of crappy rolls! The curse of Merius has followed me!)

Screech will shift to be be W of Gwenna.


Raz’s looses his two arrows, the first just missing the archer, and the second missing also.

The remaining hobgoblin soldier shifts to the NE, placing himself between Digi and the archer. He then swings his flail at the goliath.

Flail : If attack is successful the target is marked and slowed until the end of the hobgoblins soldier’s next turn.   (1) Digi 
Rolled 22 vs. AC 8 damaage

The goblin warrior backpedals to the northern wall and tosses a javelin at Iris.

Mobile Ranged Attack : The goblin warrior can move up to half its speed: at any point during that movement, it makes one ranged attack without proboking an opportunity attack.   (3) Iris 
Rolled 11 vs. AC  6 damage.  

The hobgoblin is still bothered by Raz’s bear trap (takes 5 ongoing). He then levels his bow at Iris and looses his arrow.

Longbow : , and the hobgoblin archer grants an ally within 5 squares of it a +2 bonus to its next ranged attack roll against the same target.   (3) Iris 
Rolled 18 vs. AC 6 damage.

The archer then tries to shake the effects from Raz’s Bear Trap.

Saving Throw: Rolled 12. Success! You have overcome Bear Trap.

(Gweena is up, and Iris is on Deck)


Shaking off the effects of being wounded, Gwenna steps to the east of Iris. Holding her holy symbol she begins to chant : Oh hear me oh mother of the harvests. help me smite my enemies and heal my friends.” A burst of energy is first leveled at the goblin warrior cowering at the north wall (17 = 12[d20]+1+4). Then Gwenna turns her gaze to the goblin next to Digi and redirects the holy energy (11 = 6[d20]+1+4). One last surge at the remaining goblin (14 = 9[d20]+1+4)

A wave of healing power sweeps over her companions. (Everyone in party regains 9 hit points including Gwenna).

(spending an action point) Still chanting, Gwenna unleashes a lance of faith at the goblin next to Digi (18 = 13[d20]+1+4 Wis vs Ref dam 7 = 3[d8]+4) and Amagar gains +2 power bonus


(first attack is Beacon of Hope … a daily)


The goblin warrior is basked in divine sunlight. You see he begins to fall but catches himself with the butt end of his javelin (weakened).

The hobgoblin soldier is basked in the same light, however, he seems unaffected.

The hobgoblin archer stumbles as he legs seem to turn to jelly (weakened also).

Gweena’s allies are basked in the same light also, although the holy light of Chauntea warms their souls and heals some of there wounds.


Gweena’s final attack hits the soldier square between the shoulders. He stumbles forward a step and seems to be hurt badly.


(Just a note, that golblin warrior is no longer slowed)


(Iris is up, and Amagar is on deck at the bottom of Rnd 3)


Iris moves back from the goblin warrior and over towards the doors they had just come through, then bounds off of the wall as she charges in -reaching for it’s throat with her teeth.

Move: SW, W
Standard: CHARGE
Charge Movement: 1N, 1NE
Melee Basic Attack: Grasping Claws
Attack: 1d20+6 25 = 19[d20]+6
Damage: 1d8+4 13 = 7[d8]+6
Target is slowed until the end of Iris’ next turn.


Iris’ claws tear and render the warrior’s flesh as he howls in pain. You can see that he’s hurt badly, yet he still stands.


Amagar is up and recieves a +2 bonus to his next attack, Digi is on deck at the top of rnd 4.


Feeling the energy of Gwenna’s lance of faith, Amagar decides to capitalize on this boon and moves around the hobgoblin to flank with Digi (NE, E, E, SE, SW, OA from the Archer). Now in position, he lashes out at the Hobgoblin with both blades.

Dual Strike Mundane- 6(d20) +13 = 19 vs. AC: 4(d6) + 2 = 6 damage Lifedrinker- 20(d20) +12 = 32 vs. AC: CRIT! 6 + 3 = 9 damage + 5(d6) Necrotic


The archer, with his longsword still sheathed at his side, is not able to react to his opportunity against Amagar.

The soldier is barely able to block Amagar’s first attack with his shield. Amagar’s second attack finds a weakness in the soldier’s defense and slices cleanly into his side.


(codes could you check your stats with your swords. I have your mundane attack at +8, and your Lifedrinker at +9. I think your first attack should be a +10, and the life drinker attack at +13. Digi is up at the top of round 4, Raz is on deck).


(my bad, your first attack at +12, and the life drinker attack at +11, plus the +1 for bloodhunt, nevermind :)


Digi grins as Amagar strikes into the Hobgoblin, and presses the attack. The Goliath swings his axe in a Devasting Strike on the hapless warrior.

(ATTACK: Devastating Strike
To hit (1d20 + 8): 14 + 8 = 22
Weapon Damage (1d12 + 8): 4 + 8 = 12
Devastating Strike Dmg (1d8): 6
Total Damage: 18 HP

“yeah, 2 stomps…” (the following are IF i can charge through a square occupied by a friendly and on the assumption that the Hobgoblin warrior is dead) Digi then takes the initiative and feeling buoyed by the death of his immediate foe and feeling the blood lust he charges directly for the archer, vaulting past Amagar and swinging his axe down.

(Attack: charge/basic melee
To hit (1d20 + 8): 16 + 8 = 24
Damage (1d12 + 8): 2 + 8 = 10
Total Damage: 8 HP)


(Digi also gets 5 temp HPs for each foe he drops.)


(oops… i nerfed both those attacks. first one should have been an extra +2 to hit for CA and the second should have been +1 for a charge. i think they both would hit without the additional bonus)


Overwhelmed by being flanked, the hobgoblin is unable to defend himself. Digi’s axe bites deep, his strike dropping the soldier at his feet.

(Digi, you can’t charge because its a standard action. You still have your move action and you can move through the dead goblin’s and Amagar’s space).


Buoyed by Digi’s ease at hacking down the menacing hobbies, Raz will use his mobility to shift and strike almost simultaneously (Nimble Strike against the archer, 16 = 9[d20]+7), almost daring the littler squeaker to attack(OA) while he does. (Will hold off on Raz’s move action to see if the goblin takes the OA)

Screech, voiding OA’s, will move directly in front of the stairs (to the south)


(strokes, i have a power/skill “Swift Charge ” that lets me charge as a free action once per encounter)


(i can only use it after dropping an opponent to zero HP)


(my bad, charge you may)

Digi charges the archer and hits the him with his axe. The archer winces in pain and wobbles a bit from the lost of blood.


Raz moves and levels his bow at the archer and the warrior sees Raz’s defenses drop and take advantage of the opportunity. (1) Melieraz   Rolled 24 vs. AC   1 damage.




Raz then looses his arrow, however it misses its target.


Raz uses the goblins attack to create another opening for his own attack and shifts SE, since the goblin already used its OA, and levels his bow at the goblin to find an opening (Fox’s Cunning, 10 = 3[d20]+7). Raz shakes his head as the arrow flies wide. Any misgivings he had about killing goblins who were maybe just trying to survive in a harsh world disappear. He doesn’t kill them, just annoys them once in awhile.

Then with his move action, he will move just south of Screech.


(Don’t think you can get there Raz… that is a mighty deep pit in the way) picking up on the rangers frustration, Digi gives an encouraging look to Raz. “Keep practicing Raz. The skills will set in soon.”


(Raz can move around the pit with a move of 7. Chawk, I think you gain a power bonus to your basic attack roll equal to your wis mod with Fox’s Cunning. Won’t help this time but may in the future)


Ahhh…forgot about that.


As the goblin warrior moves 1 square back to the north wall, his javelin seems to be heavy in his hand as he struggles to heft up and back. The warrior finally sets and lobs it at Iris.

<u>Mobile Ranged Attack</u> (2) Iris — Rolled 14 vs. AC — 1 damage.  

The hobgoblin archer, seeing the attack pressing, lowers his longbow and draws his longsword. He weakly lunges at Digi, and then shifts towards the fountain.

<u>Longsword</u> (1) Digi — Rolled 15 vs. AC — 2 damage


(Gweena is up, Iris is on deck)


Gwenna steadies herself for her hopefully last attack on the goblin warrior cowering against the north wall. As she murmers her prayer, she unleashes a lance of faith, searing the goblin with a brilliant ray of light. (21 = 17[d20]+4 vs reflex; dam 5 = 1[d8]+4) She finishes her prayer “o Chauntea, guide Iris’s next attack.” (+2 for Iris’s attack if that hit doesn’t drop the warrior.)


Iris once again moves away from the goblin only to charge at it once more, tearing at the goblin with tooth and claw in a vicious display of the Beast within them all. Even if Gwenna’s attack has knocked the goblin unconcious, Iris finishes the job.

Grasping Claws: 1d20+9 27 = 19[d20]+7
Damage: 12 = 8[d8]+4

(Yeah…. My dice are going to be royally cursed during the next MT session.. I just know it…)


(wtf… copy/pasting die roll instead of typing it this time, damn keyboard.

Roll: 1d20+8
27 = 19[d20]+8

Roll: 1d8+4
12 = 8[d8]+4


(that’s +5 for the attack, +2 for Lance of Faith, and +1 for the charge, by the way..)


Seeing the battle coming to a close, Amagar steps up to the Archer and prepares to finish it off with a strike from each of his blades.

Dual Strike
Attack 1 (Mundane): 6(d20) + 9 = 15 vs. AC, 6(d6) + 2 = 8 damage
Attack 2 (Lifedrinker): 9(d20) + 10 = 19 vs. AC, 6(d6) + 3 = 9 damage


Gweena drops the warrior and Amagar drops the archer.

There’s a closed door to the south and a set of stairs leading into the pit to the north. The fountain spews forth what looks to be clear fresh water.


Raz yells “Yes! Yes! The CFP triumphs again!” The runs towards the west wall and tries to run up it a few steps and do a back flip and land on top of the pedestal. (Acrobatics: 12 = 3[d20]+9)


Iris finally lets the fallen goblin alone, backing off into the far corner of the room for a moment and breathing heavily. Gradually the fire in her eyes dies down and she rubs her nose on the stone wall for a moment to get the scent of blood out.

Her wits gathered, she looks at the others for a moment then goes about searching around the walls, wanting to make sure there weren’t any other surprises in store for them on their way out before they went down into that hole.


Digi shakes his hair back behind his shoulders, cleans his axe, and turns to Amagar:

Nice work there! you seem to have a knack for this. Sorry if i took your kill on that one. (points to the first fallen hobgoblin warrior) “wonder what is in the hole?”

Digi then cautiously peers over the edge of the hole holding a sunrod out to let light hit the bottom.


Amagar half-listens to the praise and looks at their surroundings. “Well, it’s been a long day. Should we back out and find someplace to take a breather? Maybe the gatehouse? It should be rather easy to see anything coming from there.”

With that, Amagar sniffs the water flowing from the fountain and takes a drink if it doesn’t smell bad.


Raz pulls off the backflip but lands a bit short of the stepping disk.

Iris searches the walls and finds nothing until she arrives at the closed stone door on the south wall. She checks to see if it’s open, but finds that its locked.

As Digi peers over the edge of the pit he sees that the staircase winds down the perimeter of the pit. He also sees that the stone staircase is lit with flaming torches at 30-foot intervals, leaving areas of intermittent darkness amid the illumination. The spiraling circle of torches appears to descend about 100 feet to the bottom level of the chamber.


Gwenna wipes her brow with a sigh of relief. “ah, that’s done! Maybe we should rest a bit before moving on? The gatehouse seems safe.” She begins looking around the room. “should we search these goblins?”


Raz says to Gwenna “Yes, both good ideas.” He then searches the goblinoids, especially looking for arrows that he could use and carefully checking out the bow the hobbie was wielding.


Iris, finding the door locked, starts pawing at it, occasionally glacing over her shoulder at the others and giving a low growl, trying to get their attention as they loot the fallen goblins.


All the equipment found on the goblins is mundane. The archer has a quiver with 27 arrows in it.


Raz will search the stepping disk and fountain, curious to see Amagar’s reaction when he takes a drink.


Digi grunts. “well, that squeaker will have landed flat.” then as he walks over towards the center of the group “wonder whats up with Iris?”


Iris continues scratching at the door, though she stops her growling when she hears Digi mention her.


Digi moves to the door and presses his ear to it:

(Perception Check (1d20 + 4): 8 + 4 = 12)

“hey Raz… you buzy?”


Raz says “Just a sec, Diga.” When he gets done with his searching, he heads over to the giant and the tiger. “Hmmm…a door…a locked door…” Then puts his ear to it and listens. (Perception 23 = 14[d20]+9).

Then he starts to look for a key hole or other locking mech.


Gwenna asks softly, “what is it Raz? could it be? maybe the children?”


The water from the fountain is cool and refreshing.

Digi hears nothing from behind the door, and its the same for Raz when he listens. There is a locking mechanism and its very similar to the one found on the other door in which Raz picked earlier.


“maybe it is some loot!” he the checks his curls in the side of his axe… “i could REALLY use a brush. and this armor… look at the notches and bits of blood…”


As the others go about tending to the locked door, Iris -thoroughly coated in goblin blood- goes over to the fountain. She looks sheepishly over her shoulder at the others for a moment, then when she’s sure they’re not looking, she jumps in.


Amagar scowls at Iris, thinking that there had to be a better way for her to clean off than just plunging into a pool of perfectly good drinking water (nevermind how odd it was to bathe in the middle of a dungeon like this). He rummages around in his backpack for a moment to pull out his waterskin and fill it with the water as it comes out the spout at the top, careful to not get any bloody cat-water into it. He occasionally stops to take a drink from the waterskin until he’s sated his thirst and then fills it up to the top.


Digi decides to take a short breather… (and expends 3 healing surges to take his HP to max)


(or one surge as the case may be)


Raz looks around at his tired and haggard companions and feeling so himself and says with a goofy grin, “Well, it likes like this circus needs a layover to recuperate. Maybe we should go back to the door just before we fought those zombies and rest on the other side. That way we’ll be out of the elements and we can choke off any attack from goblins that may be coming up from below. Also, we’ll be out of the elements. What do you think?”


“dunno… might be a good place in there ” Digi motions toward the door ” with the loot.., surely if there were squeakers in there we would hear em.”


“There could be goblins, or there could be something big, ugly, and asleep. I think going back to the gatehouse would be our best course of action. It may not be ideal shelter, but really… this place is a glorified hole in the ground. Also like I said, if something does come poking it’s head around the gatehouse then we’ll be able to spot it and prepare ourselves before any fighting begins.”


“I agree, let’s not open any doors till we can rest a bit. However, I hate to give up the ground we’ve already fought for. But, if everyone wants to go back to the gatehouse, OK by me. We should try to set up the watch to see the exit hole, if possible. That way I can plunk them a few times if they head our way. Hopefully that’s the only direction we have to worry about. Guessing other foul things have been buggered off by the squeakers.


Digi Shrugs… “lead the way”


Iris, having cleaned her fur well enough to be comfortable returning to her true form again, would nod in agreement as well.. though she had something in mind that would make the gatehouse a more hospitable place to rest..


The CFP begin to move back out of the barrow to take their rest at the gatehouse (Raz, do you want to jimmy any of the doors on the way out to not open? If so make a Thievery check).

The CFP arrive at the gatehouse in twilight, a fire still burns in the main room and a small stack of wood lies nearby. The night will be a warm one compared to others earlier this tenday and Curuvar’s ritual is still in effect.

(The CFP will need to sleep for about 6 hours to gain the benies of the extendeded rest. Each PC can take a turn on watch duty for 1.5 hrs, that will give the CFP 7.5 hrs resting total. Decide in what order watch is going to occur and when you start your watch give me a Perception check)


Raz will jimmy the two set of doors we come through to get to out of the burrow (19 = 10[d20]+9, 22 = 13[d20]+9…yeah, I finally rolled above a 10!)

Then, If possible, he will pull the ladder up from the first hole. Then he will look down in the collapsed part to see if the goblins would be able to climb up through the rubble.

Once to the gatehouse, he will look to see if we can see the hole and collapsed area. He will also try to build up some cover just outside the S doors of the gate house.


(Don’t know if the thieves tool bonus applies. If so, then rolls are 21 and 24)


(Since it seems the odds of a goblin attack coming would be increasing over time, I suggest the watch be set in order of ascending perception, which would be something like:

Since Screech did not use any surges, Raz will send the bird up for a patrol just above the tree tops, circling around the the gatehouse and Barrow entrance. That is, as long as the bird suffers no ill effects from fatigue.


Furthermore, Raz will try to secure the doors leading into the chambers east and west of the main room to try to prevent baddies from sneaking in that way an plunking us through the arrow slots. (Thievery check, if necessary: 22 = 11[d20]+11, 13 = 2[d20]+11)


(Raz’s thieves tools do apply to his checks)

Raz uses several metal shims and a hammer from his thieves tools to wedge the doors closed. Feeling very satisfied that it would take an accomplished thief to open the doors, Raz continues with the fortifications. Using debris from inside the ruined gatehouse, Raz is able to make a low wall in front of the south entrance.

(Screech will suffer no ill effects from standing guard all night. Feel free to roll a perception check for him with each new guard on duty).


Knowing that it will soon be her turn to stand watch, Gwenna spends her time in prayer. She bows her head in quiet submission and begins to murmur softly to herself.


Upon arriving at the gatehouse, Iris returns once more to her true form, pulls out her ritual book, and then begins to go through the motions of her ritual, speaking in the tongues of the forest animals and calling on them to set camp for her and the others, setting out any of their gear that they had brought with them and tending to the fire for them through the night.

(Nature Check for making their ‘camp’ more difficult to be spotted from outside the gatehouse: 1d20+9 21 = 12[d20]+9)


Amagar takes a seat just inside the southern door to the gatehouse, allowing his view of the courtyard to be all but completely unobstructed while he is on watch. He lazily looks from one side of the yard to the other while contemplating what will happen tomorrow and then after that when this job is over.


As Amagar watches the courtyard he feels a light wind wind upon his face. Fluffy clouds partially obscure a crescent Selune, yet some of the moons light shines down and illuminates the courtyard. The courtyard is silent and remains that way through Amagar’s watch.


Digi piles himself in the corner quickly drifting off to sleep. “not a half bad camp… ” he mutters to himself as the days weariness begin to fade from him.


Screech silently glides about the forest, using the wind to aid in his patrol. (Perception 16 = 10[d20]+6)

strokes strokes

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