strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: High Shaman Sancossug

The CFP negotiate a deal for peace with the goblins of Southwood

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 9/2/2009

MT Session Date: N/A

Adventure Date: Ninth-day, Ches (Spring Equinox) 19, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.6

Pregame Notes


Dawn, Third day, Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 23, 1479, the Year of the Ageless Oneā€¦

The CFP enter the barrow once again and descend a spiraling staircase through ancient dwarven catacombs. They descend down into a a torch lit corridor which extends to the east with several dark side chambers leading to the north and south. At the end of the corridor sits a 30-by 30-foot chamber. Within the chamber, sitting near the back wall, is a dirt encrusted sarcophagus flanked by two smoking braziers. A goblin painted with clay and mud stands vigilantly over it.

The High Shaman Sancossug demands what is rightfully his, the Horn Totem which was stolen from him by that meddling wizard of Loudwater, Curuvar the Brazen. After the shaman tells of the bunk ritual he plans on using to revive the long dead Ogre King, the CFP negotiate a deal for the return of the totem. They receive the shamans best guess on who or what may have kidnapped the children of the Gray Vale, he also gives them an old map, which has listed many a dungeon in the area, But the most important item given in trade, is the shaman’s word that the goblin’s of Southwood will leave the goodfolk of the Gray Vale unmolested.

The CFP triumphantly return to Loudwater as heroes and recount their tale of the Barrow of the Ogre King

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Southwood, Ruins of Torarr

Building\Level: Barrow of the Ogre King, Level 1

Module Location Number: B7. High Shaman Sancossug

Campaign Date: Ches 22 (The Claw of Sunsets), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless one.

Time: Evening

Weather Condition: 36 F, None, Partial fluffy clouds, Wind 8 mph

Other Information: No MT Session this time around.

Last Major Events

  • CFP negotiate a deal with the High Shaman Sancossug
    • The shaman promises peace with the goodfolk of the Gray Vale for the return of the Horn Totem
  • Major Quest Reward
    • 300 XP per PC


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