strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: Raid on Loudwater

MT Session 1.1 - Game Recap & Falling Action

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 6/14/2009.

MT Session Date: 6/27/2009, 9:00 PM

Adventure Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.1

Pregame Notes

  • Build PC Tokens
  • Choose unique halos and chat color
  • Talk about macros


Morning of Ches 19, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One… The beginnings of a seemingly heroic adventuring party form at the Green Tankard Tavern…

Amagar Morgata, dark wander of the Gray Vale, is a tiefling fighter seemingly more interested in the chink of coin than altruism. The devoted Iris from the Moonshae Isles is a razorclaw shifter druid of Silvanus who has been sent to Loudwater by her grove to help protect the Gray Vale’s goodfolk from the dangers lurking within Grayvale. Melieraz, an elven beastmaster raptor ranger, and his beast companion Screech, intently driven to help the goodfolk of Loudwater find their missing children. The vain Digi, a goliath barbarian hailing from the mountainous heights of the North Wall, seems only interested in his golden locks and possesses a knack for finding trouble. And finally, the mousy Gweena, a devoted cleric of Chauntea, who carries a bag of seeds to sow her faith amongst the goodfolk of the vale.

Goblin’s blow the South wall and swarm into the square. The Circus Freak Patrol are spurred into action as the cries of help from Loudwater’s goodfolk are almost too much to bear.

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Loudwater’s South Square (Area 2)

Building\Level: N/A

Module Location Number: Raid on Loudwater

Campaign Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Time: Morning

Weather Condition: 14 F, None, Partial low white clouds, Wind 15 mph

Other Information: N/A

Last Major Events

MT Session

  • Goblins blow the South wall, swarming into the square and killing mercilessly.
  • They head for Garwan’s Curiosities, breaking the window and taking the items on display.
  • The CFP fight back and the remaining three goblins, knowing they have been bested, throw down their arms in surrender, hoping their lives will be spared.

Last Minor Events


  • The Adventuring party forms at the green tankard. Melieraz gives the party the moniker “Circus Freak Patrol or CFP”.
  • Marsh Laval, proprietor of the Tankard, is introduced.
  • Marsh mentions the name “Ana”, referring to her in a made up story about Curuvar the Brazen. Ana works for Marsh at the Tankard.
  • Sunsteen Urbeth is introduced and expresses a general interest in the adventuring party.
  • Curuvar The Brazen, Loudwater’s resident wizard, is introduced and gives the Minor Quest of returning the Skull Totem to him.
  • Iris meets Brother Griffon.
  • Sunsteen’s withered leg becomes wreathed in blue flame, after he is knocked to the floor from the concussive blast.

Other Information

XP Awarded

  • 600 XP Total/120 per PC


The bloodied battle is over and goodfolk come out from hiding, braving the chill in the air, to see the damage the goblins have caused.

The CFP notice that most of the town folk are human and half-elf, however a small group of dwarven men have gathered in front of Garwan’s Curiosities. They have already begun to clean up the broken glass and gather the items that the goblins took from the window display.

Another group of commoners have gathered near the south wall. Their mouths are agape as they inspect the damage.

One of the dwarves from in front of Garwan’s comes behind the goblin warrior who is now on his knees and defenseless. The young dwarf kicks the goblin in the back, knocking him face first into the frozen street.

(This is the falling action from the encounter, feel free to RP the scene until the next scene is introduced)


The dwarf then puts one knee in his back and quickly draws one of his many silver hilted daggers from his belt. Grabbing the goblin by his hair which is tied in a topknot, he violently pulls back, exposing the goblin’s neck. The dwarf presses the sharp edge of his dagger to the creatures throat, drawing a razor thin slice of blood. “Why I outta rip your jugular out right now you poxed bastard”, the dwarf says cruelly.


Digi looks around in the after-haze that follows an extended adrenalin high. he walks to the nearest goblin corpse looking for some (somewhat) clean cloth to wipe the blood from his axe. roughly kicking the weapons on the ground from the immediate reach of the surrendering survivors, he gruffly grabs the live one closest to him by the nape of the neck and begins to drag it toward the arriving townsfolk.

“Talk now squeaker, or I will let them cut you apart for fish bait and take your bones for trinkets. What did you come here for – other than murder and butchery?”


As Digi drags the captive toward the gathering crowd, he notices the broken wall that the goblin attack created. “How peculiar… I am sure I didn’t do that.” then the perplexed look fades form his face, and he continues on to the gathered crowd.


Gwenna steps up to the dwarf and the fallen goblin warrier. She puts her hand on the dwarf’s arm and softly speaks, “we may need information from him. perhaps this is not the time for killing.”


(Digi I’m going to need a Intimidate Check)

The dwarf instantly pulls away from Gweena’s touch and looks up to her in shock (How bout a Diplomacy check for this one).


The tiger, her fur matted with still-wet goblin ichor, leaps back atop one the wagon she had just jumped from, then back off the wagon on the other side, pinning one of the three remaining goblins to the ground beneath her weight, her forepaws pushing down on the goblin’s collar bone, claws bared and barely pressing against flesh.


Raz calls for Screech to return and is moved his bravery. He strokes the bird gently and says “Oh, Screech. Look at you. What did those nasty goblins do to you? You are so brave. You were in the heat of the battle. I don’t think I could do that. What a good friend you are.”

Raz then moves to Gwenna and the dwarf and says “You know, Mr. Goblin, you are in a very bad position here. It looks like this good bearded fellow is going to make you pay for you crimes right now in a most painful, slow manner. We MIGHT, be able to talk him out of it…for now…if you tell us what you came for and why?”

((Diplomacy check to aide Gwenna 1d20-1 = 1…great)).


(Chawk, go ahead and roll a 2nd Diplomacy check for trying to get some info out of the Goblin)


((Diplomacy 1d20-1=1-1=0…I kid you not))


Sunsteen quickly hobbles out of the Tankard favoring a single crutch. His withered leg has returned to its normal state and despite his handicap, the bald man is in excellent shape. “Hail the Circus Freak Patrol!,” he begins shouting while raising a clenched fist. “The town of Loudwater is indebted to these adventurers, show yer respect,” he begins repeating to the ever growing crowd of goodfolk who have gathered in the raid’s aftermath.

Most of the town folk just stand and watch in shock staring at the tiefling and the large cat, a few gather to collect their dead. All pay no heed to Sunsteen.

Sunsteen, noticing the townfolk’s inability of getting over their prejudices, just sighs his disgust and then begins searching some of the fallen goblins.


Although the goblin is in a serious position of disadvantage, with an angry dwarf on his back and having a knife to his throat, the creature is able to spit his disgust at the elven ranger.

“You had better just kill me now,” the goblin hisses.


Diplomacy (1d20 + 2): 15 + 2 = 17

Gwenna does not flinch under the onslaught of angry stares from both the dwarf and the goblin. She mumbles a prayer, then stiffens her posture and says more boldly to the dwarf: “Children’s lives may depend on what this creature has to say. Don’t be so hasty to kill.”


Aravilar puts his boot, with much velocity behind it, squarely into the goblin’s mouth, knocking out a couple of the creature’s rotted teeth. After taking a moment for the goblin’s senses to come back to him, he kneels down before the creature and stares into it’s eyes: “I can kill you if you want, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be now.”

Intimidate: 1d20+1 = 9


“Don’t you have some field to plant”, the dwarf says rather rudely to Gweena. Giving the goblin a good shake first, he releases his hold on the goblin. “You poxed bastard,” he growls before heading back to the group of dwarves in front of Garwan’s Curiosities.

The goblin spits up some blood staining the snow red. He then looks up to the dark tiefling and while giving him a toothless smile says, “It matters not… soon you and all who live here will be grovelling at the Ogre King’s feet begging for your lives.”

Just then Sunsteen shouts, “I think I have found something!” He rises from the fallen hexer waving a scroll high above his head.

As Digi moves to the hole in the wall, he notices the tracks the goblins had made leading from the Southwood. The goblins were numerous and it appears they made no effort to hide their trail.


(I almost forgot again, check the Other Information section of the Adventure Log to get your XP)


Gwenna shudders at the violence of the situation. Turning to Amagar, she says, “can you get any information from this creature? I am afraid if force is needed, I will be unable to manage.” Gwenna waits to see what Amagar is going to do. She is truly more interested in the scroll that Sunsteen found than this pathetic, awful goblin.


Seeing the futility of talking to this goblin, Raz mosies over to front of the store to see if figure out what the goblins were after. He searches the dead goblins first, then the live ones.


Hearing Sunsteen announce that he had found something behind her, with a growl the tiger snapped her head down and crushed the throat of the goblin she had pinned beneath her, her jaws locked around it’s windpipe until it stopped thrashing. Muzzle now stained with blood, she turned her feline eyes on the tiefling and cleric, then casually walked around the wagon she had lept off of and towards Sunsteen and his scroll.

As she passed the wagon, her form melted away into an orange mist before she reformed as her true self, still covered in blood, and leaning slightly on her spear as if tired. Reaching the injured man, she held her hand out for the scroll silently, with luck she’d be able to read it.. Or Brother Griffon would if she couldn’t.


Sunsteen hands the scroll over to Iris. The look on his face reminds her of a dog awaiting a reward for some trick he had just performed.

“I’ll bet you its written in goblin, right,” Sunsteen says with a proud smile.

A quick glance confirms the scroll is written in a rough script of Thorass, however its unreadable by the shifter.

Raz’s search of the fallen goblins near the shop reveals nothing of value. Rusty shortswords, crude spears and javelins, and ratty leather armor are the trappings of the dead creatures. Raz notices that the dwarves are collecting the items the goblins tried to steal from the window display. A silver snuff box, a wood carving of Selune, and a simple jewelry box are just a few of the items lying amongst broken glass and the snow in the street.

One the dwarves approaches Raz offering his hand in friendship. “Alae,” the dwarf greets the elf. “I’m Garwan, well met. Thats my shop there, or whats left of it,” Garwan points with the end of a pipe he’s smoking. “I think I owe you and your friends a bit of thanks.”


((sorry. had network issues))

(Intimidate Roll for Digi: 1d20: 12

Digi notices the heavy tracks of the attacking party, and makes mental note of it. “Hey Raz, you feel like some tracking?”

then again to his captive, “come on Squeaker… cat got your tongue?”


The goblin looks first to his toothless fellow and then to the dead goblin who has just become tender vitals for the tiger. He then looks to the crowd of townsfolk who are now fully in shock from the continuing violence.

“Were here for the Horn Totem,” the goblin cries out. “I beg of you, spare me… The scroll, look to the scroll, it tells of our mission,” the goblin pleads.


Raz waves, smiles and nods at Digi, intending to head over there once he is done talking to Garwan. Making a mental ‘to do’ in his head, Raz adds trying to find that tiger the next one. It would be a great addition to the CFP for so many reasons.

Then he turns to friendly dwarf and firmly grasps the dwarves hand and says “I’m Melieraz of the CFP. Indeed, well met. Really, Garwan, no thanks needed. We couldn’t stand by while innocent, defensless people were being slaughtered and honest merchanges being robbed. It sounds like the goblins are after a Horn Totem. Why do you think they would want it? Do you have it? If it is OK, may I see it?

“The CFP is planning to strike deep into the goblin lair and I would like to know as much as possible before we go.


Garwan heads back to the dwarves and says something which is barely heard. One of the dwarves hands him a [[Horn Totem|black crude looking dagger, and with it in hand, Garwan returns to Raz.

“Here, take it,” Garwan says. “I want nothing more to do with it. Take it as a token of my gratitude for your good deeds today. I bought it from Curuvar about a ten day ago. He said he found it in the goblin’s barrow.”


(for some reason the Horn Totem won’t link to its appropriate wiki page. You can find from the main wiki page under magic items)


Raz says “Thank you, sir. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other in the days or months to come. It’s good to know we have a friend in Loudwater. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know,” and takes the totem. Not really knowing what a totem is, he looks it over and, if he wasn’t doubting the intelligence of golins before, he sure was now. Why would a small band of goblins attack a walled city in broad daylight to try to steal something like this. How could it be worth this crude looking ‘totem.’ He thinks I must be missing something.

Then another thing started gnawing at the back of his mind and so he asked Garwan, “Say, how do you think the goblins knew it was in your shop?”


Garwan just shrugs, “I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps that goblin scroll can shed some light on the matter. I speak Goblin so if the scroll is written in that language I could translate it for you.”


Raz thanks Garwan and heads over to Sunsteen to find the scroll, hoping to see the tiger along the way. He thinks to himself, “Hmmm…last I saw, the tiger was chomping on a squeaker over here” and walks by the wagon. He sees the limp body and using his tracking ability and the bloody paw marks as a guide, follows the tracks towards the dead hexer. After a few steps, the paws turn into footprints. Confused for a moment but then it dawns on him…”No way! That tiger is some kind of shape shifter! Oh, this can NOT get any better! This would be the best addition to the CFP EVER!” With that, he follows the trail to the shifter, Sunsteen and the scroll.


Gwenna walks around the crowd, checking to see if any of the townspeople have need of her healing skills. She comforts those who are fearful, mumbling as she walks. She overheard Raz’ conversation with Garwan. She too is puzzled about the horn totem being at the shop. And puzzled about the Curuvar’s connection to the totem. And didn’t Curuvar want something else? And wasn’t there something peculiar about Sunsteen’s withered leg? He seemed ok now. Gwenna decides she will talk to Raz about this. In spite of his goofy looks, he seems to be a little brighter than the big fellow and a natural leader. She sighs, says a prayer, grateful to emerge from the skirmish unharmed and continues to offer comfort to those in need.


Raz is concentrating on the ground and tracing the footsteps which suddenly end at feet. He slowly raises his eyes from feet to leg…to torso, noting goblin blood…to chest, neck, more blood…to mouth and more blood. The blood is a almost disturbing contrast to the golden eyes and flowers in her hair. He pauses for a moment in awe of the shifters apparent ability to change shape.

After a moment, he is able to collect himself and says to the shifter, “My name is Raz. What is yours? You were brilliant in defending the citizens of Loudwater and dispacthing the goblins. You have some very special abilities.

“I see you have the scroll there. I’ve learned that it has the evil plan the goblins were trying to execute. It seems that there will be more blood shed within these walls if we do not do something. I know someone who might be able to translate and he is right over there by the shop. Shall we go over there to find out what it says?


Iris hears Garwan mention that he might be able to read the scroll, and Raz’s comment about her being an addition to the ‘CFP’… She wondered what in all the hells he was talking about before remembering his comment in the tavern earlier.

Scroll in hand, she turns to find whoever was speaking with the Elf a moment ago and see if she can persuade him to translate the scroll.. If not, she could always go to Brother Griffin with it, if he couldn’t read Goblin himself, he probably knew a Ritual that would allow him or her to do so. As she turns around, she finds Melieraz apparently staring at her legs.. Rolling her eyes, she swatted him with the scroll on the nose, then motioned for him to lead the way.


The scroll is taken back to Garwan and he confirms that it is indeed is written in Goblin.


The priest of Chauntea is well recieved by the Loudwater goodfolk. Gweena finds out that many of the town’s people are simple farmers and they inquire when the Great Mother will allow for planting. Gweena also receives many requests for a visit to the individuals farmsteads, asking for a blessing of their first planting.


Iris stared at Garwan as he confirmed it was in Goblin until he read it for her and the others, then growled softly to herself, leaving the scroll with the Dwarf as she started off to the north again, changing shape into an eagle once more and returning to the Temple. It had the familiar feel of a place wholely devoted to Silvanus, but she was still uncomfortable there, uncomfortable with the idea of being surrounded by so much stone.

When she found Brother Griffon, she called out to him, and then perched on his shoulder, pointing towards the exit with one of her wings. If he was a healer, his skills were needed… And she thought it appropriate for him to hear the contents of the scroll for himself.


When Iris returns to the Temple of the Tree Father, she finds him in meditation atop the grassy hill. He nods his understanding to Iris and says, “Let us be off then.”

Brother Griffon asks many questions of Iris on the short journey to the South Square. He’s curious of Iris’ grove in the Moonshae’s and her sect’s practices. He also tells her that he is quite fond of walking and invites her on a hike once the weather is a bit nicer.


Iris vow not to speak did not include the languages of animals, so Iris was more than happy to converse with Brother Griffon in the language of birds, telling him what she could of her home, of how uncomfortable his temple felt when she was used to the ancient groves. Her fellows in the Moonshaes served Chauntea, Corellon, Kelemvor, Selune, or Silvanus, by each individual’s personal choice, or followed no specific deity at all. She tells him she will think about it, but that when the weather gets nicer, she hopes to be able to return home.


Back at the square, the sound of horses can be heard, trotting on the road from the North. Soon 5 men on horseback enter the square and they all stop except one and gawk at the destruction.

A mature looking elf with a hide skull cap and dual long swords sheathed to his back stops only for a moment. He then spurs his horse forward towards the whole in wall, checking the dead goodfolk and goblins as he rides. He cricles the well in a slow trot examining the damage and then rears his horse to a stop and faces the majority of the crowd.

“What has happened here? Speak quickly!”, he says in a commanding voice.

Soon footmen follow, entering the square from the north also. They wear the trappings of a commoner and carry clubs.


Digi stands to his full height and addresses the man on horseback “I had nothing to do with the wall, but this squeaker (shakes the goblin) and about a dozen of his fellows came through the hole they made. They killed a few townsfolk and tried to ransack that store (motions to Garwan’s Curiosities) before we could subdue them all. i think there is a second one alive over there, and this one needs to be handed over to authorities – is that you? He has been a bit forthcoming with information, so I would prefer he get a nice clean hanging or rot in a dungeon somewhere rather than just letting the good folk cut him for fish bait.”

Then to the goblin, “See squeaker, you helped me, I help you…”

with that, the goliath looks back at the mounted captain expectantly. “There wouldn’t happen to be a reward for this kind of thing would there?”


((OK, Rewind a few scenes here….)) Raz was certainly startled by being bopped in nose by the shifter. This is not what he expected, but notes the eye roll. He blinks and says “I’m…um…er…I didn’t mean…Well! Yes, let’s see what Garwan has to say about the scroll.” He begins to wonder why the shifter has not spoken since their meeting. Is she a mute? Apparently not deaf….hmmm….

Then with Garwan, the shifter still does speak. When the shifter turns into a bird and flies off, his jaw drops. “Screech, look at that! She can change into a tiger, AND a bird. Wow…”

With the translation, Raz feels it’s time to gather up the small band and head to the Barrow to prevent the raising of the dead king. But then the man on horse back appears.

He whispers to Garwan “Who is that?”

((Strokes, could you give us the results of Digi’s intmidate check? ))


((Strokes, guess you did. NM…)


Gwenna speaks to the farmers about the spring crops and and assures them if she is still in the the area that she would be pleased to bless the first plantings. She also casually asks the farmers about the events in Loudwater. And questions about Sunsteen. Did they know what happened to his leg? Had he been in town for awhile?


Garwan whisper’s back, “That’s Captain Harrowleaf. He’s no nonsense through and through, however he seems honest enough. He has his hands full with the protection of Loudwater. He has four trained warriors… those other fellows there on the horses and several volunteers who can wield a hoe better than a sword.”


(Gweena, I’ll need a streetwise check)

“I’m Capatain Harrowleaf, and I’m charged with Loudwater’s protection, and who might you be and what be your business here in town?”, the captain asks as he motions to the footmen to take the goblins in custody.


Seizing the opportunity, Raz jumps up on a wagon and throws his hands wide and says “We are the CFP, a loosely bonded band of travlers who, with diverse motivations, want to see the scourge of these goblins stopped. It is not right that they terrorize the good, honest, hard working people of Loudwater. And the children! You’ve heard about that, I’m sure. This must be stopped. We have learned of the location of their lair and we, sir, intend to strike at the heart of it. This is Digi, Gwenna and, um…,” gesturing towards the tiefling, pausing to let him introduce himself.


“Great, a real life captain,” says Digi, “it looks like you are all a bit late for the fun.”

“I am called Digi, and that ranger over there is Raz. We are accompanied by the healer over there and the tall guy with the horns. We call ourselves the CFP, you will need to get the details from Raz, he talked a bit fast for me when he pitched the idea, but the short of it is we go out and stomp on squeakers and the like when they cause problems at night, and help the people by day. This incident is a little confusing as we were stomping the evil in the day time, but I think you catch the idea.,,,”

“Anyway, we are the ones who killed this group of vermin and subdued the ones you are taking off. And there was a big tiger here a bit ago that helped. Raz wants her for the CFP, but I’m not sure whether she has agreed or not. Either way, the squeakers are dead, my axe needs sharpening, there is blood on my leathers, and I need to clean my boots. “

Then, looking at himself in the polished head of his axe.. “Great sylvain undergarments and a hoard of moon trolls! Look at this! There is blood IN MY HAIR!!! “

Then looking about frantically and in a voice teetering on the brink of panic, “Quick! Get some warm water and some lavender… even a bit of lye soap would help… “

Checking the reflection again, Digi comes to a full stop and sheepishly speaks, “uh, never mind, it seems I missed a spot when I cleaned the blade… sorry to worry you like that.”

With that, the goliath looks down and shuffles his feet, after an uncomfortable pause he looks up at the captain “Really, I didn’t have nothing to do with the wall. Ask Raz.”


A black haired, blue eyed man dressed in rustic clothing enters the square with an eagle on his shoulder. He seems to be talking to the bird and the bird seems to be squawking back. He begins talking to the goodfolk, offering words of comfort and inviting them back to the Temple of the Treefather.

Captian Harrowleaf listens to the CFP and when they finish he says, “On behalf of Loudwater I thank you for your help today. As far as a reward is concerned I’ll have to check with Lady Moonfire.” He then barks some orders to the others on horseback, “I want a double guard unit on that wall section there until we can get it repaired. Take those foul creatures to the garrison.”


Iris glides down from Brother Griffon’s shoulder and lands a few feet away before taking humanoid form once more and walked over to Garwan, waiting for Brother Griffon to join her again. Captain Harrowleaf she watched cuatiously, she had long ago found she could never predict how a local constabulary would react to the presence of a Shifter in his community, even if she was a Druid of Silvanus.


Streetwise check (1d20 + 2): 7 + 2 = 9

Gwenna makes her way to where Raz and Digi are. Her eyes widen then flash when she sees the eagle assume a human form. She nods respectfully to Iris, recognizing a kindred soul then turns to Captain Harrowleaf and says “well met sir. I do hope you can get some information from these pathetic goblins. Altho she recognizes that the goblins have left a very visible trail, it still does not indicate that the missing children will be found at the end.


Raz shakes his head and chuckles at Digi and says “Oh Captain, no reward is necessary, really. We are just tying to help. We couldn’t just stand by and let the hoard overrun the square and wantonly kill your citizens. But, this job is not yet done.

He then looks up and says to the crowd in a voice that would carry across the square “Now, good citizens, you may sleep well tonight. The CFP is on patrol! We will stop this river of filth from coming into your fair town!”

Then he gets a silly grin on his face and if the Captain is close enough and there is a suitable landing area, he will launch from off the top of the cart and leap horizontally over the captain and do a half-twist in mid-air and kick his legs over his head in a ¾ back flip and attempt to land on his feet.

((Acrobatics (1d20 + 9): 8 + 9 = 17))


Aravilar finally gives up after harassing the goblin a bit more, turning to the rest of the group and saying “So when should we set out? It certainly doesn’t seem there’s any need to rush given that this ‘Ogre King’ isn’t even alive and, from the sound of that note, won’t be for some time.”

After a minute he sniffs the air. Looking down at his boot he sees bits of goblin blood on it and decides to try and wipe it off on a snow drift.


Gweena’s question about Sunsteen’s leg is received with a shrug and she hears, “I think his leg has been like that since he was born,” or “He gets around all right nonetheless.”

Captain Harrowleaf is nowhere near the wagon, so when Melieraz pulls off his acrobatics stunt, he just lands in front of the wagon to the amusement of the onlookers.

strokes strokes

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