strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: Ruined Gatehouse

The CFP convince Curuvar the Brazen to lead them to the Ruins of Torarr

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 7/12/2009.

MT Session Date: 7/25/2009, 9:00 PM (MST)

Adventure Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.3

Pregame Notes

  • MT Session will begin with the encounter Finding the Barrow II
    • Curuvar will lead the party so the primary skill checks will not be needed. The CFP will have to make Endurance checks though.


Night’s End, 2nd day, Chess (Claw of Sunsets) 22, 1479, the Year of the Ageless One… The CFP awaken early to prepare for their journey with Curuvar the Brazen. Curuvar has offered to lead the CFP to the Barrow of the Ogre King and has made plans to set out at Dawn from the Town of Loudwater. The sky is clear and a crescent Selune hangs low in the sky. The temperature remains just below freezing and a gently breeze promises a fair and warm day compared to the last. When the CFP enter the commons of the Tankard, Marsh is up preparing breakfast. The commons are empty except for Curuvar, who prepares his pack for the day’s journey at hand.

“Eat hearty CFP, for tonight you may dine in hell,” Curuvar cheerfully says with a smile. Curuvar hands Raz the Horn Totem and a near perfect duplicate. “We have an hour before Dawn, make haste,” .

Welcome to Grayvale: MT Session 1.3

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Southwood, Ruins of Torarr

Building\Level: Ruined Gatehouse

Module Location Number: B1

Campaign Date: Second-day, Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 22, 1479

Time: Afternoon

Weather Condition: 38 F, None, Fluffy clouds, Wind 7 mph

Other Information: Gypsy was not able to make the game so Gweena was NPC by Xcodes.

Last Major Events

  • Curuvar leads the CFP to the Ruins of Torarr
  • The CFP fight with the goblin guards at the Ruined Gatehouse

Last Minor Events

  • CFP take an Extended Rest
  • Screech overcomes Filth Fever
  • Raz convinces Curuvar to lead the CFP to the Barrow of the Ogre King
    • Curuvar gives the CFP a bit of history on the Ogre King
    • Curuvar makes a duplicate of the Horn Totem
  • Iris convinces Brother Griffon to cast Endure Elements on the CFP when they try to find the barrow again.
  • The CFP resupply at Loudwater General
    • When chatting with Calla, Raz’s Insight tells him she may be lying about being happy living in Loudwater
  • Raz, Digi, and Gweena head to Garwan’s Curiosities, and ask Garwan more information on Calla.
    • Garwan tells the CFP how Calla adopted Raumadar.
  • Amagar heads to the Loudwater Patrol to practice his sword skills. He meets with Captain Harrow leaf and ask about the headless bodies found yesterday in the woods outside Loudwater.
    • Harrowleaf assumes it’s the work of a vigilante.

Other Information

  • Curuvar’s Endure Elements ritual ends in 14 hrs.

XP Awarded

  • 1000 XP Total/200 per PC


Beyond the gatehouse lies a large courtyard and according to Curuvar, the secret entrance lies hidden in a pile stones next to the ruined tower.

(PCs will start on this map from the bottom. There won’t be much in the way of PbP this week but we can certainly handle this scene before the next MT session.

Give me a detailed description on what your PCs are going to do, include short rest, where the PCs will look for the secret door, and what path your PC will take to get there).


Iris will keep her sharp eyes out for any more goblins, as well as looking for any signs of traps they may have left to protect their lair. She stays near the others if they decide to take a short rest, but she has too much pent up energy to rest and keeps on the move near them.. when they finally start moving further into the ruins, she will stay to the outskirts of the courtyard, watching everything carefuly and moving ahead slowly, leading the way.


(Is Iris moving left or right and go ahead and make a Perception check for me please).


(Iris will move along down the left side… Passive Perception is 19, evildm still wont work for me, looking for the other site)


Raz takes a short rest by the goblin camp fire. While by the fire, he says “Next time we meet up with some goblins, we should use the fake totem to try to negotiate the release of the children. If the children are somehow tied up with raising the king…(shudder)...then that won’t work.”

After the short rest, Raz will move down the right side cautiously, looking for the hidden entrance.


(As Raz moves through the courtyard down the right side he notices a well worn track through the snow. looking about carefully he can guess that this is the track the goblins must be using to move to and from the ruined gatehouse).


Amagar takes his rest next to the gatehouse in the courtyard, not inclined to suffer the built-up stink of the goblins inside the gatehouse itself. “I don’t think the goblins would be smart enough to consider negotiating, although once we figure out whether or not the children are actually here then I think bartering their release would be a good thing. We’ll be able to get them out of the way while we continue clearing out that hole. Probably best way to do that would be to bring them back here to the gatehouse and then use that ritual to send for aid.”

With that, Amagar searches the corpses of the goblins for valuables before going through the gatehouse itself, looking through the various piles of debris. When he finishes, he moves the corpses of each of the goblins into one of the empty rooms of the gatehouse and leaves them there.


Amagar’s search of the goblins reveals only mundane equipment, shortswords, hand crossbows & bolts, leather & chainmail armor, and the skullcleaver’s battleaxes.


(Did amagar want to expend any healing surges during his short rest? Current HPs are 24/28 and has 8/10 surges)


(And how bout Iris? Current HPs are 21/26 and has 9/9 surges).


Raz says “I’ve found the goblin tracks.” Then Raz doubles back in the center of the courtyard to be sure that he didn’t miss anything.

“Yes, I think we should try to negotiate. Maybe we can avoid more bloodshed…my bloodshed! That bolt really hurt!


Gwenna takes a short rest by the fire with Raz. “I agree. Negotiation is always better than bloodshed. Should we follow the tracks?” As she talks, Gwenna is attentive to her surroundings, looking, listening.


Iris moves back to the others along the side of the courtyard, staying out of the middle where she could be spotted easier, then circles around to the other side, looking for these tracks Melieraz mentioned.

(Not spending any healing surges yet, no.)


(Please move your tokens on the Virtual Battlement site)

Iris find the tracks easily enough, a well worn track lies on the right side of the courtyard, just on the far side of the trees. The track looks like it jumps the corner of the low lying wall on the upper side, and then starts again, leading to the lower right side of the footprint of the tower. (I placed Iris’ token on the tracks)


Before following the tracks, Raz will check out the bottom left behind the wall.

(I moved the token where he is looking. Do you want us to paste the map in here or are you going to look at it on the battle map site?)


(kk, I moved you back when I added a footprint token showing where the tracks jump the wall. go ahead and move Raz back to where he looking. It looks like the image just has to be emedded once and the tokens will update when you refresh the adventure log).


(and give me a perception check)


(I moved to token bottom right and up a little. Evil DM wasn’t working, so I just rolled it using MT: Perception 1d20+9 = 15 + 9 = 24)


(How high is that wall just to the north of him?)


Iris will follow the tracks as far as they go, then double back around to Gwenna and the others before turning her attention to the courtyard itself, wondering why the Goblins went around the side like that when such lazy creatures would normally go right through the center?

(I am unable to move tokens on the virtual battlemap site… any tokens, not just Iris. is not working, so I rolled here on OP

Insight Check: 1d20+9 = 18 + 9 = 27

Perception Check: 1d20+9 = 16 + 9 = 25)


All the walls in the courtyard lie in a pile of rubble. At the tallest point the wall stands just over 6-foot tall and at its lowest point, just under 2-foot.

Both Raz and Iris notice certain stones covering the courtyard are supported by weakened timbers that look like they will collapse when just the right amount of weight is applied. The trap covers a 20-by-40-foot area.


(I marked the corners of the trap with a skull and crossbones symbol. To move your tokens on the Virtual Battlemat site, just click on the token and then mouse over to where you want to move the token and click again)


Iris follows the tracks until they disappear in a pile of rubble of fallen wall next to a ruined tower with a large leafless oak tree growing out of the middle. She also notices that one slab of stone appears to be loose, at least more so than the others. The slab is propped up against other more solid looking stones at a 45 degree angle and it appears it could be rolled easily back and forth.


Raz breathes a sigh of relief as the reason for the goblins detour becomes apparent. Something nastier was a distinct possibility.

When he notices the trap, he says, “Well, we can’t have that there with children around. I knew these would come in handy” and digs out his thieves tools and attempts to disarm the trap.

(Thievery Check  1d20+2+9 = 18 + 2 + 9 = 29 )


Raz pulls out a crowbar from his leather case and try’s to pry out some of the supports. He gains sufficient leverage on one of the supports but realizes he going to need another person to help kick in the false floor (another PC needs to move adjacent to Raz and make a Thievery check also).


Gwenna takes a few steps forward and watches for any odd movement; listens for sounds of trouble. (Perception check (1d20 + 4): 14 + 4 = 18). She first looks to Raz while he disarms the trap and then to Iris to see if she is trying to communicate any information.


Iris moves back over next to Gwenna, tugging lightly on her cloak, then starts to prowl around the edge of the trap being extremely cautious not to step on it while growling softly.


(ack.. that wasn’t supposed to get struck through…)


Raz huffs and puffs and then pauses, a little exasperated and says “I could use a little help here.”


Raz tries again, prying with his bar and gaining the leverage needed to release the false stonework. With a creak of timbers the false floor falls away from its supports, falling 20-feet to the floor of the pit below.


When the trap door falls, Screech squawks Raz smiles in satisfaction and says “I know Screech, that would have really hurt. That must have took the goblins a long time to dig. Glad to undo some of their nastiness. Well, shall we see where they live?”

Raz then follows the tracks to the fallen tree and moves the stone…


The stone grinds on the other rocks in a low mono tone as it rolls from its set. A dark hole containing a ladder descending into the darkness lies behind it.


As soon as the trap dropped, Iris headed for the entrance she’d found earlier, showing Raz where it was when he followed behind her, then going back to get Gwenna and the others, shifting to her own form once she was past the rubble again and waving them over, trying to get Gwenna, Digi and Amagar to follow her back to Melieraz.


(Digi might not be online until tomorrow, so asked me to NPC him).

As Raz was disarming the trap, Digi was so enthralled with his own reflection in his ax he did not hear the whoosh as the trap door fell. Finally he sees Iris gesturing him to follow and then goes over to her and onto where the door is.


Amagar just stands back and watches as the spectacle unfolds. Eventually sure that the group was going to be moving on, he follows along the goblin footpath to the concealed entrance, hoping that with all that noise a few might pop their heads out to take a peek.


As the CFP stand at the tunnel entrance they look to the sky to see a magnificent sunset. Pink fluffy clouds highlighted by various shades of orange and purple fill the sky and its reflection from the snow on the ground creates a strange ambient light. No sounds can be heard from the hole and a deadly silence fills the entire courtyard.


After careful inspection of his hair for possible damage (none thankfully), and a short rest, Digi feels ready to again fight evil. Following Iris closely with his Axe at the ready, the large barbarian looks about hoping to catch sight of any enemy.

“well, looks like we are going to have to go find us sme more squeakers.”


Moving to the tunnel entrance, Gwenna peers down into the hole. “Guess we are going down, eh?” She lowers her voice and begins to pray for safe passage for the group and the safety of the children who may be trapped somewhere within.


Raz pulls out the fake totem and says “Well, I guess we go down. Could someone light a sun rod? I’d rather not carry one myself since I’d like to try to hide sometimes.” Once someone lights a rod, Raz will start down the ladder.


Digi reaches into his pack, and brings out a sun rod.

“I have no desire to hide….”

then in a sing-song voice “Here gobble gobble gobblins… Digi is here for you” as he enters the tunnel


Raz searches the room carefully.

(Evil DM not working for me…Perception « 1d20+9 = 2 + 9 = 11 »)


“Thanks Digi, for the light. Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t have any sunrods, just torches, which cast off much less light than sunrods.”


The ladder drops down 20-feet, leading to a small rectangular chamber. Four solid masonry walls box this room in. No doors are visible in the light.


(lets go ahead and use the OP dice roller for now on)

Raz searches the walls and finds nothing.


Iris will search along the walls as they move along as well, sniffing around with her nose pressed to the corner between wall and floor, though she pointedly avoids sniffing too close to Digi.

(Perception Check: 1d20 + 9 = 18 + 9 = 27)


Gwenna follows Iris down the ladder. “shh…” she tells Digi, “maybe, just maybe we can find the children and get out of here without bloodshed.” Just in case Raz and Iris missed something, she checks out the room and walls too. (Perception check: 1d20 + 4= 12 +4 = 16).


Iris immediately notices the faint outlines of a secret door in the masonry wall opposite the ladder. Its craftsmanship is of master quality and could easily be missed by an untrained eye.


Iris stops at the door, growling softly and pawing first at one side of the door’s outline, then the other.


Raz, surmising Iris found something, says “Good job, Iris. I totally missed that. Those dwarves are fine craftsmen.”


“urr…and women…”


“Alright, then. I guess it’s time for me to take the lead.” With that, Amagar gives the secret door a once-over to find the latch to open it. “Just in case the goblins left something nasty on the other side of that door, I think the rest of you should back up a step or two.” Once everyone takes a step back he tries to open the door.


Iris steps back and changes form at the same time.


Amagar finds no latch to open the door, but instead pushes on one side of it. The heavy stone door pivots in place revealing a chamber beyond.

The chamber ascends steeply to the west. Goblins stand at the top of the slope, partly obscured by intervening statues of dwarves in armor. The goblins instantly raise their javelins.

(Initiative checks)

Goblin Warrior Roll: 14 = 9[d20]+5

Goblin Warrior 1 Roll: 20 = 15[d20]+5


The rubble is difficult terrain costing 2 squares of movement. The slope, which the goblins are standing at the edge of, is difficult terrain when ascending. The terrain is not difficult when descending or moving at the same level.

Amagar is standing at the secret door, so all PCs will have to enter the chamber from that square.


Raz, wonders if the opportunity to negotiate for the children’s release is fading. Those javelins look nasty. Will have to try not to get stuck again.

(Can I get cover behind the rubble in the south?)

(Init 1d20+6 = 26)


As the CFP peers in to the chamber with the goblins they notice that false floor trap from the courtyard actually fell into this lower chamber. There is no ceiling in the lower part of the new room and it provides a clear view to the setting sun in the sky. The rubble on the floor is actually from the trap from above.

(The rubble is a mixture of small stones and earth, and the timbers which once provided the framework for the trap. Its mostly ankle deep, but a few pieces rise as high as the knee. It provides no cover.)


Iris can smell the goblins on the other side of the door even in her humanoid form, and starts preparing to cast one of her spells.

(Inititive: 22 = 19[d20]+3)


At the sight of unstomped squeakers Digi’s countenance brightens and a feral grin comes across his face. he tosses his sunrod ahead of him and grasps his axe with both hands.

(Initiative:14 [die 20 +0])


Gweena grabs a hold of her holy symbol and begins a short prayer to Chauntea.

(Initiative: 11)


Amagar readies his swords, ready to charge forward after the goblins.

(Init: 1d20 = 5)


Melieraz is up for the killing at 26, Iris is on deck with a 22)


Amagar sees the goblin warriors stand ready with their javelins poised on their shoulder.


(Can’t open the battle mat for some reason.)

Raz moves into the room past Digi and Amalgar as far as he can and get cover behind the farthest pillar directly opposite the secret door using a double move action. Screech follows Raz into the room and is sure to fly high enough not to be threatened from the ground and hovers behind Raz. Trying to fight the inevitability of the battle and hoping these underlings would have the brains to remember that they want the horn totem, Raz holds out the fake totem and says “We have the horn totem and you have something we want. Let’s try to come to a mutual agreement. Go get your chief.” He then pauses to see if the goblins register what he is saying and lower their weapons.


Iris, with a near feral grin on her face, moves into the room, taking a position behind the center pillar so that she is out of sight of the far warrior, but held back from taking any aggressive action yet, waiting for the others to join her and Melieraz first.


As soon as Raz enters the chamber the goblin warriors loose their javelins (These guys have a readied action to attack anything coming through the door. Raz will gain cover from the goblin warrior’s attack because of one of the dwarven statues partially blocks his LOS)

Goblin Warrior Javelin: Rolled 15 vs. AC.

Goblin Warrior 1 Javelin: Rolled 20 vs. AC – 3 damage.


(Digi is next up for the killing and Gweena is on deck)


“You’ve just squeaked your last squeak squeaker!”


(Do those goblin rolls already include the minuses for cover?)


(Their readied action gives them an immediate reaction after your first move, placing you behind the middle statue. That gave you cover from the goblin warrior, but not from goblin warrior 1. I’m rolling using MT and I added a -2 to the first goblin warriors attack.)


Digi bellows enthusiastically and rushes forward. “Come on squeakers, Lets boogie!”

(going from memory here – battle mat still seems down. can you link to a pic?)

Digi moves to the closest enemy (i have move of 6. i think it took 5 to get up next to him. 2 squares of rough terrain, and one normal) and swings with his axe using his ‘devastating attack’

“time for some stomping!” cries the goliath as the blade makes contact.”

To hit (1d20 + 7): 15 + 7 = 22
Weapon damage (1d12 + 7): 9 + 7 = 16
Total damage: 22 hp)) Devastating attack (1d8): 6


that ‘total damage bit was supposed to be after the devastating attack bonus info… total damage is 22 on the assumption that the attack roll of 22 was successful.


(I will NPC Gwenna also if nobody objects)

Gwenna slips past Amagar and through the opening. She moves horizontally along the slope to a point where she has a good line of sight on the further Goblin Warrior. She then mutters a short prayer and unleashes a Lance of Faith attack. “May Chauntea deal with your evil”

Lance of faith to hit (1d20 + 4): 10 + 4 = 14
Damage (1d8 + 4): 2 + 4 = 6
if hit is successful, bonus passed to Raz))


“Have at them long shanks!!!!”


(Digi’s First move action could move him 2 squares just south of the eastern goblin. Amagar stands in front of the secret door, so Digi would have to move down one, then west one square for a total move of 2. Then if he moved diagonally up 2 squares of difficult terrain because of the slope then that would be a total move of 6. If he wanted to attack he would have to charge from there and make a basic melee attack)


((Ok. change Devastating attack to regular melee, disregard the last d8, so only 16 pts damage. I had my first move as diagonal SW (1) then diagonal NW(3) then diagonal nw(5) then N for (6) ))

(thought you could enter a doorway at a diagonal..)


The goblin warrior cringes in pain as Digi’s axe bites deep. It looks as if Digi seriously wounded the creature.


The goblin warrior ducks the radiant energy bolting from Gweena’s hand.


Amagar is up with an Initiative of 5. On deck is the goblin warrior, top of Round 2.


Amagar joins the fray right behind Digi, using his blades to take a couple hacks at the goblin he already wounded.

((Move up to the square to the left of Digi if I can do so in one move, then use Dual Strike on the bloodied goblin (+1 attack), also marking it.))

Attack 1: 1d20 + 9 = 13 vs. AC Damage 1: 1d6 + 2 = 5

Attack 2: 1d20 + 9 = 16 vs. AC Damage 2: 1d6 + 2 = 6

((If I can’t attack after one move, then I’ll charge. That would be an attack of 14 vs. AC and 9 damage.))


Amagar moves up the slope, finding it tougher than he originally anticipated. Having to charge, he moves up to the already wounded goblin and swings one of his swords, but the goblin is able to dodge his attack.

As soon as Amagar misses, the goblin begins to shift away from him (go ahead and attack again Amagar for Combat Challenge)


(Not sure if Amagar is around so I’ll make his melee basic attack)

As the goblin warrior moves away, Amagar swipes at him with his sword.

Melee Basic Attack – Rolled 19 vs. AC – 8 damage


(top of round 2)

The goblin warrior, which until this point is unscathed moves away from digi and lobs a javelin at him. (This does provoke an OA and Digi gains cover from the slope)

Mobile Ranged Attack – Rolled 12 vs. AC


(There are no goblins in view at the moment. Raz is up with an initiative of 26, and has 2 squares of difficult terrain before he can climb the slope. Iris is on deck with a 22).


With Screech above Raz as high as the bird can get, hoping Screech can see the goblins as he skims along the ceiling, Raz moves north up the slope hugging the west wall, until he can either see the goblins or he can move no further. Raz will also put the horn totem away (minor action) unless he can wield the bow an hold it at the same time. At the end of the move, Raz will either move again or attack if he can see the goblins.

(I still can’t load Battle Mat. Am I the only one?)


as the Goblin pulls away, Digi swings his axe to take advantage of the opportunity.

((OA Attack (1d20 + 7): 20 + 7 = 27
Damage (1d12 + 7): 2 + 7 = 9)) ((Critical damage (1d12 + 7): 4 + 7 = 11 – (not sure i did this right)))


(Digi, the goblin’s Mobile Ranged Attack power allows him to pull away, throw his javelin, and not provoke an OA).


Digi Howls in frustration. (post 3 above mine must be a typo…)


Raz moves up to the top of the slope and sees more goblins in the room (Raz can move three more squares if he wants. After his first move goblins have readied actions, which are immediate reactions to Raz’s move. Go ahead and move your remaining squares and then I’ll take care of the goblin actions, then Raz can finish his actions).


Raz will move 3 squares to the east. Screech will move to be just south of Raz, near Iris and trying to be as high as possible to be out of melee reach.


Iris will move up to the top of the slope behind Melieraz and directly beneath Screech, a javelin of lightning coruscating in her hand until she lobs it at the injured goblin’s head, hoping to finish him off.

CRIT = 20[d20]+5 (12 damage)

After her spell, Iris will shift forms, once again taking the visage of the Tiger.


(Hang on there Sam, I haven’t finished my turn yet. I needed to complete my move and the the goblins are going to do their readied action and then I will attack, probably trying to hit the injured one you were trying to attack.)


After Raz moves he sees violence in both th skullcleaver’s eyes. The one from the west charges him first.

Battleaxe: Rolled 13 + 6 + 1 = 20—8 damage.

The one from the east charges next.

Battleaxe: Rolled 19 + 6 + 3 = 28—12 damage


The hexer in the back then begins to chant in some unknown language and points his hexing rod at Raz.

Vexing Cloud : Automatic hit; all enemies within the zone take a -2 penalty to attack rolls. The zone grants concealment to the goblin hexer and its allies.  


(bah… wasted a crit…)


Raz screams hysterically “I’m bleeding!!! Oh, great Correllon, I’m coming home! I’m too young to die! All’s I wanted was to be in a circus. Why me? The pain!” Then tears start to roll down his face from the pain of the severe injuries.

Raz will then shift to the SE, directly south of the E skull cleaver. Then he will spend an action point to do a Nimble strike and shift S to be next to Digi on the west side and shoot at the skull cleaver to the N.

Roll: 1d20+7-2 10 = 5[d20]+5


(That roll was a 10. got jumbled up.)


Raz’s aim is off as the arrow flys wide of its target.

(Iris is next up for the killing at count 22, Digi is on deck with a 14).


(ack…. I hate textile.. Here it is again, easier to read.)

(Actions: Move 6+2 for 1 SE, 2E, 1(2) NE, 1(2) N, 1 N.
Minor: Wild Shape to Tiger
Standard: Cull The Herd – 1d20+5 vs. Will, 2d8+4 damage, target is pulled 3 squares.)

Roll: 1d20+5 18 = 13[d20]+5
Roll: 2d8+4 17 = 7[d8]+6[d8]+4
On a hit: 17 damage, and target is pulled 3 squares south/southwest/southwest (The square below the uninjured Warrior.)


(OMG… I just realized running means I have a -5 to attack, so if I can take that encounter power back? If I can do anything to raise my AC without spending a healing surge, I’ll do that :P)


(Hey Sam, moving left or right across the slope counts as normal movement, its only when you move up or down that its difficult terrain.


(Sam, Iris is out of range for Cull the Herd. Its a range 5 and Iris is 8 squares away after her move action).


(Iris could move 1 E, 1 NE(2), 2 NE, 1 N. If she ran she could move 2 N, placing her 4 squares N of where the screenshot now show her. She would have a clear LOS to the hexer and be within 4 squares of it. Let me know what you want to do).


(Actually, leave her where she is.. I don’t like the idea of sticking her neck out too far… And that move and Wild Shape will be my turn.)


(Allrighty then… Digi is next up for the killing at 14, and Gweena is on deck at init count 11).


Digi steps forward and put himself between Raz and the nearest SkullCleaver. and swings his Axe in a ‘devastating attack’

(Dice Rolls: To hit (1d20 + 7): 16 + 7 = 23
Base damage (1d12 + 7): 6 + 7 = 13
Additional damage (1d8): 5
total of 18 damage)

Grinning ear to ear, he roars in satisfaction… “It’s STOMPIN time!”


Digi’s axe makes a sound similar to a cleaver hitting a butcher’s block as it digs deeply into the skullcleaver’s shoulder.

(Gweena is up, Amagar is on deck)


“Oh the pain…THE PAIN!!!!!”

(Q for you strokes, at what point are the goblins in the back visible? Are they obscured by the slope and at what point? When do we or them get cover? Thx.)


(They are visible from the square from which Raz is standing in, however that square, and all the squares running from east to west from that point is where the transition to relatively flat terrain occurs. Its still considered difficult terrain (on this slope it only affects movement moving up the slope), yet the difficult terrain ends here. Characters placed in these squares will gain cover from any attacks occurring from any square North. So if Raz was to move back one square, trying to gain cover from one of the statues, he wouldn’t be able to see past the transition point. does that make sense?

Raz could drop prone in the square he is in now, gain superior cover, and use stealth.

On a side note, If you look at the Sneak Attack entry in the PB, it states that you can only use this feature when you are using a weapon from the light blade, the crossbow, or the sling weapon groups. Should have caught this before, but do you have some feat which allows you to use your sneak attack with a bow)?


(He has sneak attack? I thought he had Quarry?)


Whispering a brief prayer, Gwenna asks for Chauntea’s healing power to aid Raz. As the divine light washes over him, she moves forward. (moving 2 squares west and 1 square diagonally NW).


(Sam, I took the Sneak of Shadows feat, so I get Sneak Attack once per encounter.)

(Strokes, thanks for the detail on the slope and cover. As for the other point, I know I can’t use Sneak Attack with a bow nor is there a feat, that I know of, where you can do that. But, if you recall, I throw daggers when I do sneak attack and don’t use the bow. I have considered using a crossbow, but just can’t get myself to accept an elf ranger with a x-bow. Maybe I’ll change me mind at some point. We’ll see.)


(I forgot that subtle detail. Thanks for the clarification. Raz gets to spend a healing surge and regains additional hit points: « Misc1 + 4 = 4 + 4 = 8 ». Rolled it on MT for Gweena. That brings Raz up to 16/25 HPs and is no longer bloodied. 


(Amagar is up at 5, the hexer is on deck at the top of rnd 3 at 31).


As light washes over Raz, his face shines with gratitude and says ‘Thank you Gwenna. I thought I was dying.’


Relieved that Raz is looking better Digi calls out encouragement.
“come on Raz… lets do some stompin on the little squeakers. There is one I winged pretty good toward the back. why not finish him off with that bow of yours?”

then turning his attention back to the goblins, Digi shakes his mane and screams out “yeeeaaarrggh! come and get some… Digi wants to play!”


The skullcleavers are obviously feeling like they have the advantage because of the smirks framing their cake holes. One calls out in rough common, “bring it you big oaf,” and brings his axe head up to his shoulder and slightly squares off towards Digi.

strokes strokes

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