strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: Upper Catacombs

The CFP fight more goblins in the upper catacombs and expend most of their resources.

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 8/9/2009.

MT Session Date: N/A

Adventure Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.5

Pregame Notes


Dawn, Third day, Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 23, 1479, the Year of the Ageless One…

After an extended rest in the Gatehouse, the CFP prepare to delve deeper into the Barrow of the Ogre King. Yesterday proved to be a strenuous day for the CFP and after expending most of their resources, the intrepid adventurers decide a rest is in order. The CFP retreat back out of the barrow and set up camp in the ruined gatehouse. After an uneventful night, the CFP prepare to enter the barrow once again.

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Southwood, Ruins of Torarr

Building\Level: Barrow of the Ogre King, Level 1

Module Location Number: B4. Upper Catacomb

Campaign Date: Ches 22 (The Claw of Sunsets), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless one.

Time: Evening

Weather Condition: 36 F, None, Partial fluffy clouds, Wind 8 mph

Other Information: No MT Session this time around.

Last Major Events

  • CFP encounter more goblin in the upper catacomb
    • XP 750/5=150 XP ea.

Other Information

  • CFP take an extended rest at the gatehouse.

Total XP Awarded

  • 750/5 = 150 ea.


The CFP wake up during Night’s End, the magic moment of twilight before dawn. A light rain fell the night before and the sky is now filled with scattered fluffy clouds. The temperature remains just above freezing and the warming fire in the gatehouse seems very inviting. The CFP notice the cold bites a bit deeper than it did the day before, Curuvar’s magic has obviously finally dissipated.


Digi stretches himsilf and quickly limbers up. he then puts his bedroll back into it’s place in his bag and the bag itself on his back. hefting his axe and breathing the sharp air he feels invigorated.

“perfect weather for stomping. lets go get some.”


Seeing movement inside the gate house, Raz stands up from his watching post and stretches. He then calls Screech in from his vigilant patrol and tries to feed him some morsels and says “I know Screech, trail rations are not what you had in mind. Perhaps you could go on a quick hunt while we get ready to descend once again.” With that he sets the bird free, hoping Screech can be quick about it.

After a few minutes of packing up and eating a little, Raz is ready for another attempt to complete there mission. He says to Digi, “Indeed, yes indeed. Time to do some ‘stomping.’ Well, you do the stomping and I’ll just fling arrows in their general direction…he he.”

Then Raz moves outside the gatehouse and peers down into the pit created by the trap he triggered. If he sees nothing, he will get the ladder and descent and cautiously enter the killing room.


“Gahh… I can’t stand this cold…” Amagar crosses his arms fidgets a bit from the discomfort of feeling the full impact of the freezing cold air once again.

“Let’s hurry and get this over with. I want to run back to Loudwater and find a nice, warm fireplace to jump into.”


After a brief meal, Gwenna readies herself for the day. She thanks Chauntea for the new day and asks for blessings for herself and the group. She prays that they find the children soon. She then follows Raz down the ladder once he indicates that it is safe to do so.


At first glance the barrow is much the same as the way it was left last night. The first door on the way in that raz shimmed is still shut tight. The second door however, has has its shims removed and is wide open. The CFP enter the upper catacomb, with the stairs leading into depths and the door to the south still left unexplored.


Raz looks at the doors and says “Well, it looks like we saved ourselves some trouble last night. Now let’s see if we can get the drop on em. Gather around, but let’s try to keep it down for a minute.”

He sets to quietly pick the lock on the door to the south. (Stealth: 29 = 20[d20]+9, Thievery 30 = 19[d20]+11…unbelievable! When we are not fighting, I roll good.)


Iris woke last, stretching out like a cat even though she was in her humanoid form. She stood by the dying embers of the fire for a moment, holding her hands out to them, then turned her attention to her small pack and the rations she had there. When her ritual ended, their camp was packed up for them, leaving the gatehouse looking just as it had when they’d arrived late the night before. She’d arrive after Raz had started picking the lock, walking in quietly and moving over to gaze down into the pit.


A short, 10-foot passage provides access to a larger chamber. This goblin lair is thick with filth and dung. The room includes a few crude trappings, such as piles of hay for bedding and flimsy, makeshift tables. The southern wall is heaped with a pile of junk, including cracked statuary, broken armor, rusted weapons, bits of cloth and leather, rotting furniture, and other detritus.

A quick search reveals amongst the junk and filth of this room a few valuables: 30 gp, Amber (worth 100 gp), and 100 sp in a belt pouch; a suit of +1 magic chainmail. Also among the items are two 50-foot lengths of rope, 15 crude torches, and a supply of stale, moldy food and over-fermented ale and spirits.


Holding his nose, Raz makes a more careful search. (Perception 23 = 14[d20]+9…I love. Good rolls when they don’t count ;P )

Then heads over to the pit to look in. Using his low light vision, tries to see more than what Digi saw the day before.


Raz peers over the edge of the pit and sees the same scene as Digi saw the day before. However, Raz’s keen elven vision picks up on a few more details. The floor of the upper catacomb opens to reveal a vast underground cavity. The walls are covered with holes and recesses containing the disintegrating bones of dwarves. A stone staircase lit with flaming torches at 30-foot intervals hugs the outer wall of the shaft, leaving areas of intermittent darkness amid the illumination. The spiraling circle of torches appears to descend about 100 feet to the bottom level of the chamber. At the bottom of the chamber, the lifeless body of the goblin hexer lies in an abnormal fashion. Arms and legs are bent at unnatural angles and the normal green skin of the goblin has taken on a gray complexion.


looking at the group Digi speaks “well, i dont think the squeakers and the ‘Ogre King’ are gonna come to us…” then moves toward the stairs giving anyone who wants to be in front a chance to get there.


Raz pulls out the ropes and chain mail and asks “Can anyone use this chain mail?”

Then he plops the ropes on the floor next to the edge of the hole and the pedestool. “Now it seems that walking down those stairs with the ever burning torches seems just a bit too inviting. We have enough rope here where we could tie it to the pedestool and either climb down or have Digi lower us and he climb down last. But splitting up the group might be a little risky, so maybe we should just walk down the stairs together. What do you think?”

As he is waiting for the others to respond, he examines the ropes to be sure they are sound.


(Ooops posted b4 I saw Digi’s action)

“Well, it’s the direct approach then. Lead on, my friend,” and follows behind Digi, keeping a sharp eye out for traps.


Iris takes the lead down the stairs, shifting form again and keeping her gaze turned to the steps ahead of her, scanning each one thoroughly before stepping onto it to make sure it doesn’t look trapped or unstable.


Gwenna looks at the chain mail armor “Me thinks this might be fit me. Does anyone else have need?” She waits for response before following Raz down the stairs.


(The chainmail is for Gweena)

The staircase descends to the botom of the catacombs, depositing the CFP into a 20-by-20 chamber. There is a set of stone doors to the east.


Digi carefully looks at the body/sarcophagus thing next to him… ever curious.. then listens at the door.

(Perception Check – coffin(1d20 + 4): 12 + 4 = 16
Perception Check – door(1d20 + 4): 7 + 4 = 11 )


Raz will search the more recently deceased body on the floor.


Digi searches the Sarcophagus and finds that the dwarven remains appear to have been previously disturbed. If there was anything of value, it has already been looted.

Digi then listens at the door. As he presses his ear to it, his cheek feels the damp coldness of the stone, however he hears nothing.

Raz searches the dead hexer and his stomach turns as he sees contorted limbs bent at askew angles. In a small belt pouch at the goblins waist he finds a small brass key.


Raz will pocket the key and search the rest of the cramped room (Perception 23 = 14[d20]+9)

After that he will search the door for traps and if the key fits the door. (10 = 1[d20]+9)


Raz finds nothing more of value or interest in the room. The stone door is not locked.


“well Raz… shall we go a stomping?” Digi excitedly whispers….

“and rescue the children too… of course”


“I was thinking the same thing, Digi. Why don’t you open that door and show them the underside of you gigantic boot. I’ll be right behind you.” Then he nock’s a goblin arrow, steps back and says “This is what I call poetic justice” and stands at the ready.


Digi smiles, hefts his axe, and says “oh, Gobble Gobble Goblins-es… Digi has something for you” as he swings the door wide and boldly steps through..


Iris passes through the door right behind Digi, hackles raised and a snarl on her face.. she was more than ready to pounce on the first goblin she found.


A torch lit corridor extends to the east with several dark side chambers leading to the north and south. At the end of the corridor sits a 30-by 30-foot chamber. Within the chamber, sitting near the back wall, a dirt encrusted sarcophagus flanked by two smoking braziers. A goblin painted with clay and mud stands vigilantly over it.

The goblin’s eyes widen and he demands in Common, “How did you get here? What do you want? This is sacred ground and you must leave now!”


“heh heh… i brought something for you” Digi says to the goblin as he walks forward


Raz pulls out the fake totem and says “You’ve got something we want and we got something you want. Do you want to deal or die?”


As Digi moves forward, the shaman exclaims, “That’s far enough… any further and I’ll take it as a sign of aggression and our negotiations shall end.”

The shaman’s eyes then flicker to the sarcophagus and then to the fake horn totem in Raz’s hand. He looks back to you and nervously says, “You can’t have it, there must be something else you want.”


Raz will move up to the first ‘T’ and say “You have kidnapped some of our children from Loudwater and other towns. We want them all back.”


“And if you really want this horn totem, you’ll also give us the skull totem.”


“Children, what children?” the goblin asks.

At the mention of the skull totem the shaman’s eyes flicker to the sarcophagus once again. He looks at you and exclaims, “You can’t have it. You must leave now!”


“See my big friend here? He would just as soon kill you as look at you. He did plenty of killing yesterday and he is anxious to do more today. I might be able to calm him down if you give us what we want.”

Now if you don’t have the children, who does? Or maybe you are not informed of such things. Where is your chief? Maybe he is the one we should be talking to.”

“Why do you need these totems? Are you trying to perform some act against nature, like raising from the dead one who sleeps? What are you really after? What do you and your tribe really want?”


Because Gwenna took the time to don the new chain mail, thinking that she might need some protection as well as her companions before day’s end, she enters the chamber behind the others. She hears the questioning of the shaman and tries to determine if he indeed knows something of the children though he denies it. (Insight 27 = d20 + 7)


Iris stalked up behind and to the side of Digi, lockstep with the Goliath, playing to the impression of an animal companion… an animal companion that hasn’t eaten recently.


(Nice, Gypsy! This is where Gwenna is going to shine!)


Amagar also walks up and stands next to Digi as he surveys the area. “What a dump. Apparently no kids, either. Looks like we’ve wasted our time here. Maybe we should just beat that slimeball’s face in and take whatever valuables are left down here… assuming they exist.” Amagar shudders, “man, we’re going to have to go back to town in this crappy weather.”


(Gweena’s insight tells her that the shaman truly doesn’t know anything about the children)

“I am the leader of my tribe,” the shaman says assertively. “I know nothing of these children you speak of. I don’t need the totems either—faith can bridge all gaps, but the renewal would go better if all the Ogre King’s bones were returned to his grave. We will get back what was stolen from us at any cost.”


“Why do you want to raise the Ogre King? Is that what is in the sarcophagus? Why do you keep looking nervously at it? Who stole the bones? Where are the bones now?”

Raz looks to his companions for help in knowing if he is lying.


While waiting for the shaman to speak, Gwenna says in a soft voice, “He is telling the truth so far. Mayhaps we should not slay him but see if we help him find the missing bones, he can help us find the children. Or if he is unwilling, we may be able to use him for a hostage. He is the leader and we may be able to trade his life for the children. Though I am loathe to conspire with this creature. But he does seem uninterested in the totem we are carrying…...” Her voice trails off as she continues to ponder the mystery before them.


“The Ogre King was more than an ogre—he was touched by a divine spark. He had great and amazing powers. The shaman then points to the Horn Totem Raz carries, “That was stolen from us by the wizard of Loudwater. I want it back. Let us bargain a trade for it. What do you want for it?”


“We want more information on why you want to raise the Ogre King. We are concerned with the safety of Loudwater and the surrounding towns. If you are planning to attack them, like you did to get the Horn Totem, then we might as well just stop now.

“Maybe you don’t know where the children are, but I need you to get creative and think who might have taken them. Is there another goblin tribe or other nasty humanoids in the area who would do such a thing?

“As I mentioned earlier, we are interested in the Skull Totem. Since faith can bridge all gaps, why not just let us have it?”

“And as you can see, my horned friend is very interested in your treasure. So, you better make it worth our while in that regard. What do you have to offer?”

“Perhaps you don’t realize your precarious situation. What happened to the goblins that attacked Loudwater. Dead. Your friends in the Gatehouse. Dead. Your bigger cousins in the fountain room. Dead. I don’t need to tell you who killed them and they have no problems in finishing the job. Right now, I’m one of the few friends you got, so let’s try to work something out.”


Both Gweena and Iris sense a mix of fear, apprehension, and frustration behind the shaman’s words.

“There are several other goblin tribes and kobold clans within the High Forest, but it seems odd to me that they would take slaves,” the shaman concludes. There are also many entrances to the Underdark in that ancient wood, and the Dark Elves are infamous for their surface raiding for slaves, but children, I think not.”

The shaman continues, “If children are going missing then I would look to the far south. To Najara and the King of Snakes, Jarant. The snakefolk are known to take human children as slaves to assimilate them into their culture. By the time they are grown they know nothing else and are less likely to attempt escape or revolt.”

The shaman then addresses Raz’ second question, “I know magic that will revive the Ogre King. The totem you carry is a necessary part of the ritual. I must have it. I have given you many leads to your missing children, that in itself should be enough in trade for the totem. However, I offer you two more items in trade.”

“First, I offer you this map of the Gray Vale,” the shaman reaches to his belt and holds up a bone scroll case. “This is an old map and tells the location of many an ancient dungeon in the area. The treasure you could acquire could be worth 50 times, maybe a even 100 times the value of the totem. And second, I give you my word that my tribe should leave the people of the Gray Vale unmolested.”

The shaman looks to the CFP with hope in his eyes and asks, “Deal?”


Raz looks to Gwenna to see if she can tell if he is lying about leaving the people of Gray Vale unmolested and tries to make his own assessment. (Perception: 16 = 17[d20]-1)

“Well, Sancossug, is that your name? You have made a very tempting offer, and I really do appreciate your leads to the children. However, there is still one more matter I would like to try to work out; the Skull Totem. The Wizard of Loudwater is very interested in having it and he led us here to get it. BUT, I think his interest is purely academic. If we could borrow it for a few days so that he could study it and then we brought it back, would that be acceptable? He MIGHT even be willing to come here to study it, if that made you feel more comfortable. Of course, I haven’t really asked him yet, so this is somewhat conjecture. I just trying to see what you could be open with.”

“I know this is hard to swallow, but maybe it is the beginning of a new era of peace, and maybe prosperity, between your tribe and Loudwater.”

Raz is now wishing he had asked Curuvar why he wanted that stupid Skull Totem.


Amagar looks back and fourth between Raz and the Goblin, eventually stopping on Raz. “Out of everything, you call me horny?” Then, looking back at the goblin, “and you expect me to traipse about this freezing abyss with a treasure map and a goblin’s word on it’s value? I think you both lost it. What about this ritual you keep going on about? If you have knowledge of a power that would allow us to bring back the dead then that might put something a little more real behind your proposal.”


(That should be an Insight roll, and I have Raz at a +2)

The goblin nods his head, “Yes, they call me High Shaman Sancossug. Blah, that damn wizard, he stole the Horn Totem from me. The deal is not for the Skull Totem, its for trade of the totem you carry. Now do we have a deal or not?”

(Roll an Arcana check, Amagar).


(Forgot to add)

Raz believes he is telling the truth about giving his word.


Digi shifts on his feet, and begins to feel anxious… keeping his anger under control is beginning to take a toll on him. he shakes his hair out once, then blurts “come raz… lets do some stomping.”

then to the shaman. “you better deal fast cause i am tired of waiting. my axe hands are itching, and your just the squeaker to give them some relief” (Intimidate (1d20): 13)

The goliath then shakes his head violently “eeaaarrrggghh!”


Iris fixes the Shaman with a feline glare before shifting to her humanoid form and placing a gentle hand on the Goliath’s arm to calm him.. She could tell the goblin was being sincere in his offer, and though the map was of little interest to her for the treasure that it was promised to reveal, having it would certainly make finding out exactly what was wrong here in the High Forest much easier, and thus, her task would be that much closer to being completed.


(Oh yes, Strokes, I was thinking diplomacy for some reason. Thx.)

Raz says “Easy there, big fella, let’s take a moment to discuss our decision…IN PRIVATE. Don’t go anywhere, Sancossug.”

Raz will wait a few moments for Amagar to finish his line of questioning/demands and then he will try to huddle up the CFP where the shaman can’t hear them, in the landing if necessary. If that is necessary, he will set Screech to guard the shaman. If the the shaman moves, Screech will squawk and come get us.

Once out of ear shot, Raz says “Well, he is being honest with us. He won’t harm the people of Loudwater and he gave us some leads on the children. I don’t think he is going to give use the Skull Totem and he is probably offered all that he is willing to part with. I say we take the deal and give him the REAL totem. What do you think? We’ll just have to explain to Curuvar what happened and hopefully he will see the importance of what we have accomplished.”


Gwenna has stood quiet during the negotiations. (does she know whether or not the shaman’s motives are pure or is another roll required? just in case, here is another roll…..11 = 4[d20]+7. the other roll was so much better). “I just don’t know if traveling so far to find the children is advisable unless we know for sure that the children are not here. The shaman has really not given us much in exchange for the totem.”


“I don’t think the goblins took the children nor does he know where they are. He gave us some ideas, but he has done the best he can with helping us with the children. The thing of most value he has given us is peace with the people of the Gray Vale.”


Digi privately whispers “I say we stomp him, take his map, and then we don’t have to worry about his ‘integrity’ with respect to leaving the townsfolk alone… and no way on the totem… that scroll said they were gonna raise up from the dead a real bad sounding ogre… the ogre sounds a touch too big for stomping.”


“I can tell you he will keep his word. If he does raise the Ogre King, he will probably attack the other evil in the woods, like other goblins and kobolds, keeping their population down. That would benefit the Gray Vale.”


“If we don’t give him the real totem, then he will surely attack the Gray Vale for our duplicity. We have a potential ally here to the darker world. That may be of some benefit at some point.”


“if Raz knows truly that the shaman will keep his word, then peace is indeed a fair exchange for the genuine totem. We have no cause to stand between his followers and their beliefs if no harm will come to the town’s good folk.”


(Anyone trained in Religion or Arcana can roll a check to discover more of the ritual Sancossug speaks of using to raise the long dead Ogre King).


Arcana 2(d20) +10 = 12

“The problem here is that Curuvar hired us to get the Skull Totem, and I’m not keen on letting one of my first few jobs fall through. You guys may be all about the warm fuzzies, but I’ve got a career to think about. I’m not going to get stuck as night watch captain of some backwater in the north, freezing my tail off every night for a few crappy gold pieces. Besides, the goblin simply hasn’t offered us anything that we aren’t fully capable of taking by force.”


“If we can get him to throw in knowledge of the Ritual he keeps going on about, then that’d be something we can barter with.”


Amagar questions the shaman about the ritual and Sancossug gladly tells him about it. Both the totems are components of the ritual, the shaman says.

Amagar’s knowledge of Arcana tells him that the ritual is bunk. No such magic exists and Sancossug efforts will prove to be fruitless.


Raz looks to Amagar and Gwenna and asks “What can you tell us about the ritual he’s been going on about? Where does that leave us in this negotiation?”


Iris takes up a position next to Raz, nodding in agreement with him. Not once in the trip down here had she seen or smelt any sign of the children, and she too could tell that Sancossug was genuine in his offer of peace for the Vale. She wondered what it would take to explain to the Goliath that killing the shaman could very well earn the wrath of his tribe against the Gray Vale.

As for Amagar’s attitude about the Skull Totem, she really couldn’t care less about Curuvar’s offer. When he went to ask the shaman about the ritual, she tagged along to listen in.

Religion: 18 = 17[d20]+1


Iris can also confirm that the ritual doesn’t exist.


“lets stomp him…”


(So, are we assuming that individual character knowledge is common knowledge, e.g. no one has said the ritual does not exist but are we assuming that all PCs know that?)


(I think its safe to do so, but if folks want to RP the info, thats fine)


(It will speed things up, so cool)


“Let’s see what we do know,” Gwenna seems to be thinking out loud, “The shaman is truthful about the children and not attacking the town, but seems to be lying about the totems and the rituals. What is he trying to hide? He first said that faith did not need totems then describes a ritual that requires both totems. Maybe….....” Gwenna addresses her next comments to the shaman directly “See here, Sancossug, we would like to assist you but you must be honest with us.” Gwenna tries to use her powers of persuasion to get the shaman to tell the complete truth. (Diplomacy 3 = 1[d20]+2 ugh! terrible roll)


(nobody said he was lying about the rituals, he honestly believes it will work)!


“Hmmm…so the ritual is bunk. That’s good news. Let’s give him the real horn totem and when he fails, he might be more willing to give us the skull totem. We shouldn’t kill unless we have to.”


“We might even get him to agree to give it to us if it does fail before hand.”


“How long did he say or do you think that the ritual is supposed to take? Maybe we can use his own confidence and stupidity against him and get the skull totem.”


Sancossug didn’t say, but anyone trained in Religion or Arcana can tell you the legitimate Raise Dead ritual takes 8 hours to complete, and that only works on someone or something that has been dead for no more than 30 days. One could assume that because the Ogre King has been dead for years, maybe even decades, that Sancossug’s ritual, bunk or not, is going to take much longer.


Iris shook her head at the idea of waiting for him to complete the ritual.. at least, they shouldn’t wait here. False or not, the ritual would take too long for Sancossug to discover it wouldn’t work.. But they did need him alive, if only to ensure the safety of the Vale from his tribe. Iris knelt down and started looking on the ground for any place where she might draw on it so she could communicate her thoughts to the others.


Raz says to Sancossug “Well, we are willing to give you the horn totem to perform your ritual. If you successfully complete it, you will be known as the GREATEST Shaman Toril has EVER known. People of all kinds, humans, elves, goblins, and drow, would all know your name for doing this and respect you forever more.”

“If by some extremely small chance you fail, which of course is beyond comprehension, how about one caveat to our deal. You let us have the skull totem to borrow and then bring back. What do you say, great High Shaman?”


High Shaman Sancossug says with a smile, “I shall not fail and you have my word that the tribe of the Ogre King shall leave the folk of the Gray Vale unmolested. If I do you may have the Skull Totem, to borrow of course. I take you at your word, yet I am unsure it can be trusted.

Sancossug comes forward and hands Raz the [[ancient map|Maps]], and holds out his hand for the Horn Totem.

Once the Horn Totem is in his hand the shaman says in a commanding voice, “Leave now, for I have a resurrection ritual to perform.”


“We’ll be back to see how it went. Good luck, great High Shaman!”

Raz chuckles and turns and to go, relieved this bloody work is done.


Raz says to the Shaman “How long will the ritual take? When should we plan on checking on your success?”


Moderately disappointed at the sudden loss of stompage, Digi looks at Raz and whispers under his breath… “not too sure about this…” then to Amagar, “You?”

he also feels an itch to see what is up ahead… and cranes his neck to see further. his feet shuffle a bit with a life of their own as he slides slightly forward hoping to see something.

(Perception – just in case
Perception (1d20 + 4): 2 + 4 = 6)


The shaman replies to Raz’ inquiry, “It should be finished in a few days”.

Digi moves forward and sees the two side chambers are identical to the others. No creatures lurk in its recesses.


Raz says to the Shaman “OK, see you then.”

Then he tries to reel Digi in and says “Come on big fella. There will be more stomping to do another day. Let’s get out of here” and then heads up the stairs.


Digi follows Raz, “Hey, maybe Marsh still has some warm biscuits left..” then starts taking the steps 2 at a time.


Iris follows after the others up the stairs, and once outside she will call a small bird to her for a moment, giving it a message to relay for her in it’s own language, before sending it on ahead to find Brother Griffon and tell him that the children had not been taken by the goblins in the ruins and that they would be on their way back soon. She would then return to the form of the wolf and rejoin the others.

Ritual: Animal Messenger (once per day for free, so no materials used)
Roll: 1d20+9 26 = 17[d20]+9
Duration: 12 hours… should be plenty long enough for the bird to reach Brother Griffon.. and there goes yet another good roll… My rolls tomorrow are going to be worse than the warlock’s used to be.


Everyone get enough XP to bring them up to Level 2.


The CFP take the rest of the day traveling back to Loudwater. Arriving in the evening, they find the Tankard full of folk in merry spirits. The CFP receive a warm welcome and are asked to recount their tale of the Ruin of Torarr.

strokes strokes

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