strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Menace of the Icy Spire: Chuantean Caravan

The CFP set out for Draigdurroch's Tower with hopes of fixing the Gray Vales unnatural weather

PbP Start Date: 9/13/2009
MT Session Date: 9/12/2009
Adventure Date: First-day, Tarsakh (The Claw of Storms) 1, 1479
Base Location: Town of Loudwater
Adventure Module: Menace of the Icy Spire
Session Number: 2.1

Pregame Notes

  • MT 1.3 b57
  • Need to Level up to L2
    • MT tokens
    • Used equipment can be sold for 50% of its value
    • Iris can learn up to (12) 1st or 2nd level rituals
    • The Loudwater apothecary will sell Gweena any 1st or Second Level ritual she wants to learn or she can learn them from Iris.


First-day, Tarsakh (The Claw of Storms) 1, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One…

Six days has passed since the CFP last made peace with the High Shaman Sancossug and the goblins of the Southwood. Thus far, Sancossug seems true to his word. No goblins have been sighted in the vale and nothing has mysteriously gone missing. However, there has been one rumor of a child kidnapping from a farm located near Secomber.

At first, the CFP were regarded as heroes, not having to buy a single draft, but having to recount their exploits to a countless number of patrons in the Tankard. Today, the CFP’s heroism seems almost non existent, albeit, the children a still ask to hear about the High Shaman Sancossug, but not often.

Two romantic interests have come to light over the past days. Megana Nistral, head of the Loudwater smithy is a brawny human female who is as broad as a dwarf. She enjoys drinking with the CFP in the evenings and is good company with her hearty laugh. The end of every night is much the same with Megana offering her skills as a blacksmith to Digi. Apparently she wants to forge him a great axe.

The other is Lady Moonfire, the town leader, a female half-elf who seems more interested in adventure than civic-duties. Lady Moonfire has been showing up at the Tankard every night, and eventually makes it over the CFPs table. With her elverquist in hand, she constantly prods Amagar about his past exploits. She also seems very interested in Amagar’s heritage, especially the demonic side.

Curuvar the Brazen seems no longer interested in the Skull Totem, and after hearing the CFP’s tale of the goblin shaman and his ritual, he replied with, “Goblins… what a dull race.”

Curuvar now has bigger fish to fry with the Gray Vale’s weather turning for the worst. The past 6 days have been miserable, with temperatures in the Gray Vale dropping to levels that would normally be typical during the Feast of the Moon. Things have become too dangerous for travelers, and to all indications, winter is not going to end. If that occurs, the ground will never thaw, thus no crop will be planted, putting the entire area’s food supply at risk.

There is precious little information in Loudwater to be had. However, some local woodsfolk report that the cold temperatures appear to be more pronounced in the area of the Dire Wood. Some claim it is the work of evil faeries, but rumors have it that the town’s leaders believe that a more likely source of the problem is Draigdurroch Tower.

Welcome to Menace of the Icy Spire, Session 2.1…

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale
Town/Area: Delimbiyr Route, 3 hours NE of Loudwater, before the confluence of the Heartblood River
Building/Level: n/a
Module Location Number: J1. Chauntean Caravan
Time: Morning
Weather Condition: 7 F, None, Scattered fluffy clouds, Wind 19 mph
Other Information: The CFP are invited to a dinner party at Lady Moonfire’s Manor Home. After dinner the CFP meet with Curuvar the Brazen, Lady Moonfire, and Brother Griffon to discuss the Gray Vale’s latest dilemma, the unnatural weather which brings with it the promise of a never-ending winter.

Curuvar mentions Draigdurroch’s Tower and recounts its history…

About 30 years ago, a dwarf warlock named Draigdurroch came to the Gray Vale. Draigdurroch was part of a cabal of warlocks, and his particular research dealt with the creation of new types of eldritch pacts. He believed that the Dire Wood contained a particularly potent source of untapped energy—the remains of a failed deity. Thousands of years before the Spellplague, a Netherese city called Karse stood in the area, and the demigod Karsus was its patron. Karsus tried and failed to ascend to full godhood, dying in the process, and his city (along with the rest of the ancient Empire of Netheril) fell not long thereafter. Draigdurroch’s research suggested that the petrified remains of Karsus yet lie beneath the forest’s heart. Draigdurroch hoped that he could tap into the latent energy that Karsus had accumulated and use it to power his new pact. The dwarf warlock built a tower about a mile outside the Dire Wood and began his experiments in earnest.

Draigdurroch’s hunch turned out to be correct. A powerful nexus of magical energy is beneath the heart of the Dire Wood. However, the fey spirits who dwell within the Dire Wood have long been aware of how dangerous the remnants of Karsus could be if the demigod’s power fell into the wrong hands. They have appointed themselves as guardians to ensure that no one tampers with the failed deity’s resting place. When Draigdurroch’s efforts began to bear fruit and the dwarf warlock drew upon the latent echoes of Karsus’s power to form a dark pact, the fey approached him and warned him to cease his meddling. The warlock was confident in his powers and ignored the warning. For his temerity, the fey punished him. Draigdurroch was imprisoned within the Feywild and his tower was sealed in a block of magic ice as a warning to others. The fey set a powerful gemstone holding a spirit of winter to act as the keystone holding the icy barrier.

Character Situation/Location

Amagar HP: 20/34 Surges: 8/10
Digi HP: 19/37 Surges: 10/11
Gweena Bloodied HP: 9/28 Surges: 7/7
Iris HP: 17/31 Surges: 9/9
Melieraz HP: 30/30 Surges: 7/7
Screech HP: 24/24 Surges: 2/2

Last Major Events

  • [Major Quest – Fix the Weather]
    • Discover the source of the unnatural winter like weather and remove it so that the seasons return to normal.
    • Lady Moonfire rewards the PCs 500 gp on behalf of teh the grateful citizens of Loudwater for completing this quest.
  • [Minor Quest – Find Draigdurroch’s Research]
    • Bring Draigdurrock’s ritual books and his research notes to either Lady Moonfire or Curuvar the Brazen.
    • Either NPC is willing to pay up to 100 gp per item retrieved for these items.

Last Minor Events

  • CFP encounter a Chauntean Caravan on the Delimbiyr Route
    • Gweena recognizes her fellow priests and informs the rest of her crew that it is common of the Pastoral Faction of the Great Mother to disperse seed in the early spring to the local farmers.
    • When the CFP get closer they discover that the Pastorals have suffered major frostbite and have been mysteriously changed into undead.
    • CFP defeat the Undead

Other Information

  • XP
    • 625/5=125 ea.
  • Treasure
    • Magic Holy Symbol of Chauntea +2
  • Iris’ Endure Elements Ritual ends in 21 hours


The Gray Vale is beautiful in the early spring, although a pronounced chill in the air during what should be the hottest part of the day indicates that something is definitely amiss with the weather. As you travel through the vale, the temperature drops steadily and a sharp wind carries with it the promise of a never ending winter.

The Chauntean Zombies proved to be tougher than they looked. After the battle, the CFP are worse for wear, but they are still alive. The wagons sit on the far side of the creek and are laden with seed, their beasts of burden no where to be found. The CFP wonder how preists of the Earth Mother could be transformed into undead. Perhaps there is something more to this unnatural weather than first meets the eye.


Iris, once she is certain that there are no more enemies to be found, will immediately go to search the wagons, taking her sweet time about it, looking for anything that might prove useful to them. Once again she does not take the time to rest with the others, feeling the potency of her blood rise and knowing that she is even more capable of helping the others once she has been hurt enough to trigger her lycanthropic heritage to show itself.

OOC: I made a mistake when I said her Edure Elements Ritual would only last 8 hours… Each lasts 24 hours, so we have more castings of EE than we do daily rations. That includes Amagar’s castings of EE as well.. I edited the main post for this topic to reflect that we have 21 hours remaining already.


(Thanks for fixing that Sam)

Iris’ search of the wagons turns up several bags of seed, 15 days of trail rations, a frozen solid supply of drinking water, several furs and foul weather clothing, and a small iron box containing 60 gp.


Bloodied and soul-weary ((oh how can this happen to the good followers of Chauntea?)), Gwenna first takes care of her own wounds. She calls out to Iris, “that seed should get the farmers of Loudwater. They will need it when this ungodly winter ends.”

ooc: are we taking a short rest here?


(You’ll be taking a short rest, you need to state how many healing surges you want to burn).


After the last zombie falls, Raz emerges from the trees elated, feeling a sense of satisfaction that the teachings of his mentor, Tharis, had finally clicked. Tharis taught him the job of a bowman is to support the front line and avoid getting injured. Checking for wounds and finding none, he is grateful not to have felt the deep chill and brutal claws of the zombies.

Raz’s elation is short lived as he sees his other companions brutalized the unnatural effects of the undead. His respect for his companions toughness, combat prowess and healing abilities ever deepening.

He then heads over to the wagons and tries to assess how difficult it would be to haul the seed back to Loudwater either by pushing the wagons or by slinging it over our shoulders. He also looks for tracks from the beasts or some clue as to what the zombies did with them and how they were moving the wagon, if at all.


The seed is stacked neatly in the wagons in approximately 80 sacks per wagon. The wagons are full and look quite heavy. Raz realizes that without the use of beasts of burden, moving the wagons or the sacks by themselves will be quite a feat.

Raz makes a quick search around the wagons and finds the visceral remains of oxen. The bones of four oxen are picked cleanly of all meat and have been discarded in the snow found around the wagons.


(How many wagons are there?)

Raz sees the bones and just shakes his head and thinks “Why do zombies need to eat anyways.”

Raz was ready to shrug off the caravan and keep plodding on, but then Gwenna’s comment starts to sink in. “Gwenna, you are right. Look at all this seed! Hundreds of pounds of it, maybe thousands. That’s is enough to feed all the people in northern Toril! If this seed was lost to birds or other raiders, the loss would be devastating for the whole region.”

“We need to figure out a way to get this seed to Loudwater. Either some of us should stand guard while the others carry the message or maybe there is another way to get the message back to Loudwater.” He then and turns to look hopefully to Iris.

Raz then inspects the wagons for damage.


The wagons are in good shape.


There are two wagons.


After Gwenna heals herself (she uses 2 healing surges—+14 which would bring her hit points to 23), she then joins Raz at the wagons. “This seed can make the difference between a bountiful harvest or starvation for the good farmers in the region. Perhaps Iris could quickly span the distance to Loudwater to carry a message or maybe Screech?”


Digi looks aroundm then settles to rest in the pile of furs and winter gear. he expends 2 healing surges to bring him up to 37HP (full yeah) then nibbles on a pieceof ration bar.

“hey Iris…. cant you send word to Loudwater.. Brother what’s his name… and ask someone to send some beasts our here… kind of like how you sent word back to town after we left that squeaker alive in the runis?”

the Goliath then snuggles in trying to feel warm again after the unnatural cold of the undead and carefully grooms his hair using the side of his axe as a mirror


(ooc… how far are we from town? can all the goods be transported in one wagon if they were transferred?)


(The intro says 3 hours from Loudwater.)


Raz says to Gwenna “Well, I don’t think Screech would be very reliable. I haven’t worked with him to carry a message to a specific place. I’ll need to do that next time we are back in Loudwater.”


Iris shifts back to her humanoid form and gathers the warm clothing together, sorting it out to see if there was enough for any of them to wear to help keep the chill off. Even though they weren’t feeling any of the negative effects of the cold, it was still uncomfortable.

She will then walk over to Raz, laying a hand on his shoulder softly as she calls to Screech, again speaking in the bird’s language and asking him kindly to find Brother Griffon back in Loudwater and tell him about these wagons before returning to his Elf, suggesting that Brother Griffon might be willing to feed him some tidbits of meat while he was there at Melieraz’ expense, and then sent him off.

Nature Check: 1d20+10 21 = 11[d20]+10
Screech will remain affected by the ritual for 12 hours, or until he returns from Brother Griffon.


(i was asking in terms of miles or other distance units)


“Well, if we keep going now then Screech should be able to return to us about when we make camp tonight, and maybe sooner if we run into more trouble like this.” Amagar says after picking up his javelin, leaning on it a bit to recover from his recent encounter. “There’s something very wrong going on here. These undead can’t be unrelated to this winter, and I doubt that nature spirits would create them…”

With that, Amagar walks over to the nearer wagon, leaning a little on his javelin. When he gets there, she sits back against the wheel and tunes out of his surroundings, deeply contemplating Karsus, Netheril, and this strange cold that now looms over the region.

Remember something about Karsus – History: 5(d20) + 4 = 9 Detect Magic – Arcana: 12(d20) + 11 = 23


(The CFP are about 7.5 miles from town)

Screech flies off towards Loudwater with a message for Brother Griffon.

Amagar remembers nothing more about Karsus other than what Curuvar has mentioned already. However, when he begins to focus on the area with his detect magic he notices a magical effect infused with the freshly fallen snow. The underlying base of the magic is fey in nature but the magic is corrupted. Elements of Chaos are subtly weaved among the fey magic, causing the original magic to be unpredictable. He also senses that the magic is strongest coming from the direction of the tower.

(How many surges will Amagar be taking)?


Raz watches Screech fly off with a touch of sadness and whispers “Fly fast and safe, my friend.”

“Amagar, I think you have a good plan. Let’s keep going and Screech will catch up tonight. Given this weather, I think the seed is safe from creatures or humanoids.”

(Nature check on the creatures part: 12 = 2[d20]+10)


Raz is probably right, the seed is safe given the weather, unless of course a huge flock of birds fly by.

More time passes, until finally the sight of the stark white wood of the albino trees that mark the boundary of the Dire Wood informs you that Draigdurroch Tower should be within a few miles of here. However, none of the landmarks indicated on your map are visible for reference. The horizon is shrouded by a blanket of solid white. A cold fog appears to issue from the very heart of the dark forest and snowflakes begin to fall from the steel-gray sky. The way ahead is quickly obscured, as is the way you have just come.


(Does Amagar want to spend any healing surges during his short rest)?


“well, anyone have any sense of which direction we should go? i cant see anything through this haze. something about it… ” (Nature Check (1d20 + 3): 14 + 3 = 17)


Raz studies the area carefully to try to determine the direction of the tower. (Perception : 15 = 5[d20]+10)


The storm’s intensity continues to rise minute by minute until the CFP are caught in the middle of a full-on blizzard. To find your way through the driving snow, the CFP must succeed on a skill challenge.

The CFP must survive the harsh conditions while staying on the right path to reach Draigdurroch Tower. You use your skills and knowledge to choose the right direction and protect yourselves against the storm’s hazards.

Because the storm is in some sense attacking the you as you travel, this challenge proceeds in hours. Each PC must attempt an Endurance check every hour, and each PC can also attempt one other check during each hour. The challenge ends when the PCs achieve either 8 successes or 3 failures.

You could use Acrobatics to help guide the party over hazards such as icy patches of ground and through sudden gusts of wind that would otherwise knock party members of their feet.

The first time a character earns a success with Arcana, he or she also recognizes the fey nature of the magic, which opens up the use of the Insight skill. The PC senses the direction from which the arcane energy powering the storm flow and can work backword from the flows of magic to get a sense of the tower’s location.

The use of Athletics will allow you to help force a way through the storm using brute strength—breaking a path through a snow drift, moving fallen trees or jumping over them, and so forth.

The use of History will help you recall a specific detail about the location of Draigdurroch Tower or discover a unique landmark that helps orient the group to its location and guides them along the right track.

The use of the Nature skill will allow you to use your knowledge of the area, and ability to study terrain, an innate sense of direction, and wilderness survival skills to help lead the group through the blizzard.

Your perception will allow you to rely on your keen senses to look for safe paths, avoid hazards, spot gaps in the swirling storm, and otherwise help guide the group through the storm.

Characters who are protected by the Endure Elements ritual or who have innate cold resistance gain a +5 bonus to your Endurance checks (they are not immune, because some of the cold is magical). The PC tolerates the weather conditions.

A character who has not attempted to use another skill (other than Endurance) during a turn can attempt a Heal check if another character fails a skill check that would cause the loss of a healing surge.


Digi relies on his last bearing and leads the CFP onward towards the tower.

Raz spots a frozen pond covered with snow and safely leads the party around it.


(please feel free to make up the hazards, and state what your pc is doing to help the rest of the party through it).


(Raz Round 1 End Check: 20 = 14[d20]+6)


Gwenna follows Digi and Raz as they seem to sense the right direction of the tower. She also tries to determine the nature of the magic causing this frightful storm. (Arcana 11 = 5[d20]+6 Endurance 20 = 15[d20]+5 )


Gweena looks into the falling the snow and begins to feel dizzy. She can’t make heads or tails of the blizzard and if it were not for her companions she would not be able to make any progress.


Round 1 Endurance (1d20 + 9): 20 + 9 = 29 (I assumed that above was a check for this round.)

“when the snow gets deeper, i can break trail for the rest of you”

Round 2 Endurance (1d20 + 9): 19 + 9 = 28
Atheletics (1d20 + 16): 20 + 16 = 36

(wow… wish i could have those rolls in combat.)


“come on Gwenna… pretty sure that Chauntea will need you to channel her power when we get to the tower… just keep your eyes on the hair until we get clear.”


(your assuming correctly Digi, but lets hold off on the R2 rolls. I still need R1 skill and Endurance checks from Amagar and Iris. I’ll keep your rolls for R2, however)


As the storm picks up, Iris shifts forms again.. but this time rather than taking on the form of a wolf, she turns into a brown bear.. something a little more visible for the other members of their party to follow.

Endurance: 1d20+13 33 = 20[d20]+13 (The Bear Spirit is a lucky one!) Nature: 1d20+10 25 = 15[d20]+10

OOC: If Amagar or Gwenna suceed with Arcana, will Iris be able to use Insight, or just one of them?


(Phew…. brutal work week so far. Closed down the workplace 3 nights in a row. So glad I don’t work Friday.)

Amagar presses forward at the head of the group, trying to hone his senses towards the source of this infernal blizzard and hoping that his suspicions aren’t proven true. With the freezing wind comes an immeasurable gratitude that Amagar thought to pick up the Endure Elements ritual while still in Loudwater.

(Amagar will spend 1 surge during the rest.)

Endurance- 3(d20) +11 = 14
Arcana- 11(d20) +11 = 22


(Anyone can use the insight skill to recognize some of the illusions of the storm now that Arcana has been used successfully).

The storms intensity continues to rise until the CFP are caught in a full on blizzard. After the first hour of travel the CFP are fairing well (4 successes, 1 failure).

Round 2 – Digi forges ahead breaking snow and creating a path for the others to follow.


Gwenna stays close to Digi as she hopes the bulk of his body will shield her a little from the storm. (endurance 15 = 10[d20]+5; insight 18 = 8[d20]+10)


Raz uses his acrobatic skills to keep his balance to ascend a ice/rock slope to preemptively dislodge some snow above the path. (Rnd 2: Acrobatics: 11 = 1[d20]+10)

“Look out beloooowwwwwwwww…”

(Rnd 2: Endurance: 22 = 16[d20]+6)

((Gypsy, you should do you skill check last in case you need to do a check to prevent someone from losing their surge.))


Digi offers Raz a hand up out of the snow…

“you might need to work on that trick a bit more…”


Gweena helps the CFP from traveling in circles, recognizing the illusory effects of the storm.

Raz slips at the top of the slope and tumbles down back to the path (lose a healing surge).


Iris growls softly at Raz’s antics, then changes back to her humanoid form and starts checking him over to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

Endurance: 1d20+13: 27 = 14[d20]+13 Heal: 1d20+5: 23 = 18[d20]+5


Raz sheepishly takes Digi’s hand for help out of the snow and says “Just trying to help…” He is grateful for Iris helping to put him back together.


Following the trail of magic, Amagar finds a snow drift in the way of the most direct path to the tower. While balking at the prospect of pushing through, he finds himself even more dissatisfied with the idea of going around and plunges into the freezing mass.

Endurance R2: 10(d20) +10 = 20
Athletics R2: 11(d20) +9 = 20


Iris finds Raz slightly injured and dresses his wounds (Raz regains a Healing Surge).

Amagar postholes through the snow bank and helps create a path for the other to follow.

(kk, Starting Rnd 3. I have the CFP at 6 successes and 2 failures. Whew, its close).


The CFP forges on in the blinding snow to what they believe is Draigdurroch Tower. At one point Raz believes he hears the cry of a hawk, but can’t be sure because of the howling wind.


((ok. i get it. have gwenna roll last. see ya’all in a few)


Iris returns to the form of the brown bear, plodding along steadily with the others and trying to puzzle out how something so obviously unnatural could affect the weather on such a large scale.

Endurance R3: 1d20+13 30 = 17[d20]+13 Insight R3: 1d20+10 26 = 16[d20]+10


(OK, I think we need one more success. I would suggest that Digi do an Athletics check since he a monster adjustment.)

Raz cocks his ear to try to hear the screech of the hawk. During the ebb of the wind, Raz will whistle in case it is his friend he hears. He then becomes worried as to how the bird is fairing in the storm.


(Round 3 End: 24 = 18[d20]+6)


Digi forges ahead in to the snow. crashing through the drifts, and helping the party past the deepest places.

Endurance (1d20 + 9): 15 + 9 = 24
Atheletics (1d20 + 16): 11 + 16 = 27


Iris sees Raz looking toward the sky and realizing that Screech would probably be trying to return to them by now, she goes over to join the elf in scanning the sky and listening for their feathered friend.


As Iris and Raz look to the sky seeing the blizzard is starting to subside. A loud screech is heard and Raz’ beast companion is spotted diving from above apparently very happy to be back with the group. When he lands on Raz’s arm, Screech’s head turns to face Iris and then to much surprise to everyone, Brother Griffon’s voice emanates from the hawk.

“I’ve received your message and rest assured I’ve dispatched some folk to retrieve the wagons. Good luck with the tower,” the message ends.

(Nice job CFP. Some pretty high rolls here. The CFP finish the skill challenge with 8 successes and 2 failures. All I need now is Endurance checks from Amagar and Gweena to finish off the Rnd).


Amagar grits his teeth as he fights the biting wind. “I can’t stand the cold, sure… but why do I have to be the one to turn the blizzard off…”

Round 3 Endurance: 11(d20) +10 = 21


Gweena stays close to Digi, using the big Goliath as a shield from the biting wind and the cold.

Rnd 3 Endurance: 12 = 7[d20]+5


As the unnatural blizzard subsides, the CFP can see that the surrounding area for several miles is covered with a significant amount of ice and snow. Visibility is limited, but you can make out a stark gray silhouette on the horizon some distance away.


There’s a couple of hours of daylight left.


Iris growls to get their attention, then waves a bear paw off in the direction of what looks like the outline of the tower they came out here to find.. Now they needed to find some place nearby to serve as a base, someplace they could come back to to rest, like the gatehouse before..

But with the blizzard, there likely wasn’t any place left like that now, is there? Iris thought, scanning the much-closer-than-normal horizon.


“It’s going to be dark soon, and I don’t want to get stuck out here at night. I don’t think it would be a good idea to go hunting around for a shelter with the few hours of light we have left. Unless someone can see a decent shelter from here then I think we’d be best off getting inside and putting a stop to this before nightfall, or at least breaking in and securing a defensible position inside.”


“in the mountains, my people would in times of need use use a pine tree that was half buried as a shelter. go into it from the lee side and cut away some of the lower branches to have a temporary shelter. now starts out cold, but when you are underneath a lot of it it is quite warm.”

“That said, I would much rather be inside under a roof.”


(The CFP reached a Milestone btw).


Raz eyes the terrain, snow depth and visibility and tries to estimate the time is will take to bust through the snow the remainder of the way. (Nature: 24 = 14[d20]+10)

“It will probably take us about 2 hours ((let me know if that is close)) anyway to get the rest of the way. I don’t want to get there at dark and have to remove the capstone or try to find shelter.”

“We should look for shelter here among the trees and try to get a fire going. Failing that, we can always build some snow caves,” chuckles a little knowing how Amagar will feel about it, “if we can find a suitable snow drift. We may have to build two if we can’t find one large enough. Either option will be fine, I think, since we have the protection against the elements.”


The blizzard easily dropped over 24” of snow and the distance to the tower could be made before the sun sets.


“Well, we can make the tower before night fall, so maybe we should trudge on. This blizzard may get pretty freaky at night.”

The CFP continue on to the tower when a mass of goblins leap up from the hills on both sides of you. Most of them brandish javelins and crude short swords, but a few of them wear better armor and carry crossbows. From the highest vantage point, another goblin clad in robes waves a rod and makes arcane gestures.


Both Raz and Iris notice that these goblins appear different from normal. Their blue skin is highly unusual, and the fact that they are not dressed for the cold weather indicates that they have somehow adapted to the unnatural winter. They are probably resistant to cold.


(Init: 22 = 15[d20]+7)

Raz starts looking around for a spot to the N/NE that provides some cover and/or that would be out of range of the shaman spells he’s seen in the past (10 squares) but within range of his bow (20 squares).


(Init: 23 = 19[d20]+4)


There’s no cover, but any square, along the eastern edge of the map will be 11 squares away from the hexer’s current position.


(Init: 19 = 16[d20]+3)



Raz looks to try to see if he can get out of range of the crossbows as well.


(( Any difficult terrain or other obstacles? How difficult would it be to climb up the hill and engage the shaman in melee? ))

Initiative: 12(d20) +1 = 13


The hills are a +10-foot and +20-foot elevation as indicated on the map. Ramps of packed snow lead up the sides of the hills in a few places; these are considered normal terrain. A character can also try to climb the sides of the hills, which are icy and slippery. A successful DC 10 Athletics check allows a character to climb at half speed (so it would cost 4 squares of movement to climb up the side of a 10-foot tall hill).

An ice slick occupies the 4-by-5 square area indicated on the map.


(WB Gypsy, hope you had a good trip. Looks like I just need an Initiative roll from Digi).


There will be no way to get out of range of the hand crossbows, they have a range of 10/20. The goblins with the hand crossbows have fallen prone and are out of view, btw.)


((Looks like we need a bigger map :P ))


(Initiative (1d20 + 7): 10 + 7 = 17)

Noticing the goblins, Digi shakes the accumulated snow from his hair and cloak cloak then shouts with glee “oh yeah! Time for some stompin!”


(the presented bonus for INII was wrong. init should be +1 instead, for a total of 11. sorry)


(no worries Digi)

The hexer goes first with an init count of 23. Iris is on deck with a 23 also.

The hexer starts chanting and waving his rod, pointing at the CFP.

Freezing Cloud: all squares within the zone are treated as difficult terrain (creatures with the ice walk abilty can ignore this effect). The zone grants concealment to the frost goblin hexer and its allies.

The hexer then retreats 2 squares to the west.


Iris is up with a 23. Frost Goblin Cutter 5 is on deck at 22.


(( My turn will come up quickly, so I’ll just ask: Is it possible to charge uphill? ))


(not in this case, your going to have to make a DC 10 Athletics check to climb at half speed. Think of the hill as terraces each one with a small cliff, which will need to be climbed, unless you use an ice ramp).


(or if your athletics are high enough to jump that high… )


Iris shifts back to her humanoid form and away from the goblins, then sends a bolt of lightning off at the nearest goblin before moving behind Digi.

Minor Action: Shift 1 square NE and return to humanoid form.
Standard Action: Storm Bolt at the closest goblin (on the ledge to the left of the party)
Move Action: Move to one square east of Digi.

Storm Spike: 1d20+6 24 = 18[d20]+6 vs Reflex
Damage: 1d8+6 11 = 5[d8]+6


(Sam, you forgot to add a -2 for concealment to your attack roll because of the hexer’s freezing cloud. I still a hit though :P).

A bolt of lighting strikes at frost goblin cutter 7, searing his flesh and the cutter drops dead.

Frost Goblin Cutter 5 is up, and Melieraz is on deck with an init count of 22.


Frost goblin cutter 5 draws a javelin from his quiver upon his back and moves 4 squares north into the ice slick, placing himself just within normal range of Amagar. He then rears his arm back and tosses his javelin.

(10) Amagar
Rolled 20 vs. AC—4 damage.


Raz is up at init 22. Frost goblin cutter is on deck at init 20.


Raz will move 5 squares N to get out of the haze and to get a clean shot at the hexar. (Basic Range 13 = 5[d20]+8.)

Feeling his shot might be off, uses his elven sense to try to correct it. (Basic Range: 9 = 1[d20]+8)

In a blaze of speed, Rax gets another arrow off( Spend action point, Basic Range: 24 = 16[d20]+8, DMG 13 = 8[d10]+5)

Screech will move 7 squares W, gaining altitude on the way to end up at 35’.


(I was looking at the wrong map and didn’t realize that that goblin was dead. Can I take the minor action before my attacks to designate the shaman as quarry? If so, then add 5 dmg for total of 18.)


(Thats fine Raz, was wondering why you hadn’t quarried him anyways)

(immediate interrupt) Raz levels his bow at the hexer and just when he’s sure he has him in his sights, the hexer waves his rod, compelling Raz to loose his arrow at the cutter adjacent to the hexer.

Lead from the Rear The goblin hexer can change the attack’s target to an adjacent ally of its level or lower.

Raz’ arrow hits the cutter square in the chest. The force of the arrow knocks the goblin cutter of his feet.


Frost goblin sharpshooter is up, and cutter 4 is on deck.


As he sees his arrow fly into another target, he mumbles ‘Cursed squeaker…’


The goblin sharpshooter stands up from prone, revealing his hiding position. He then levels his crossbow at the one who tried to take out his leader and looses his bolt.

Hand Crossbow
Melieraz - Rolled 25 vs. AC - 9 damage + 6 more for CA


Cutter 4, from the far SW, moves 6 squares east, placing himself on the ice slick adjacent to his ally, draws a javelin and hurls it towards Amagar.

Amagar—Rolled 20 vs. AC
4 damage


Gweena is up at init 19. Cutter 2 is on deck at init 15.


(Iris moved to the space between Gwenna and Digi…)


(Actually.. considering the zone… Since she moved after the attack, put her 2 squares further north… so she shifted one NE, 2 NW, and 1 N)


(I think I have her where you want her).


(why did the goblin sharpshooter have CA on Raz?)


Gwenna knows that this will be a bloody battle. She begins the now familiar chant and asks Chauntea to heal Raz (minor action: Raz can spend healing surge + 1d6 Roll = 1) Then she quickly moves past Amagar and Iris (5 squares to south) and using her holy symbol she unleashes Sacred Flame at the creature directly south of her (9 = 4[d20]+5 wis vs ref dam 7 = 2[d6]+5) and Amagar gains temp hit points of 3) ((damn die rolls!))


(Digi, the sharpshooters were using stealth to remain hidden from the CFP. Their stealth checks are higher than all the CFP’s passive perception checks. You can use a minor action to use an active Perception check to try to notice the sharpshooters. CA is granted to the sharpshooters because their targets (the CFP) are not aware of them. Its the same as what Raz has been doing to gain his Sneak Attack damage. It should be noted that they also have a sniper ability which allows them to remain hidden if they miss their target).


(Gweena forgot to add her Wis mod to her Healing Word. Raz spends a healing surge and regains an additional 5 HP).

Flame erupts from midair above the cutter’s head. As Chauntea’s power comes down the cutter dodges the fire.


Cutter 2 moves around the larger hill, up the ice ramp and takes its place next to the hexer. He then draws a javelin and hurls it at the goliath.

Digi—Rolled 11 vs. AC
4 damage


A sharpshooter fires a bolt at Gweena.

Hand Crossbow
Gweena—Rolled 9 vs. AC
10 damage + 4 for CA

The bolt harmlessly lodges itself in the snow at Gweena feet. Gweena looks to the SW hill, but sees no enemy.


The cutter at the base of the ice ramp on the SW hill unsheathes a Javelin and tosses it at Gweena.

Gweena—Rolled 16 vs. AC
4 damage


Amagar is up at init 13. Cutter 6 is on deck at init 12.


(Lets see, I should have just enough move to…)

Amagar trudges through the snow, picking up speed as he runs south out of the frozen mist conjured by the hexer. When he reaches it, he takes a quick survey of the area looking for a target before breaking out of the mist, dashing up the snow ramp and in one motion drawing his life-stealing blade and leveling it across the eyes of the goblin he meets.

Minor Action: Perception- 3(d20) +0 = 3
Movement (move action + charge): 1 SW, 5 S, 1 SE
Attack (Lifestealer): 12(d20) +10 = 22 vs. AC
Damage: 3(d6) +7 = 10


(All squares within the Freezing Cloud are considered difficult terrain Codes. It will cost you 2x movement while in the zone).


(Should be 1 square further NW, eric…)


(Codes, waiting on your move buddy :) ).


(hummm…doo, dee…a little like watching the grass grow :P )


(shocked by the unexpected opportunity, Digi grooms his hair, and begins to work the massive mane into a french braid one side)


( Already took that into account, I’m doing both a move action and then charging to attack. 1 SW (2), 2 S (4), 3 more S (3), and then 1 SE (1), for 10 effective squares or just enough to move and charge.)


(oops, now I feel like an ass :) )

Amagar runs the cutter through, his sword plunging deep into the cutters chest. As the life force drains from the goblin, Amagar feels invigorated as his health improves.


Cutter 6 draws a javelin and hurls it towards Amagar.

Amagar—Rolled 17 vs. AC
4 damage

A goblin sharpshooter who is obviously hiding in the snow near Amagar looses a bolt in his direction.

Hand Crossbow
Amagar—Rolled 15 vs. AC
6 damage


Digi is up at 11 init. On deck is the hexer at the top of round 2.


Digi uses the Tigers leap ability to attempt to leap on the lower ledge.

Tiger’s Leap (1d20 + 21): 19 + 21 = 40
Tiger’s Leap (1d20 + 21): 6 + 21 = 27 (second roll from powerful athletics Racial Ability) then climbs to the top level.

Athletics (1d20 + 16): 11 + 16 = 27
Athletics (1d20 + 16): 18 + 16 = 34 (second roll from powerful athletics racial ability)

(strokes if you allow the tigers leap to get to the top level -not completely certain of the rules there) then i would like to substitute a charge on the hexer instead of the 2nd atheletics move.

(Charge (1d20 + 11): 12 + 11 = 23
Damage (1d12 + 8): 1 + 8 = 9


(Well Strokes, it probably would have helped if he actually had ‘charge’ in his description. I didn’t get that either.)


(I’m assuming your attempting a long jump here Digi, I have you at a +19 for your athletics (athletics 14 + 5 for Tiger’s Leap. That gives you a total of 38. Lets divide that by 5 for being considered having a running start. The result is 7 (round down) and is the number squares you jump horizonatally. now lets divide by 4 to get your horizontal distance. The result is 9 vertical feet. Since the ledge is 10 feet high it means you didn’t clear it. Sorry buddy :)

Digi leaps over the hexer’s zone with tremendous strength. As he flying through the air toward the ledge but doesn’t have the vertical height to clear it. He catches the ledge, gets tripped up and falls prone at the hill’s base. (Digi you have a standard and a minor left)


(Codes actually has charge in there. Its in the parentheses with his movement)


Digi uses the Tigers leap ability to attempt to leap on the lower ledge.

Tiger’s Leap (1d20 + 21): 19 + 21 = 40
Tiger’s Leap (1d20 + 21): 6 + 21 = 27 (second roll from powerful athletics Racial Ability) then climbs to the top level.

Athletics (1d20 + 16): 11 + 16 = 27
Athletics (1d20 + 16): 18 + 16 = 34 (second roll from powerful athletics racial ability)

(strokes if you allow the tigers leap to get to the top level -not completely certain of the rules there) then i would like to substitute a charge on the hexer instead of the 2nd atheletics move.

(Charge (1d20 + 11): 12 + 11 = 23
Damage (1d12 + 8): 1 + 8 = 9


(sorry… browser reposted when i turned on the PC…)


(ok, then Digi will stand up, then climb to the next level. can i just use the rolls i submitted earlier? minus the 2 i had my + value off by of course)

amazed that he missed the lip of the ledge, Digi growls angrily, stands up then climbs to the next tier. “come on squeakers… lets party!”


(Standing up is a move action, which will leave you with a minor)


Top of Rnd 2—Hexer is up and Iris is on deck.

The hexer cringes his brow and waves his rod (uses a minor, sustaining his freezing cloud and moving it to affect more of the CFP)

He then chants more arcane words and points his rod at Digi.

Icebound Hex: if hit, then target take damage if it moves during its turn (save ends)
Digi—Rolled 16 vs. Will
11 cold damage


Iris is up. Cutter 5 is on deck.


(hey Digi, didn’t mean to blow past you like that, but wanted to get the hexer’s actions in before I went to bed. You could always spend an action point to gain another action. You could use your athletics check from before, it will cost 4 squares of movement to climb the hill, then you will have two left. This would occur before the hexer moved his freezing cloud and cast his icebound hex on you, of course).


(i had hoped to climb up with the athletics… so please have Digi move up the ledge if possible with the minor action)


Iris will start moving around the northern face of the hill, intending to eventually flank the goblins above with the goliath. Along the way, she tosses another Storm Spike at one of the goblins.

Move & Standard: Not counting difficult terrain, Iris moves 14 squares due west, without running.
AP for 2nd Standard: Storm Spike vs nearest Goblin’s Reflex:
24 = 18[d20] +6
          1d8+6 13 = 7[d8]+6
Minor: Unspent


The nearest goblin is the hexer, but with his Lead from the Rear ability he forces Iris to target the cutter adjacent to him.

The lighting from Iris’ Storm Spike strikes down the cutter.


Cutter 5 unsheathes another javelin and hurls it towards amagar.

Amagar—Rolled 9 vs. AC
9 damage


Raz is up. Sharpshooter is on deck.


(Correction – 4 damage on the cutter’s attack)


Raz curses this freezing cloud and moves SE, SE, S 3 squares, then S one more square for nimble strike at the Shaman. (26 = 18[d20]+8, DMG 16 (15 = 10[d10]+5 and quarry dmg + 1)

Then Screech will hover directly over the head of the sharp shooter, threatening him from above.


(You still hit, but it looks like you forgot to add a -2 for long range. No biggie just letting you know).

As Raz takes a bead on the hexer, the hexer looks about looking for an adjacent ally to use his Lead from the Rear power. A look of fear crosses the hexer’s face as Raz’ arrow plunges deep into the hexer’s shoulder.


With Screech harassing the sharphooter, the goblin draws his short sword from his belt and swings at the bird above his head.

Short Sword
Screech—Rolled 23 vs. AC
7 damage.

The sharpshooter then shifts to the NW.


Cuuter 4 then moves north across the ice slick, taking a position on its northern edge. It then draw another javelin an hurls it towards the Chauntean priest.

Gweena—Rolled 12 vs. AC
4 damage


Gweena is up. Sharpshooter 1 is on deck.


Raz says “Ha Ha, blasphemer! It looks like you are running out of squeaker shields!”

(Actually, I don’t think it is long range since the bow has a range of 20 squares. That’s why I was trying to get just out of range of the crossbows since the bow has a longer range. But maybe I’m ignorant since I don’t know how you count the up elevation)


(Ah, your right, Longbow has a range of 20/40, which makes sense. I was thinking it had a range similar the x-bows which is 10/20. Thanks for setting me straight :)


(Gweena is up at init 19).


Gwenna moves in closer to the action (2sq SW; 2 sq W) passing by Amagar. She raises her holy symbol of Chauntea and with a chant unleashes a sacred flame above the creature closest to her (cutter on the northernmost edge of the ice slick) 24 = 20[d20]+4 vs reflex max damage 6+4 = 10 Gwenna directs a healing prayer towards Amagar (+2 temp hit points.)


(Gypsy, Your Sacred Flame Power does 1d6 + 7 damage (+4 Wis Modifier, +2 Magic Holy Symbol, +1 Astral Fire Feat). Also Temporary HP gained is now +3 (+2 Cha Modifier, +1 one-half your level).

Fire erupts from the sky above cutter 4 and sears the goblin until his skin is blackened. He drops lifeless to the ground. Amagar feels reinvigorated as Chuantea’s divine power warms his body.


A bolt is loosed at Gweena from the west, however the sniper still remains hidden.

Hand Crossbow
Gweena—Rolled 12 vs. AC
5 damage


Cutter 3 hurls a javelin at gweena.

Gweena—Rolled 21 vs. AC
4 damage

He then moves up the most southern ice ramp, confronting Gweena and Amagar, who remain on the hills far side, and taking a place adjacent to cutter 6.


Amagar is up - init 13. Cutter 6 is on deck - init 12.


Amagar again checks to see where the bolts are coming from, but also noticing the pillar of flame emanating from the charred goblin. “I see some fire.” Amagar grins, emboldened by Gwenna’s divine powers. He then steps around her, staying on top of the snow drift and engaging the two goblins atop the ledge. Then, with a pair of swordstrokes he looks to skewer the eastern one. “Perhaps this makes barbecue?”

Minor Action- Perception Check- 1(d20) +0 = 1
Move Action- SE, SW, SW, SW
Standard Action- Dual Strike
Attack 1 (Lifedrinker)- 14(d20) +10 = 24 vs. AC; 3(d6) +3 = 6 damage
Attack 2 (Mundane)- 19(d20) +9 = 28 vs. AC; 2(d6) +2 = 4 damage


Not seeing where the sniper is hiding, Amagar skewers to the two cutters. He feels the power of his Lifedrinker short sword course through his body as he pulls the sword from the lifeless corpse.


Amagar feels the air whoosh in his ear as another bolt from behind him misses. The sniper still remains hidden, obviously buried deep in the snow.

Hand Crossbow
Amagar—Rolled 13 vs. AC
7 damage


Digi is up. The goblin hexer is on deck at the top of round 3.

At the slightest muscle twinge, Digi feels the coldness of the hexer’s curse upon him. Digi knows that if he moves, the hexer’s powers will take its full course (11 damage if Digi moves (save ends)).


angered beyond reason, Digi uses his “Stone’s Endurance” as a Minor Action.. gaining 5 damage resistance till the end of his next turn. he then climbs to the top of the next tier as a Standard Action. (Athletics (1d20 + 14): 3 + 14 = 17) then moves around the rim counter clockwise as far as he can with his 6 movement points.

“OK squeaker, the gig’s almost up. i am coming to get you. you ready to party?”

(save to end the Hexer’s Curse… i dont know if i had any bonuses. Save (1d20): 13)


“Oh, little blasphemer, your world is about to get very red. The big man is coming!”


Digi feels the frozen pain from the hexer’s icbound hex, however Digi’s Stone’s Endurance offer’s him some protection (Digi takes 6 dmg, and btw that cross icon is your stone’s endurance).

The hexer, seeing the big goliath coming and hearing the taunts, prepares himself.

The hexer focuses for a moment, and his Freezing Cloud moves a bit closer (minor action).

The hexer then chants and makes some arcane gestures, finally pointing his rod at the goliath rumbling up the ice slope.

Freezing Hex
Digi—Rolled 11 vs. Fortitude
6 cold damage and the target is slowed (save ends).

With a look of frustration, the hexer shifts back into his freezing cloud, taking a place adjacent to the sniper.


Iris is up. Cutter 5 is on deck.


Iris will continue her move around the plateau, trying to find some place where she would be able to pull herself up. Catching a glimpse of the Hexer as he tries to freeze Digi, she lights him up with Faerie Fire to make him and anyone next to him an easier target for the Goliath.

Move: 7 to the west, ending 2 squares NW of Digi
Standard: Faerie Fire (range 10 burst one) on Hexer’s square:
Faerie Fire vs Hexer’s Will: 23 = 17[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs Sniper’s Will: 26 = 20[d20]+6 CRIT
Faerie Fire vs square 1 West of Hexer: 19 = 13[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 nw of Hexer: 20 = 14[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 North of Hexer: 7* = 1[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 ne of Hexer: *13
= 7[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 East of Hexer: 18 = 12[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 se of Hexer: 24 = 18[d20]+6
Faerie Fire vs square 1 South of Hexer: 15 = 9[d20]+6

Hit: The target is slowed and grants combat advantage (save ends both).
    Aftereffect: 3d6 + 5 radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of Iris’ following turn.
Miss: 1d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

The critical just guarantees a hit with this power, no extra damage since I don’t have a magic implement yet.


Both the hexer and the adjacent sniper light up with a purple fire, making them easier target.


Hearing the hexer’s cry for help, cutter 5 moves west, north west to confront the CFP members swarming the hill. Along the way he hurls a javelin at Iris.

Iris—Rolled 15 vs. AC
4 damage


Raz is up at 22. Sharpsooter is on deck at 20. (I saw a post from Raz earlier, so it seems he may have access to the internet. Lets give him until tomorrow morning to post, If we nothing, could someone NPC him please.)


(Does someone want to NPC Raz?)


Raz launches a nimble strike at the Shaman with his bow…

Nimble strike (1d20 + 8): 20 + 8 = 28 CRITICAL Correct damage (1d10 + 6): 8 + 6 = 14 (may need different damage due to crit)


Raz take a bead on the hexer and looses his arrow. The arrow flies straight for the hexer chest, when at the last second, the adjacent sniper throws himself in front of the arrow (Lead From the Rear). The arrow plunges deep into the snipers chest. (Correct Damage is 1d10 + 5, so 15 for a crit).

(Raz can shift 1 square as part of Nimnble Strike.)


The sharpshooter who just took an arrow for the hexer moves into position between the hexer and Digi. He loads his hand crossbow and levels it at the goliath rumbling up the slope.

Hand Crossbow
Digi—Rolled 17 vs. AC
7 damage


Gweena is up at init 19. Sharpshooter 1 is on deck.


(i had added the additional +1 from the Hunters Quarry to make the +6. hadn’t been to sleep yet, so just left it alone and grabbed a nap. does the Hunters Quarry damage not get counted because of the arrow hitting a different target?)


(Quarry gives an additional damage dealt of 1d6. Yes, the quarry damage does not get counted because of it hitting the sharpshooter and not the hexer.)


(Just realized I forgot to save vs. Iris’ Faerie Fire.)

Saving Throw: Rolled 13

(Sam, do want to roll the Faerie Fire’s Aftereffect damage?)


Moving towards the hexer (5 sq to the northwest unless the last square is difficulty terrain; then only 4. both moves should put her w/in 5 of hexer), Gwenna again uses the Sacred Flame; this time she attacks the hexer. ( (8 = 2[d20]+4+2); dam (19 = 12[d20]+4+2+1). Once again she directs her healing power towards Amagar.


Gweena moves to the base of the hill on which the hexer stands. She calls upon Chauntea’s Sacred Flame, bringing fire down from the sky above the goblin. The hexer leaps from the attack, remaining unscathed.


(just a reminder, Iris’ Faerie Fire grants CA to all atackers, that’s a +2 to your attacks.)


(both the sharpshooter and the hexer are under the effect, however the sharpshooter just made his save and CA will end at the end of Iris’ turn.)


Sharpshooter 1 looses a bolt at Digi.

Hand Crossbow
Digi—Rolled 21 vs. AC
9 damage + 2 more for CA

The bolt strikes deep into Digi’s thigh, and when he looks up he see’s the sniper’s position on the southern hill.

The sharpshooter, knowing that his position has been compromised, stands up from prone, snow falling from his clothes.


Amagar is next up for the killing. Sharpshooter 2 is on deck (still hidden).


(Digi, thanks for NPCing Raz. Next time his is up, move him within 10 squares of the sharpshooter by the shaman and quarry that one and then throw the +1 dagger to get sneak attack damage since they have CA due to faerie fire. so that’s 1d20+4+5 to hit, 1d4+2d6+1d6 dmg.)


(Oh, and add +2 to attack to CA. And yes I’m on dial up and it is soooo sllllooowwwww….)


Aftereffect Damage for Sharpshooter: 3d6+5 21 = 4[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]+5


As the Faerie Fire dissipates it sears the flesh of the sharpshooter and soon becomes to much for the goblin to bear. The sharpshooter breaths his last breath and then falls lifeless to the ground.


(did you take the stones endurance damage resistance into account on that turn? between the last 2 attacks, that would be 10 points)


(I did for the first attack but not the second. I’ll give digi back some HPs.)


(so Digi, I have you at 18/37 hps. Is that what you have?)


Amagar knows there has to be another Goblin nearby, and takes a moment to search for it.

Minor Action: Perception, 16(d20) +0 = 16


(If Amagar finds the Sharpshooter, he’ll move to it and do a Dual Strike. If not, he’ll move due west 5 spaces, jumping down the side of the snow pack. He’ll then charge the cutter at the base of the hill on the far west side. He shouldn’t be going over the ice slick.)

Dice Rolls (in order): 8(d20), 19(d20), 6(d6), 4(d6)

(So, if he attacks the Sharpshooter it will be…)
Attack 1 (Lifedrinker): 8(d20) +10 = 18 vs. AC; 6(d6) +3 = 9 damage
Attack 2 (Mundane): 19(d20) +9 = 28 vs. AC; 4(d6) +2 = 6 damage

(If he moves and charges the cutter, it will be…)
Athletics: 8(d20) +9 = 17
Charge (Lifedrinker): 19(d20) +11 = 30 vs. AC; 6(d6) +7 = 13 damage


Amagar scans the hill upon which he stands looking for any sign that would give away the snipers hiding spot. The snow reflects the light into Amagar’s eyes making it hard to distinguish from the recent tracks of the battle and the ones that existed before the ambush. After a moment of search and realizing that sniper has dug in deep, amagar moves down the hill and then charges the cutter plunging his sword deep into the goblin’s chest. As he removes his bloody sword from the dead body, he feels the thirst of his sword beckoning him on for more.


Amagar feels the pain of a bolt lodging itself deeply into his calf.

Hand Crossbow
Amagar—Rolled 27 vs. AC
9 damage + 2 for CA

As Amagar looks back he sees the hiding sniper was just a moment ago laying right at his feet. The sharpshooter stands up and shakes the snow from his clothes.


Digi is up at the bottom of Round 3. The Hexer is on deck at the top of Rnd 4.


(OK, so I think I got this Pentium 2 laptop with a modem figured out. I can play Raz for the rest of the week. Thanks Digi. May need you to play him Sat…we’ll see.)


Digi finally has the target of his anger in sight and ignoring his injuries for the moment, (and hopeful for a little healing aid) he closes with the hexer taking a position directly adjacent to and straddling the body of his last fallen ally swings his axe in a Devastating Strike sacrificing a bit of his own health to his bloodclaw axe in the process. (-1 hp in exchange for +3 dam).

Devastating Strike (1d20 + 10): 18 + 10 = 28
Axe Damage (1d12 + 11): 3 + 11 = 14
Devasting Strike Bonus (1d8): 4
Total Damage: 14 + 4 = 18

Grinning ear to ear, the goliath roars in triumph as the Axe bites it’s mark. “how’s about we dance squeaker?”


(BTW Strokes: i have that Digi has taken a total of 14 damage, then one self inflicted for bloodclaw. leaving 22.

Details: started encounter at full health. first attack on him (September 25, 2009 at 04:59) should have been a miss. moving under the Icebound hex (October 03, 2009 at 05:50) he takes 11 – 5 = 6HP -> 31/37 Hexer attack (same time) is a miss Sharp shooter attack (October 04, 2009 at 08:51) takes 7 – 5 = 2HP -> 29/37 Sharp Shooter 1 attack (October 05, 2009 at 12:44) Digi takes 11 – 5 = 6HP -> 23/37 Blood Claw sacrifice (October 07, 2009 at 05:31) takes 1 HP -> 22/37

stones endurance now ends. as my turn has ended.)

(also, may not have been clear.. Digi should now be adjacent and due west of the Hexer.)


(Thanks for the HP correction Digi)

Digi’s axe bites deep, obviously hurting the hexer. The cold emanating from the goblin’s body is felt in the axe’s haft.

Body of Ice
Any creature that hits the frost goblin hexer with a melee attack is slowed until the end of the creature’s next turn.

The hexer takes a moment and moves his freezing cloud, blanketing himself and Digi. He then shifts back one square and attacks Digi with another hex.

Icebound Hex
Digi—Rolled 18 vs. Will
9 cold damage

Saving Throw: Rolled 20 overcoming Faerie Fire


Iris is up. Raz is on deck.

(I need aftereffect damage for the hexer)


Aftereffect damage: 3d6 15 = 5[d6]+6[d6]+4[d6]

Iris continued around, advancing on the sniper’s hill, looking for an opportunity to throw more lightning the hexer’s way, though if she couldn’t see him anymore she was more than willing to strike down the sniper she could see. After her attack, she would change to the form of the winter wolf and then put on a burst of speed around the south west hill, moving up the ramp and ready to close to close range with the sniper.

Move: S 6, SE 1
Standard: Storm Spike @ Hexer’s Reflex: 1d20+6 24 = 18[d20]+6
Damage: 1d8+6 14 = 8[d8]+6
And another 5 if it doesn’t move at least 2 squares on it’s next turn.
If she can’t hit the hexer due to elevation issues, then she flings the lightning at the sniper close to her.
Minor: Shift to Winter Wolf
AP: Move: Run: 5 SE, 2 S, 1W, 1 NW (She ends 2 squares south of Amagar, up on the ledge)


As the purple flame of Iris’ Faerie Fire burns itself out, it sears the hexer’s flesh. The blue hue of the goblin’s skin takes on a reddish black appearance and the smell of charred flesh fills the air.

Lighting cracks through the air and strikes down upon the hexer. The goblin looks worse for wear as yet another attack finds it mark.

(There’s no ice ramp to the first tier of this hill. Iris needs to make an Athletics check to climb the hill as part of the move action. This will cost 4 squares of movement.)


Raz will move just norther of Gwenna and then take a bead on the hexer. (We don’t have CA against the hexer, right? In that case, Raz will use a basic range, [1d20+8-2=1d20 + 6: 17 + 6 = 23. If that is a hit, then dmg = 1d10 + 5: 9 + 5 = 14 + 1d6 = 14+4= 18 total.)


(You put an ice ramp along the right side of that hill in the image..)


(yes I did, however that ice ramp connects the first tier of the hill with the second. There is no ramp that connects to the first tier of that hill.)


Raz looses his arrow and nails the goblin in the back.

Gweena is up. Sharpshooter 1 is on deck.


Seeing the hexer weaken, Gwenna holds her holy symbol high and directs her attack at him.

Actions: no moves

Lance of Faith (vs ref): 21 = 15[d20]+4+2 Dam: 13 = 6[d8]+4+2+1 +2 power bonus to Digi if the hexer still stands.


The hexer’s knees buckle from yet another attack, and Digi feels a surge of strength as Chauntea’s grace fills him.

Standing above Amagar, the sharpshooter loads another bolt into his crossbow and levels it at the tiefling.

Hand Crossbow
Amagar—Rolled 15 vs. AC
5 damage

Seeing his bolt fly wide of its target, he moves back anticipating the tiefling’s approach.


Amagar is up. Sharpshooter 2 is on deck.


The goblin anticipates correctly as Amagar steps forward and scales the ledge with an expert skill. Just as he plants one foot at the top of the ledge he pushes off it and launches himself at the soon-to-be-dead goblin.

Athletics: 20(d20) +9 = 29
Charge Attack (Lifedrinker): 19(d20) +11 = 30 vs. AC for 6(d6) +7 = 13 damage
Mark the goblin.


Amagar’s sword cuts into the goblins side.

Sharpshooter 2 load another quarrel and levels his crossbow at Gweena.

Hand Crossbow
Gwenna—Rolled 22 vs. AC
6 damage

Gweena feels the bite of the goblins bolt as it plunges deep into her shoulder.


Digi is up at the bottom of round 4. Hexer is on deck at the top of round 5.


Ignoring the freezing hex upon him, Digi closes on the shaman. “I have waited too long for this, you are gonna have to be stomped twice”

Shift to square adjacent to the Hexer Devastating Strike (sacrifice one HP for BloodClaw) Devastating Strike (1d20 + 10): 11 + 10 = 21 Axe Damage (1d12 + 11): 9 + 11 = 20 Devasting Strike Bonus (1d8): 4
Total Damage: 24

Save VS Freezing Hex (1d20): 16

Digi Roars in satisfaction


(sorry about the poor formatting…. Devastating Strike (1d20 + 10): 11 + 10 = 21
Axe Damage (1d12 + 11): 9 + 11 = 20
Devasting Strike Bonus (1d8): 4
Total Damage: 24

maybe that is easier to read.)


When Digi moves he feels a burning cold course through his body. With one fell swoop, the goliath lops off the hexer’s head.


Iris is up at the top of Round 4. Raz is on deck.



Iris growls as she moves around the sniper while Amagar occupies it’s attention, nearly moving behind the idiot as she leaps in with her claws extended.

Move: 7 to land 1 N of the Sniper Standard: Grasping Claws: 1d20+6 22 = 16[d20]+6 Damage: 1d8+5 12 = 7[d8]+5 _Adult Content: _No Minors Allowed :P


(blahrg… forgot the [div /]s)


(FYI Digi receives 5 temp HPs with the death of the Hexer. (Rageblood Vigor)
how long will the ‘cloud’ last?
Did Digi successfully save to end the hex?)


Iris’ claws tear into the sharpshooter, hurting him badly, however he still stands.

(I’ll give Digi 5 temp HPs. Digi saved vs. the hex. For any Saving Throw the DC is 10, FYI.)


Raz is up. Gweena is on deck


Screech will move diagonally SW until 3 squares NE of the sniper, maintaining altitude.

Raz will concentrate on that fresh sniper to look for a lethal opening (Minor: Quarry) and level his bow and release (13 = 5[d20]+8).


Raz’ arrow misses its mark, lodging itself into the hill’s bank at the sharpshooter’s feet.


Gweena is up. Sharpshooter 1 is on deck.


(FYI… Sharpshooter 1 is slowed until the end of Iris’ turn..)


(at least I think 1 was the one Amagar and Iris are attacking? x.x sorry for the double post)


(Ooops, I meant for Screech to move to SE to be within 3 of that sharpie.)


(that’s funny because I originally had Screech over to the SW, and then I took into account all the mistakes I have made this encounter with PCs movement, and decided to reread your post :P)


(It doesn’t help when the players mess it up! I wanted him 3 squares NW, not NE, of the uninjured sharpie.)


Seeing that the goliath is still bloodied, Gwenna chants a healing word to help Digi recover some of his strength (healing surge for Digi + 5 = 1[d6]+4). She continues to pray to Chauntea to help staunch her own wounds (2nd wind—regains + 7 hp and she uses 1 healing surge). (Now using action point). As Gwenna feels the healing power of her god, she moves towards closer towards the sharp shooter (2 sq south; 1 sq SE) and lifts her holy symbol high (Lance of Faith vs ref 11 = 5[d20]+4+2; dam 24 = 17[d20]+4+2+1) OOC: got those rolls backwards!


(looks like your rolling a d20 for damage and should be a d8 and what ally gets the +2 power bonus to his next attack roll against the target?)

Gweena strikes the sharpshooter with her holy might (14 radiant damage).


Sharpshooter 1 drops his hand crossbow and draws his short sword. He then takes a swipe at Amagar.

Short Sword
Aamgar—Rolled 20 vs. AC
6 damage


Amagar is up. Sharpshooter 2 is on deck.


(sorry about the confusion…...Raz gets the +2. And did you get healing surges for both Digi and Gwenna?)


(No worries Gyspsy… I surged both Digi and Gweena. Notice on the above map neither token is showing the bloodied icon :P)


(If Amagar starts going after the other Sniper, Iris can finish this one off.. It’s not like he can get away from her, and bloody-ing her will only make that less likely… :P )


(I think I’ll finish this one off, you have a better ranged attack than I do. What’s more, I’m going to get quite a few bonuses on my attacks against this one.)

Amagar steps to the side, forcing the goblin to decide whether he was going to worry about himself or about the vicious white wolf now standing behind him. The moment the goblin looked away, Amagar made his attack, his two blades gleaming with hellfire as they streaked through the air.

Minor- Infernal Wrath @ the goblin
Move- Shift 1 W
Standard- Dual Strike (+1 Bloodhunt, +2 Combat Advantage, +1 Infernal Wrath)
Attack 1 (mundane)- 8(d20) +13 = 21 vs. AC; 5(d6) +3 = 8 damage
Attack 2 (Lifedrinker) – 12(d20) +14 = 26 vs. AC; 6(d6) +4 = 10 damage

(If the first attack knocks the goblin to 0, Amagar will incapacitate it with that attack instead of killing it. Then he’ll kill it with the Lifedrinker attack.)


Amagar slaps the goblin silly with his mundane blade and then plunges his Life Drinker deep into the goblins neck. Amagar feels the sword quenching its thirst as the tiefling feels reinvigorated.


Sharpshooter 2 reloads and looses a bolt aiming at Gweena.

Hand Crossbow
Gweena—Rolled 29 vs. AC
Crit: 10 damage


Digi is up. Iris is on deck at the top of round 5.


(And the crowd starts chanting ‘Jump! Jump! Jump!’ :) )


Digi looks at the hexer’s body and casually kicks the head in the direction of Raz. “anyone you know buddy?”

he then takes a running start moving SE to the edge of the rise, then leaps with all his might to the SE hoping to land Just NE of the last squeaker..

Athletics – Leap (1d20 + 14): 16 + 14 = 30 Athletics – Landing (1d20 + 14): 12 + 14 = 26)

(OOC: need to know result of landing to determine if i can attack)

IF i have an attack move, Digi delivers a Pressing attack on the final enemy, shifting to the E of the enemy, striking at him and pushing him off the ledge if a successful hit.

Attack Pressing Strike (1d20 + 10): 7 + 10 = 17 Bloodclaw enhanced damage (1d12 + 11): 2 + 11 = 13


(Digi’s attack roll needs to include a -5 penalty for the run and applies to all attacks until the start of his next turn. His pressing strike is a 12 result. Also, he grants CA until the start of his next turn. FYI, it would be a Acrobatics check (trained only) to reduce the damage from falling or jumping down, but since the other hill is only 10 ft. lower from where Digi jumps he takes no damage from the fall.)

Like a compressed spring released of its stored energy, the huge goliath breaks into a short run and makes an incredible leap to the other hill, just making the ledge adjacent to the sharpshooter. The sharpshooter’s mouth drops in awe as Digi’s axe comes down hard. The goblin snaps out of his stupor and ducks just before the axe finds it mark.


Iris is up at the top of round 5. Raz is on deck.


Iris, her current prey finished off by Amagar, turns her attention on the sniper that Digi just gut the jump on, moving quickly to get within range, shifting back to her humanoid form, and sending another bolt of lightning to the other hill.

Move: Move 7: SE 4, E 3.
Minor: Return to humanoid form. Shift E 1.
Standard: Storm Bolt: 1d20+6 22 vs Reflex = 16[d20]+6 Damage: 1d8+6 10 lightning = 4[d8]+6
If the Sniper doesn’t move 2 squares on it’s turn, it takes another 5 lightning damage.


(And the crowd goes CRAZY…so does the hawk!)


Iris electrifies the air around the goblin, striking him with her Storm Spike. As the goblin’s body jolts from the charge, you see blood oozing from his nose and ears.


Raz is up. Gweena is on deck.


Screech flutters down to be adjacent to Digi and threaten the sniper. Raz then draws and throws his distance dagger for what he hopes to be the killing strike (Encounter power: Sneak attack. At will: Hunter’s Teamwork. To hit 18 = 6[d20]+10+2[CA]. Don’t think that hit, but just in case, DMG: 15 = 3[d4]+5+2[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6])


With both the goliath and the hawk occupying the goblins attention, the sharpshooter never saw the dagger whizzing though the air. The dagger plunges itself into the goblin’s hip, buried to the hilt. The goblin takes its last breath as he clutches the dagger at his side and falls face first off the hill.


Raz says “Nice work, CFP! Those goblins really spread us out. And Mr. Digi, that jump was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before. You are full of surprises, from you golden locks down to you big stompers.”

Screech will flutter down and rest on Raz’s shoulder and take a short rest and spend a healing surge. Raz will look around and search the bodies (Perception 27 = 17[d20]+10)


Digi breaths a heavy sigh of relief as he regains his composure. he looks at Amagar with new respect… “some pretty good sticking there Amagar. Looks like you found your stride.” then the goliath drops down to the dead Sniper, kicks him over and takes a quick look through his gear for anything useful.

“hey Raz, can you tell where these squeakers might have come from?”

then looking at Gwenna, and to the party in general,

“we probably need a decent rest soon.”


Iris walks over, clutching her cloak about her.. They had the spell to keep them from feeling the cold, but that didn’t mean she didn’t feel like she should feel cold. At the mention of them needing to rest soon, she nodded in agreement, but took no time to rest now, while they were still out in the open.


“Soon, sure, but I’m not going to freeze my tail off in this blizzard. Let’s get inside that tower and see if it’s not warm enough for me to feel my toes again,” Amagar says, quite bothered by the weather despite the protective ward Iris placed on the party. With that, he moves over to the side of the cliff and slides down the edge, trying to get out of the cold wind by huddling up in the corner of the snow drift.

(Looks like I’ll be spending 1 surge for a short rest.)


A thorough search of the goblins reveals 50 gp among them, along with two potions of healing. There is also a Distance Javelin +1 in one of the cutter’s sheaths.


(kk folks, I need to know how many surges you are spending for the rest and what your next plan of actions are. I would like to close this log out and start another.)


Digi expends 2 surges (which I believe takes him back to full health) cleans the gore form his axe, checks his hair, looks around to get his bearings. and prepares to move to the tower.

“well, if it is the tower where we can rest, lets get there”


(Getting into the tower was sort of the plan before we took an extended rested. Everyone still up for that?)

(How many HPs does Raz have? I lost track. I don’t think he needs to spend a surge during a short rest.)


(Raz currently has 27/30 Hit Points; 6/7 Surges; 1 APs.)


(As soon as I find out how many surges Gweena wants to spend I’m going to close this log out and start a new one with the CFP heading towards the tower. Unless I hear otherwise.)


Iris will not be spending any surges… I want her bloodied, damnit.. THEN she can spend surges… Cause that way, her base move is 9… muahahahahaha

As for what she’s going to do, assuming no one (Raz?) complains, she’ll take care of that +1 Distance Javelin and set about trying to figure out what direction will take them to the Tower.
Nature: 1d20+10 25 = 15[d20]+10


(That javelin is for Amagar, I believe. It was on his list.)


Gweena briefly closes her eyes and offers a thankful prayer to Chauntea. She looks to her companions “your athletic prowess is surely a gift from the gods. That was quite a jump Digi!” Gwenna expends 2 healing surges to bring back a healthy glow to her cheeks. (update please. think Gwenna has spent 3 surges and 1 action point?)


(Yes, Javelins are heavy thrown which means that the ugly brute gets to carry it, and I think Digi would take offense at being called ugly. =P)

Amagar ties the javelin loosely to the side of his pack next to the much older, more battered projectile he made use of earlier. He may yet find a use for it, but next time they return to Loudwater it was going into the first junk pile he saw.


(Gweena has 24/28 HPs; 2/7 Surges; 1 APs.)

strokes Samaelryn

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