strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Menace of the Icy Spire: Draigdurroch Tower

After battling the elements and the denzions of Dire Wood, The CFP reach Draigdurroch's Tower.

PbP Start Date: 9/13/2009
MT Session Date: n/a
Adventure Date: Second-day, Tarsakh (The Claw of Storms) 2, 1479 DR
Base Location: Town of Loudwater
Adventure Module: Menace of the Icy Spire
Session Number: 2.2

Pregame Notes

  • Gweena’s MT Token
    • Magic Holy Symbol +2 has been added and equipped
    • Astral Fire Feat Macro has been added and can now used as a supplemental power.
  • MT b.59
    • Players need to update to new version.


Afternoon, Second-day, Tarsakh (Claw of Storms) 2, 1479, the Year of the Ageless One…

After battling their way through an unnatural blizzard, and then being ambushed by frost goblins, the CFP arrive at Draigdurroch’s Tower.

Draigdurroch Tower is encased from top to bottom in a shimmering cocoon of pure ice. The sunlight is reflected in all directions by the angled planes of the frozen barrier, which climbs to a single peak in the air at the top of the tower and widens as it plunges to ground level. A palpable sensation of bitter cold emanates from the tower and its icy prison.

Through the imperfect mirror formed by the ice, you can see that the exterior stone of the tower has been carved into a massive series of sculptures and reliefs depicting various devils in flight. It is as if a huge swirling column of fiends has erupted within the earth and was being pulled into the heavens. Their mouths are open, though whether they are laughing or screaming is hard to tell.

A circular stone walkway winds around the tower’s base, and squat statues of leering devils of all sorts line both sides of this path. The cobblestones are frozen over and look slippery. The tower’s only obvious entrance is a single door at its base, but a foot-thick sheet of solid ice stands in your way.

Welcome to Menace of the Icy Spire, Session 2.2…

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale
Town/Area: Dire Wood
Building/Level: Draigdurroch Tower
Module Location Number: Draigdurroch Tower
Time: Afterdnnon
Weather Condition: 15 F, None, Thin wispy clouds, Wind 13 mph
Other Information:

Character Situation/Location

Amagar 28/34 HP; 6/10 Surges ; 2 APs
Digi 37/37 HP; 5/11 Surges; 1 APs
Gweena 24/28 HP; 2/7 Surges; 1 APs
Iris 17/31 HP; 9/9 Surges; 0 APs
Melieraz 27/30 HP; 6/7 Surges; 1 APs
Screech 23/24 HP; 1/2 Surges

Last Major Events

  • FP complete the Blizzard with 8 successes and 2 failures.
    • Milestone reached
    • XP awarded – 375/5=-75 ea.
  • CFP are ambushed by frost goblins.
    • XP awarded – 975/5=-195 ea.

Last Minor Events

  • The CFP feel the need to move the Chauntean wagons laden with seed for the spring crop back to Loudwater.
    • Iris sends Screech back to town (Animal Messenger) with word about the wagons.
    • Amagar uses Detect Magic and identifies the Fey magic corrupted by elements of chaos within the freshly fallen snow around the Chauntean Caravan.
  • CFP find Draigdurroch Tower.

Other Information

  • Treasure
    • 60 gp in an iron box
    • 50 gp
    • 2 potions of healing
    • Distance Javelin +1
  • Iris’ Endure Elements Ritual ends in 15 hours


When the CFP reach the tower, the sun begins to set and a strong wind blows down from the Star Mounts. Small drifts of snow begin to blow across the icy walk and collect in front of many of the devil like statues which line the pathway.


Digi begins to look about hoping to see some other means of entrance.

Active perception check (1d20): 13

“Hey Raz… you see anything? how bout you Iris? I don’t think those Goblins used this door”


Raz says “Hmmm…” as he looks for the keystone the he believes holds the key to break the ice encasement. (Perception 15 = 5[d20]+10)


Iris will also search around for some means of gaining entrance into the tower.

Perception: 1d20+10 29 = 19[d20]+10


Amagar looks around, paying only a little attention to the rest of the group. He focuses his senses and tries to get a feel for the flow of magic around the tower, thinking that there might be a way to unseal the door nearby, and once that happened he’d be able to get out of this abyssal wind and make it a little easier for him to pretend he was warm.

Arcana 9(d20) +11 = 20


The CFP search the perimeter of the tower looking for some way to bypass the ice but find none. The only obvious way in is through the 5-foot of ice blocking the front door.

Amagar takes a moment to attune himself to the tower, finding that it emanates a type of fey magic with underlying elements of chaos. The source of the magic seems strongest from the top of the tower. The magic is very similar to the magic from the blizzard and the snow found around the caravan.


Raz looks up to the top of the tower to see if he sees anything interesting.


“well, if the only way in is through a little ice, i can cut through with my axe” Digi offers, “but i prefer not to”

Digi the inspects the statuary. walking the whole perimeter of each one where possible.

(Active perception check (1d20): 8)

(growling)”there has got to be a way in here”


Amagar looks around. “I don’t think you will, Digi. This entire tower is teeming with fey magic. If you took a chunk out of that wall with your axe, the magic would probably seal it back up in a moment. That said, this unnatural weather is coming from the top of this tower, so we have to get inside sooner or later. This tower was sealed by the fey of the Dire Wood, so perhaps they have the means to get back inside.”


“Maybe we should try to find the fey who sealed it before we try to get in. We need to find them soon since the light is fading fast.” Raz then sends Screech high into the air for a scouting mission, weather permitting.


The CFP defeat the tower guardians and enter the ground floor of the tower. The adventuring party encounter ice warriors from the plane of Elemental Chaos.

Top of Round 2, Raz is up. Icicle Hurler 1 is on deck.

Amagar notices a Ice Warrior Shardling (minion) enters the servants quarters from the frozen blue flame in the fireplace.


(DM note: I made a copy of screech and placed him on the second floor, so you guys could see the creature tokens on the second floor.)


Even though he was shaken by the burst of frost from the devil up top, he sees the importance of getting to the next level so he will try to clear the way. He focuses and tries to find a weakness in the defense of the foe immediately south of Amagar (Minor Hunter’s Quarry) then shifts to the door opening to get a better shot and looses the arrow. (Nimble Strike: 16 = 8[d20]+8, DMG 17 = 7[d10]+5 + 5[1d6]. If that does not hit, then use Encounter Power Elven Accuracy : 18 = 10[d20]+8. If that does not hit, then spend AP and do Basic Range: 25 = 17[d20]+8, DMG: 21 = 10[d10]+5 + 6[1d6]).

(If Raz can use a move action to close the door, Screech will fly into the kitchen just to the W of Raz and then Raz will close the door. If he cannot use a move action to close the door, he and Screech will move all the way into pantry to the west to try to get out of the blast area.)


Raz levels his bow at the Raider who is has fallen prone and sees that it has a bad angel for the shot. Using his elven heritage and training, Raz focuses and looses his arrow, sending the projectile straight into the ice warrior’s chest.

The ice warrior jolts as the arrow strikes home. He lies there squirming, trying to regain his feet.

(Closing a door is a Minor Action, which Raz used with his Hunter’s Quarry Feat.)

Raz and Screech then retreat into the pantry.


The icicle hurler on the second floor on the south side of the rail recharges his Icicle Storm and sends down a hail storm upon the CFP and his raider ally.

Icicle Storm
Gweena – Rolled 22 vs. AC 8 cold damage

Amagar – Rolled 24 vs. AC

Iris – Rolled 23 vs. AC

Raider – Rolled 12 vs. AC

Digi – Rolled 17 vs. AC

Satisfied with the effect the icicle hurler bellows a boisterous laugh.


The Raider who was just a moment ago prone stands up and reaches out to touch Amagar with his ICy Embrace.

Icy Embrace: If hit, then the target is mimmobilized by ice.
Amagar – Rolled 13 vs. Fortitude

Looking frustrated from his icy embrace not taking effect, the raider lifts his great maul made of ice and comes down on the tiefling.

Maul: If hit, then the target is slowed.
Amagar – Rolled 18 vs. AC 8 Damage


Gweena is up on init count 18. The frostling is on deck. (Gyspy is back, btw)


Chanting a healing prayer, Gwenna assists Amagar with a Healing Word. Roll: 2d6 + 4 + 2 (includes Pacifist Healer Feat) 13 = 2[d6]+5[d6]+4+2

Then ignoring the risk to herself, Gwenna attacks the raider next to Amagar.

Sacred Flame vs ref Roll: 1d20 + 4 + 2 25 = 19[d20]+4+2

Dam: Roll: 1d6 + 2 + 1 4 = 1[d6]+2+1

And Iris gains 3 temp hit points


(Hmm… Apparently I got bloodied in there somewhere.. Iris AC and Ref are 1 higher while Bloodied, not that it matters against the previous rolls.. Her move has also bunped back up to 9.)


(Gweena, your damage roll should be with a +7 (+2 holy symbol, +4 wisdom, +1 astral fire)

After Gweena heals Amagar, she lashes out with Chauntea’s Sacred Flame striking down the raider. Iris feels Chauntea’s divine grace fill her.


The frostling throws down his Icy Burst centered on Digi. Ice and snow as sharp as razors burst out effecting both Digi and Iris.

Icy Burst: If hit, then the target is slowed (save ends).
Digi – Rolled 10 vs. Fort 6 cold damage
Iris – Rolled 17 vs. Fort


Raider 2 shifts down the steps and reaches out trying to touch Digi with his Icy Embrace.

Icy Embrace: If hit, then the target is immobilized by ice.
Digi – Rolled 14 vs. Fort.

He then swings his mighty maul.

Maul: If hit then target is slowed.
Digi – Rolled 19 vs. AC 9 damage


Amagar is up. Shardling 2 is on deck.


(For future reference, you can use a move action to take a minor action.)

Amagar grits his teeth against the cold, unable to push very far in his current state. He takes his new javelin in-hand and decides to employ it against the minion looking to get behind himself and Digi, making sure to keep a solid front against the ice warriors. Once that’s done, he’ll advance a step up the stairs, struggling to get the feeling back into his muscles.

Minor Action- Equip +1 Distance Javelin Standard Action- Ranged Basic Attack (Heavy Thrown): 18(d20) +8 = 26 vs. AC; 1(d6) +5 = 6 damage. Move Action- Move S up the steps.

Saving Throw vs. Slow: 20


(Not much of a concern, but I’ll mark the Shardling as well.)


Amagar sends his javelin at the shardling, hitting him in the chest. The shardling falls and isn’t getting back up.


Another shardling moves out of the sitting room (room 4), and approaches Amagar. With a wicked dagger made of ice in hand he swipes it at Amagar.

Ice Shard
Amagar – Rolled 12 vs. AC 4 cold damage


Digi is up. Shardling 1 is on deck.


Digi swings a pressing strike on the enemy before him. 18(d20) +10 = 28 vs. AC; 5(d12) +8 = 13 damage. with the hit the enemy is pushed back one square to the south. Digi will shift to the position that the enemy just vacated.

save VS slow 10


Digi’s axe bites into raider and pushes him back onto the landing on the second floor. Digi is able to move into the vacated space and then shrugs off the cold which was once stiffening his joints.


Shardling 1 moves out of the fireplace in the banquet hall and stops just below Digi on the top steps. With ice shard in hand he take a swipe at Digi’s leg.

Ice Shard
Digi – Rolled 21 vs. AC 4 cold damage


The icicle hurler on the north side of the rail on the second floor throws a icicle at Digi’s back.

Flying Icicle
Digi – Rolled 18 vs. AC 5 cold damage


Iris is up. Shardling is on deck.


Iris shifts form as she moves up the steps behind Digi and then drops down between the shardlings, lashing out with tooth and claw at the one that had struck at the Goliath.

Minor: Shift to beast form
Move: 1S, 1 SW.
Standard: Grasping Claws on Shardling 1 S of Iris.
Attack: 1d20+6 21 = 15[d20]+6
Damage: 1d8+5 6 = 1[d8]+5
On a hit, target is Slowed.


Eric: note that Iris’ AC and reflex have also increased by 1.


(The steps are difficult terrain, thus requiring 2 squares to enter each. I realize that folks have said they have shifted on the steps, myself included, however I have just substituted the shift as a move 2. Iris could move 1 sw, then wild shape and shit 1 south, which would put her in the same spot, and take into account that she is slowed. I’ll continue with your attack as if you did this. Let me know if this is ok. Rest assured I have noted Iris’ increase to defenses :P)

Iris rips into the shardling spilling his frozen entrails at his feet.

(I also need a save vs. the slow effect)


Another shardling enters the battle from the door to the east where Iris once stood. After he opens the door he makes a quick scan of the area and decides to throw his wicked looking icicle at Amagar.

Ice Bolt
Amagar – Rolled 14 vs. AC 4 cold damage


Raz is up at the top of Rnd 3. Icicle Hurler 1 is on deck.


Raz will move to the doorway (Move Action). If there is someway he can get cover by shooting around the corner, he will do that. Then he will quarry the hurler(Minor) at the top of the balcony and takes aim (basic range: 15 = 7[d20]+8. Probably not a hit, but just in case DMG: 13 = 7[d10]+5 +1 [d6]. If it does not hit, he will spend an action point and attack again 25 = 17 [d20]+8. Dmg: 18 = 8[d10]+5 + 5[d6])


(oops, forgot the quarry rules there for moment. I can only quarry the closest enemy to Raz or Screech. If Screech can fly up to the second level and be close to that hurler without ending up provoking an AO or threatening anyone, the bird will do that. Then Raz will quarry the hurler. If Screech cannot pull that off, then the bird will move behind Raz and Raz will Raz will shut the door, cutting him off from the blast area.)


(Added to Screech’s conditions for a ‘go’ on the move is if he can get at least 3 squares above the ground floor. He would try to get as many as possible.)


(It doesn’t look like Screech can get up to the second floor without provoking an OA.)

(I still need a save from Iris vs. the Slow effect)

Raz moves to the doorway and sees he can’t get any cover from the icicle hurler on the second floor. Leveling his bow, he looses his arrow, sending the arrow deep into the hurler’s shoulder. Knowing what is coming next, Raz shuts the door.


Anyone looking sees the hurler’s arrow wound heal slightly. He then recharges his icicle storm and let it loose (I’ve been lucky with this guy’s recharge rolls. I think this is three in a row now).

Icicle Storm
Gweena – Rolled 20 vs. AC 6 cold damage
Amagar – Rolled 16 vs. AC
Shardling 2 – Rolled 24 vs. AC
Iris – Rolled 15 vs. AC
Digi – Rolled 10 vs. AC

Ice and hail burst out in a small raging storm. The shardling next to Iris sucks up most of the ice, but finally one gets through his defenses. A jagged icicle pierces his forehead and he falls to the ground.


(Gweena is up who is stunned from her pacifist healer’s feat, which means she can’t take any actions. I’m going to jump to the frostling who is on deck).


The frostling throws an icy snowball at the goliath coming up the stairs.

Freezing Shot: If hit, then the target is slowed until the end of the frostling’s next turn, and one ally within 3 squares of the target can shift 3 to a space adjacent to the target.
Digi – Rolled 11 vs. AC 10 cold damage


Raider 2, who is at the top of the stairs upon which Amagar stands moves down and touches Amagar with his icy embrace.

Icy Embrace: If hit, then the target is immobilized by ice.
Amagar – Rolled 10 vs. Fortitude

He then swings his icy maul.

Maul: If hit, then the target is slowed.
Amagar – Rolled 19 vs. AC 11 damage


(Did I need to us the AP to hit the hurler?)

(Uh-oh, Gweena is stunned. We have 3 healing potions. Raz has one from the last dungeon but we recently found 2 more, I think. Who has those? I don’t think we said, but we might need them now.)


Amagar is up. Digi is on deck.


(Raz didn’t need to use an AP to hit. Your roll of… what was it 15? was good enough).


(Feel free to split those healing potions up now :P)


(Don’t forget your second wind either, guys.)

Amagar retrieves his short sword once again to fight off the second raider blocking his path.

Minor- Draw Short Sword
Standard- Dual Strike
Lifedrinker- 4(d20) +10 = 14 vs. AC, 4(d6) +3 = 7 damage
Mundane- 4(d20) +9 = 13 vs. AC, 2(d6) +2 = 4 damage

Saving Throw vs. Slow- 8(d20)


(Iris can only shift 1 square when she returns to humanoid form… so that technically wouldn’t work…)

Save against slow: Roll: 1d10 10


(Second wind takes a standard action and a potion takes a minor to get same benefit, right?)


(Question Strokes, what is the area from which I can shot from, and be shot at, from above? How much farther than the actual opening are shots able to get up, or down, to the balcony?)


(Raz has LOS to the hurler to the south on the second floor. I would say it would be the same distance to the south for LOS to the North also.)

(Sam, I was thinking she could move 1 first while in beast form, then use the minor wild shape to gain the bennies of the shift and not provoke OA)


(Drinking a potion is a minor action and administering a potion to an unconscious individual is a standard action. You spend a healing surge, but instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points.)


Both of Amagar’s attacks are parried by the raider’s maul.

Digi is up. Icicle hurler is on deck.


If allowed, as a minor action, Digi imbibes a healing potion, then moves up the stairs to the SW and takes a position adjacent to the ICE hurler. (otherwise, i will use my Second Wind as a standard, then attack with my AP)using the bloodclaw power of his axe and sensing that it is now or never, the Goliath makes a mighty swing and levels a Devastating Strike on the hurler.

Devastating Strike: 8(d20) 10 = 18 vs. AC; Damage: 11(d12) + 8 + 4(d8) 3 = 26hp

(If that kills the hurler, I receive 5 temp HP and depending on if i see additional enemies upstairs, might use my Swift Charge free action )

if there are no additional minions upstairs i will end turn. Save vs slow: 3 (d20)


(I thought she was in humanoid form when her turn started… if the token said she was already in beast form, then that works…)


(Digi, there are no minions upstairs and no one within charging distance. Also note that the frostling is emanating an aura 5 which all enemies have to treat as difficult terrain.)

Icicle hurler 1 falls at the end of Digi’s axe.

Seeing his comrade fall, the icicle hurler directly north of Digi sends a deadly icicle his way.

Flying Icicle
Digi – Rolled 19 vs. AC 11 cold damage


Iris is up. Shardling is on deck.


Iris, hearing the shardling approaching from where she had just been standing, moves to cover Gwenna, taking a moment to catch her breath.

Move: * 2N, 1NW. *Minor: Wild Shape to Humanoid Form *Standard: * Second Wind

(End of round… probably best to wait till the game tonight to continue on the next round? I’ve fixed my token, even have the Razorclaw Shifting macros adjusting my speed/ac/ref appropriately too.)


(did you allow the healing potion as a minor, or did i do second wind, and use an AP to attack?)


(healing potion as a minor)


(I’m going ahead with the shardling’s turn and that will end the round. We’ll start tonight with Raz’ actions at the top of round 4.)

The shardling enters the atrium and throws an icicle at Iris.

Ice Bolt
Iris – Rolled 9 vs. AC 4 cold damage


Digi notices three more shardlings entering the second floor through the frozen blue flame in the fireplaces.

strokes strokes

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