strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Menace of the Icy Spire: Protectors of the Frost Gem

The CFP leave the tower for Loudwater and discover they are being followed

PbP Start Date: 10/25/09
MT Session Date: 11/7/09
Adventure Date: Third-day, Tarsakh (The Claw of Storms) 3, 1479 DR
Base Location: Town of Loudwater
Adventure Module: Menace of the Icy Spire
Session Number: 2.4

Pregame Notes

  • Using MT b61
  • Introduced a new method of running Skill Challenges
    • Never informed players it was a skill challenge
    • The goal was to try to improve the RP
    • Player’s Thoughts?


Highsun, Third-day, Tarsakh (Claw of Storms) 3, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One…

The CFP were successful in ending the Gray Vale’s unnatural weather by defeating the Frost Gem and the Spirit of Winter.

After a good nights rest and a square meal, the CFP begin their journey back to Loudwater in a light drizzle. They soon discover that they are being followed and are approached by the eladrin who were charged with the protection of the Frost gem and Draigdurroch’s secrets. The eladrin, who were unaware of the taint of Elemental Chaos upon the gem, and thus unaware of the Gray Vales unnatural weather pattern.

The CFP try to convince the eladrin that the Gray Vale was facing an endless winter, however the CFP are unsuccessful and enrage the eladrin into attacking the party.

Welcome to Menace of the Icy Spire, Session 2.4…

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale
Town/Area: Dire Wood, Along the Heartblood River, near the confluence of the Delmbiyr River
Building/Level: N/A
Module Location Number: Protectors of the Frost Gem
Time: Highsun
Weather Condition: 43 F, Light rain, Thin, high clouds, Wind 10 mph
Other Information:

Character Situation/Location

Amagar At Rest
Digi At Rest
Gweena At Rest
Iris At Rest
Melieraz At Rest
Screech At Rest

Last Major Events

  • Protectors of the Frost Gem
    • CFP failed the Skill Challenge “It Wasn’t Me”
    • Consequence of battle with the eladrin
  • No XP for encounter

Last Minor Events

  • Several of the eladrin are knocked unconscious during the battle, including the eladrin’s leader, Sariel.
    • The CFP convince on of the eladrin archers of their innocence. The archer promises to try to convey this to his leaders.
  • CFP take a short rest

Other Information


The snow once blanketing the Gray Vale has already begun to melt and it appears that spring can now come to the vale unhindered.

As you travel back to Loudwater, following the road along the Delimbiyr River, you skirt the High Forest on the West. To the East lies the opposite bank of the river and the foothills of the Graypeak Mountains. The hilly terrain touches the water and looks like a giant’s toes being soaked after a long journey.

The road soon passes through the ruins of the Strom Watch Inn, and all that remains of the way post is a ruined wall and the few footprints of the structures which once stood in the area.

The hills and the mountains on the horizon with its snowy peaks, provide a scenic backdrop to an already beautiful panorama. As you look up you doubt that its snowy peaks ever thaw out even during the hottest months of the summer.

A white speck contrasted by the gray of the mountains appears on the horizon and it appears to be heading your direction. As it comes closer, slowly growing in size, it becomes evident that it’s a white dragon. You see that it long neck snakes back and forth, its head scanning the country side looking for a tasty snack.


The CFP have a few moments, in which they can take preliminary actions before the inevitable battle with the white dragon.


(Sorry folks, had the post set at GM only. Should be gtg now.)


“Head into the edge of the trees. Make it fight us on the ground!”


“White? I thought whites LIKED the cold! Why in the nine hells would it show up NOW!?”

Amagar runs towards the edge of the forest as Digi suggests, “Let’s hope it hasn’t noticed us. We may be able to evade detection altogether if we go a ways into the forest.”


(The CFP are fairly sure they haven’t been detected, so if you wanted to avoid the encounter altogether you could try to hide in the forest.)


Raz will slip into the forest to hide, a little ways away from the rest of the party.

(How far from are we from the closest settlement? Does it seem like the Dragon is heading that way?)


(I thought I posted these rolls already, in case you needed them: Perception: 16 = 6[d20]+10, Nature: 15 = 5[d20]+10. I put Nature in there in case the Dragon was basing his flight on wind currents and if I could figure out where there might be some natural prey it might be interested in.)


Digi heads for the thickest part along the edge of the canopy, trying to find places where he is not easily visible from the air.

(Nature Check (1d20 + 3): 3 + 3 = 6)


Iris runs quickly for the cover of the trees. Once there, she shifts into a bear and digs a hole against the roots of an ancient tree just large enough for a house cat, then shifts into a small field mouse and climbs in.


The nearest settlement of any significant size is Loudwater and its about 3 leagues to the southwest. There are sporadic farms and such along the Delmbiyr Route, but it is not known how far the nearest one is.

I need Stealth checks from everyone with a +5 bonus.


1d20+5+5+5 34 = 19[d20]+5(skill) +5(skittering sneak) +5(GM)


Stealth: 17(d20) + 7 = 24


Stealth Check (1d20 + 6): 15 + 6 = 21


Without compromising his cover, Raz will ready an action to shoot it with his bow if it seems to notice us and when it is within range.


Gweena’s Stealth Roll

Roll: d20 +1 +5 14 = 8[d20]+1+5


The dragon flies overhead and spots Gweena in the trees. The dragon swoops down and attacks. (Initiative rolls)


Raz can take his readied action before rolling init. The Dragon has not seen him, so he has CA against the dragon.


(Basic Ranged Attack: 1d20 + 8: 1 + 8 = 9…evil DM not giving much love either).

(Init: 1d20 + 7: 6 + 7 = 13)


(Init: 1d20+4 9 = 5[d20]+4)


Gweena’s Init (6 + 3 + 0) = 9 » for initiative.

Khekolak’s Init (3 + 1 + 0) = 4 » for initiative.


Digi is up first at the top of round 1. Amagar is on deck.


(is the dragon on the ground?)


(assuming dragon on the ground) Digi rushes to the side of the dragon (5 sq SW) then enables the Bloodclaw power(-1HP for Digi) of his axe and enters the Macetail’s Rage.

Macetail Attack vs Reflex (1d20 + 10): 1 + 10 = 11 Damage (incl +3 for bloodclaw) (1d12 + 11): 4 + 11 = 15 Dmg on a miss = 7

Digi then howls in frustration at the drake


Before the dragon lands on the ground, Raz looses his readied arrow. The shot is high and sails past the dragon.

The dragon lands on the ground and gives a loud roar at his adversaries. Digi rushes in and swings his axe. The dragon’s thick hide deflects most of the blow, however the axe does taste a bit of flesh.


Amagar is up. Raz is on deck.


Amagar jumps out of the brush and moves towards the dragon, not being able to do much good from where he’s at. When he gets close, he breaks into a full run and charges head first into the beast.

Attack: 8(d20) +11 = 19 vs. AC
Damage: 6(d6) +7 = 13


Amagar plunges his sword into the dragons chest and the dragon howls in pain.

Raz ia up. Gweena is on deck.


Raz focuses on the dragon to look for any weaknesses in its defense (Minor: Quarry) and looks around for a place to gain superior cover. If he can get superior cover near where he is at, he will move or shift (as part of a nimble strike) into it (stealth: 14 = 4[d20]+10 ) and hide. If he knows he is not hidden, he will attack with his bow. If he is hidden, he will sneak attack with his dagger. If hidden he will pop out and attack from where he is at (move or shift (part of nimble strike), draw his dagger (free action) and attack (Nimble strike: 21 = 9[d20]+9+2(CA) ). If that hits, dmg : 18 = 2[d4]+5 +5 (quarry) +6 (sneak attack).

If he knows he is not hidden or he cannot find superior cover nearby, he will knock and arrow and take a steady aim at the oversized lizard (Basic Range: 1d20 + 8: 16 + 8 = 24, Dmg: 15 (1d10 + 5: 8 + 5 = 13, 1d6: 2).

Screech will move 2 squares SE and 5 Squares S and gain an altitude of 30 ft. If Raz didn’t find any superior cover where he is at, then he will move 4 squares SE and try to get cover behind that tree.


(almost need a logic tree and flow chart for that Chawk… lol)


Raz shifts behind a tree and uses stealth to try to hide. He then draws his dagger and moves out from behind the tree to attack trying to gain the advantage. As Raz lets his dagger loose he sees that the dragon has noticed him and is able to react to Raz’ attack (Raz can’t know if he’s hidden or not. Its his best guess and in this case the dragon’s passive perception beat the Stealth roll). The dagger tears through the dragon’s wing and once again it howls in pain (Raz’ dagger attack did 12 dmg).


Gweena is up. Iris is on deck.


Gwenna moves a little closer to the dragon to get withing range (1 sq s). She holds her holy symbol high and asks for Chauntea’s aid as she directs a ray of light towards the dragon (lance of faith 15 = 9[d20]+4+2; dam 9 = 6[d20]+2+1) and sends a power bonus (+2) to Iris.


The dragon twists its body and dodges the ray of light.

Iris is up, Khekolak is on deck.


Iris returns to her humanoid form as she removes herself from her self-made bolthole, then moves quickly on towards the Dragon

Minor: Wild Shape to Humanoid form and shif 1sq SE.
Move: Move 7sq SE.
Standard: Storm Bolt

Attack: 1d20+6: CRIT =[20]d20+6
Damage: 1d8+6: 14 =[8]d8+6

Google Chrome+Obsidian Portal == CRIT!


The dragon howls in pain as the storm bolt burns a hole in its wing.

The dragon howls again, but this time you feel its frightful presence, filling you with doubt and fear.

Frightful Prsesence: If hit, then the target is stunned until the end of the dragon’s next turn and has a aftereffect of the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).

Gweena – Rolled 24 vs. Will
Screech – Rolled 23 vs. Will
Amagar – Rolled 13 vs. Will
Digi – Rolled 19 vs. Will
Iris – Rolled 5 vs. Will

The dragon then takes a deep breath (spending action point) and lets loose his breath weapon.

Breath Weapon: if hit, then the target is slowed and weakened.

Amagar – Rolled 24 vs. Reflex 12 cold damage
Gweena – Rolled 26 vs. Reflex Crit: 22 cold damage

The dragon then takes flight, moving to 15 ft. (3 squares) above the ground and flying off to the NW


Digi is up at the top of rnd 2, however he is stunned until the end of the Dragon’s next turn so can’t take actions.

Amagar is up, and is stunned also. However he is slowed and weakend, therefore he can make a save to end both.

Raz is on deck.


( Saving Throw: 14(d20) )


Raz is up. Gweena is on deck.


Raz will move to the east 1 square to get hidden: (Stealth: 1d20 + 10: 16 + 10 = 26. Can I fire from the superior cover or do I have to step out?) Then takes a Nimble strike at the dragon with the bow (Att: 1d20 + 7 + 2: 17 + 7 + 2= 26, Dmg: 11 = 1d10 + 5 1d6= 3 + 5 + 3. Then shifts 1 square S and tries to remain hidden if he didn’t have to step out: (Stealth: 1d20 + 10: 14 + 10 = 24).

(Do I have an action point? I have one on my character sheet and just wanted to make sure I didn’t spend it last encounter and not record it.)


(You can’t fire from superior cover, unless its an arrow slit (murder hole) or something like that. You don’t have to step out from behind the tree, but you’ll have just cover (-2) from the dragon’s current position.)

Raz looses an arrow and the dragon never see’s it coming. The arrow plunges itself deep into the creatures chest.

(Raz has 1 AP)


Gweena is up. Iris is on Deck.

Gweena stands with her mouth agape (stunned, no actions until the end of the dragon’s turn), her muscles frozen with fear from the dragon’s frightful presence.

(Just make a saving throw for Gweena’s weakened and slowed conditions.)


Iris is up. Khekolak is on deck.


Iris stays right where she is, concentrating on the Dragon as she tries to outline it in purple fire.

Move: None
Minor: None
Standard: Faerie Fire

Attack: ((19)1d20+6: 25)vs Will
Hit: The target is slowed and grants combat advantage (save ends both).
Aftereffect: 3d6 (11 = 4[d6]+4[d6]+3[d6]) + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
Miss: 1d6(3*) + Wisdom modifier(6*) radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.


The dragon lights up in purple fire, guiding attacks and slowing the creature.

The dragon turns to face gweena, dropping in elevation to 2 squares above ground level (move 2 squares). It then dives on gweena trying to bite her (charge).

Gweena – Rolled 18 vs. AC 5 cold damage

Saving Throw: Rolled 18
Overcoming Slowed & CA

The purple flame sears the dragon’s flesh (dragon takes 11 damage and is going to grant CA until the end of Iris’ next turn).

CFP members shake off the effects of being stunned.


Digi is up at the top of rnd 3. Amagar is on deck.

(The dragon is at an elevation of 2 squares. Everyone else is on the ground, so your going to need a reach 2 weapon or a ranged attack to attack him.)


Digi attempts to bring the dragon to earth

Minor Action: Stow his Axe Move Action: Jump using Tigers leap Ability Standard Action: Grab the Dragons Wing to pull him to earth.

Athletics check for jump (1d20 + 19): 7 + 19 = 26 Strength Vs Reflex for Grab (1d20 + 10): 20 + 10 = 30


(try again with formatting fixed)
Digi attempts to bring the dragon to earth

Minor Action: Stow his Axe
Move Action: Jump using Tigers leap Ability
Standard Action: Grab the Dragons Wing to pull him to earth.

Athletics check for jump (1d20 + 19): 7 + 19 = 26
Strength Vs Reflex for Grab (1d20 + 10): 20 + 10 = 30


Digi uses his Powerful Athlete racial feature and re-rolls his Athletics check.
Athletics check for jump (1d20 + 19): 17 + 19 = 36


Digi moves up to the dragon and leaps up, reaching for its wing. Digi’s hand reaches the dragon’s wing and with the goliath’s massive strength, he’s able to pull himself up and bear hug the wing. The dragon, no longer having the use of the wing, plummets to the earth, both him and Digi landing prone. Digi still has a firm hold on the dragon.

Falling Damage 3 pnts.


Amagar is up. Raz is on Deck.

The Dragon is giving CA from Iris’ Faerie Fire and from being prone (Don’t stack). and it gets a +2 to all Defenses against ranged attack from nonadjacent enemies.


Amagar overcomes the initial shock of doing battle with a dragon and moves over to the creature’s head once again easily within reach. He then delivers two swift strokes to the creature’s head with his swords.

Move: N, NW
Standard: Dual Strike
Lifedrinker: 10(d20) +12 = 22 vs. AC, 3(d6) +3 = 6 damage
Mundane: 17(d20) +11 = 28 vs. AC, 2(d6) +2 = 4 damage
Mark the dragon.


The dragon writhes and rolls trying to break free of the goliath’s grasp. Amagar approaches unchallenged, both his swords finding its mark.

Raz is up. Gweena is on deck.


Raz takes steady aim and lets an arrow fly (Range Attack: 1d20 + 8: 20 + 8 = 28. CRIT! Dmg: 21 (15 max + 6 (1d6). Nice, got crit then rolled max on HQ.) With a sense of urgency to attack while the dragon is down, he quickly knocks another arrow and lets it fly (Spend AP, Basic Range: 1d20 + 8: 12 + 8 = 20, Dmg: 11 (2(1d10) + 5 + 4(1d6))). Then will move 1 square S to dive into cover (Stealth: 1d20 + 10: 7 + 10 = 17).


(Strokes, up is north and the Dragon came out of the west, right?)

Screech will fly up 2 squares while moving SW and W to be two squares E of Iris.


(The west, thats correct Chawk)

Raz looses two arrows in succession and both find their mark. The dragon howls in pain as it appears to be hurt badly.

Gweena is up. Iris is on deck.


Alarmed at her weakened state, Gwenna uses a healing word on herself ( 17: healing surge (+7) + 10 = 6[d6]+4). She then grabs her scythe from her side (two minor actions completed) and swings at the dragon (20 = 14[d20]+4+2; dam: 14 = 3[d4]+1[d4]+4[d4]+3[d4]+2+1). Gwenna spends another healing surge for another 11 hit points.


Gweena’s Healing Word bursts out filling Gweena, Digi, Amagar and Raz with Chauntea’s divine warmth (Spend a healing surge and regain an additional 10 HPs).

Gweena’s Scythe then cuts deep into the dragons neck.

(Gweena can’t just spend a healing surge. You have to use some power, consumable, or use your second wind to surge. Do you want to use Gweena’s Second Wind?)


Iris is up. Khekolak is on deck.


((sorry didn’t identify that scythe attack was Healing Strike… is marked until end of my next turn. In addition me or one ally within 5 sq can spend healing surge.))


(Also want to point out Gwenna used Healing Word… so she’s the only one who can regain HP from that.. Not her, Digi, Amagar, and Raz. Her Healing Strike could heal someone else, though. But she’s really the only one who needed healing at this point? Not counting the poor confused Dragon..)

Iris shifts into the visage of the Primal Beast once more, then moves NW a ways before charging in at the Dragon, leaping at it with her claws extended and fangs bared.

Minor:Wild Shape
Move:NW 3 squares, N 3 squares
Standard: Charge (Grasping Claws can be used as a Melee Basic Attack)
Attack: 1d20+8: 24 = 16[d20]+8
Damage: 11 = 6[d8]+5

(Thanks for pointing that out Sam, not sure what is was thinking. I’ve Amagar and Digi back to their respective HPs I believe.)

Iris charges and tears into the dragons back side. It howls and screams from the beating its taking.


Khekolak stands up from prone and tries to break free of Digi’s Grab.

Escape vs. Reflex
Acrobatics: Rolled 6

Frustrated from having to wrestle a goliath he focuses his breath weapon on the creature hanging from his wing.

Bloodied Breath: The dragon’s breath weapon recharges, and the dragon uses it immediately.
Digi – Rolled 23 vs. Reflex – 15 Cold damage


There may be some OAs for that attack, and Gweena had the creature marked so that’s an attack there before the breath weapon attack.


Digi is up at the top of rnd 4. Amagar is on deck.


(Gwenna’s not a Fighter… And the Dragon is slowed until the end of Iris’ turn, btw)


(I stand corrected, thanks Sam, however the dragon’s area attack does provoke OAs from adjacent PCs, in which case Gweena, Iris, Amagar, and even Digi (melee unarmed) can take advantage of.)


(as long as Digi does not have to let go to attack, here is the OA best guess at attack mod)

Digi squeezes harder on the dragons wing, trying to break bones, or dislocate joints.

Unarmed melee (1d20 + 6): 9 + 6 = 15
Dmg (1d4 + 5): 4 + 5 = 9


(would like to see results of OAs before committing to my turn)


(I apologize, I misinterpreted the rules on this. Only Ranged and Area attacks provoke OA’s. The dragon’s breath weapon is a close blast so it doesn’t provoke. I’m going to have to disregard your OA Digi.)


(NP Strokes. just following the post at 10:33 :) now i am going to read real-quick the rules regarding letting go and re-equipping my axe)


Digi stands, and delivers a pressing strike on the dragon.

Free Action: release the dragon
Move Action: Stand
Minor Action: Equip Bloodclaw Axe
Standard Action: Pressing Strike (use bloodclaw to sacrifice 1HP for +3 Dmg)
(Pressing Strike allows shift of 2 squares before attack > move west(2)to gain CA across from Gwenna)

Pressing Attack (1d20 + 10): 20 + 10 = 30 crit
Dmg incl bloodclaw (1d12 + 11): -8 + 11 = 19
12 + 11 = 33
Bonus Dmg from rage (1d6): 5
Total Damage 38 HP

Digi screams in triumph and satisfaction as he feels his axe bite deep.

(class Feature: Rampage—Once per round, when you score a critical hit with a barbarian attack power, you can immediately make a melee basic attack as a free action)
(again Digi sacrifices his own blood for +3 Dmg)

Melee basic (incl CA) (1d20 + 12): 8 + 12 = 20
Dmg incl bloodclaw (1d12 + 11): 7 + 11 = 18


(Drat! foiled by textile formatting :( )
(also Digi gets 5 temp HP for each successful hit as part of his rage)


Amagar again lays into the dragon with his blades, hoping to end this fight:

Standard: Dual Strike
Lifedrinker: 4(d20) +13 = 17 vs. AC, 1(d6) +3 = 4 damage
Mundane: 17(d20) +12 = 29 vs. AC, 4(d6) +2 = 6 damage


Amagar then taunts the dragon, trying to draw it’s attention away from Gwenna.


After Amagar’s attack the dragon drops dead. The CFP are able to pry 100 gp from the dragons belly scales.


(Um…Digi…I think something is wrong with your calculator! As if the barbie doesn’t do enough damage LOL!)


Digi looks on at the dead drake, then back to his companions, “WHEAAGHOOO! Oh yeah! What a ride! Hey Raz, you think we can find a tame one of these, and make it part of our show? Maybe you can even do a cartwheel or handspring off it’s back right before we crash it to the ground?”

“I think i need me a sooo-vay-neer of this one.” The goliath then looks at the claws and picks the best shaped, and largest one, then chops it free from the corpse. “Going to have to get a silver chain to put this on”


Noticing the gold in the belly scales, “looks like he has been sleeping on a hoard. Any chance we might be able to figure out where he came from?”


As Digi ponders where the location white dragon’s lair may lie, he remembers (passive Nature check on natural monster knowledge) that although white dragons are highly adaptable, they prefer to dwell in cold places such as glacial rifts, cold mountain peaks, and icy caves linked to the Elemental Chaos.

Digi looks to the east and sees the high snowy peaks of the Graypeak Mountains. Wasn’t the dragon coming from that direction when they first saw it? Perhaps it was attracted to the Gray Vale by its unnatural weather which was only recently returned to normal?


Iris follows Digi’s gaze, shaking her head at the idea she assumed was forming in his mind. They needed to get back to town and rest, first and foremost, then they could consider raiding the Dragon’s lair.


Amagar follows where Digi is looking. “Yeah, that’s where the dragon came from. You think it’s lair is in the Graypeaks? Maybe, but I doubt we’ll be the first to scavenge it.”


“Maybe Curuvar knows something of this…. and even if we are not first, a dragons hoard will not disappear in one day… lets get a warm meal, a warm bed, then ask him… besides we have some books for him and they are not getting any lighter.”


After saying a prayer of gratitude, Gwenna looks at Digi with new respect “Thank you Digi. Methinks that your courageous leap onto the dragon’s back saved my life. I will certainly ask for Chauntea’s blessings for you. Now, I too am ready for a soft bed and a tasty meal.”


Even Iris, her primal form having settled again on that of a tiger, ‘voices’ her agreement with rest and food.


Amagar looks nervously at the Graypeak Mountains before following along with the rest of the party towards town.


“Digi, it would be great if we could one like this for the circus, but I imagine it would be pretty difficult…however, if we were to find its lair, maybe there would be an egg, and then we could raise it to be our friend and help entertain!”

“We’ve got get this circus going, but there seems like there is never time. Guess we’re going back for now and then maybe we can get it going. Besides, we don’t want to keep Amagar’s girlfriend waiting…he he”

strokes strokes

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