Beastmaster Rapter Ranger

Str 10 +0
Con 13 +1
Dex 20 +5
Int 10 +0
Wis 15 +2
Cha 08 -1
Class: Ranger Level: 3 Exp: 2250
Path: Alignment: Good
Destiny: Deity: Corellon

Physical Description: Melieraz or Raz is a somewhat goofy looking elf. He has slightly bigger nose and ears than most elves, but not grotesquely so, and green eyes. The hair on his head falls loosely past his shoulders and is a dirty blond color.

All of Raz’s equipment is worn but serviceable. Not a matching set by any means, with most of it coming from surplas supplies he could scavenge from the Daleland militia. Tucked into his belt are two daggers and his bow is usually slung across his back. He is 5’10" and 150 lbs.

For the most part, he has a cheery disposition but can concentrate intensely when his bow is at the ready. Often he can be found staring intently into the faces of elderly elves he may meet.

Acrobatics x +10
Arcana _ +1
Athletics x +7
Bluff _ 0
Diplomacy _ 0
Dungeoneering _ +3
Endurance _ +1
Heal _ +3
History _ +1
Insight _ +3
Intimidate _ 0
Nature x +10
Perception x +10
Religion _ +1
Stealth x +10
Streetwise _ 0
Thievery x 10
Health 35/35 Bloodied 18
Surges 7/7 Surge Value 9
Temp HP 0 Action Points 1

Race Features:
* +2 Dex, Wis
* +2 Nature, Perception
* Elven Accuracy
* Wild Step
* Group Awareness

Class Features:
* Hunter’s Quarry
* Beast Companion (Raptor), Name: Screech, HP: 14/24, 2/2 surges, AC: 15, Fort: 11, Ref: 15, Will: 13, Move: 2 & Fly 7 (Hover), Att: Claw, 7 vs Ac, dmg 1d64, Skill: Perception +7, low light vision

* Sneak of Shadows
* Quick Draw

* Common
* Elven

Init +7
AC 20
Fort 14
Ref 18
Will 14
Save Mods:
- None
Speed 7
Special Move:
Wild Step
Passive Senses
Insight 12
Perception 19
Special Senses:
At-Will Powers
Hunter’s Teamwork +8 vs. AC 1d10+5 damage and CA if 2 Allies adj to enemy.
Nimble Strike +8 vs. AC 1d10+5 damage and shift 1 sq. before or after
Encounter Powers
Elven Accuracy Reroll an attack roll
Evasive Strike +8 vs. AC shift 1 + Wis Mod sq., 2d10+5 damage
Thundertusk Boar Stike +8 vs. AC 2 att, shift 1 each or if both hit, shift 1 + Wis Mod sq., 1d10+5 damage
Daily Powers
Hunter’s Bear Trap +8 vs. AC 2d10+5 damage, target is slowed, ongoing 5 damage
Shift 3 Squares Move Action Can shift through enemy.
Hunter’s Privilege No Action Trigger: Initiative is highest. Effect: +3 Dmg on Hunter’s Quarry.
Raise Animal Companion (4 hours)
2 Rebound Longbow(4, 1d10+2, 20/40) 3 RHand
Arrows (65/78) 6 Quiver
2 Daggers(+3, 1d4, 5/10) 2 Belt
+1 Serpskn Hide 25 Worn
1 Distance Dagger (4, 1d4+1, 10/15) 1 Worn
+1 Cape of Mountebank (when hit, teleport 5, gain CA
Clothing 5 Worn
Backpack 2
Bedroll 5
Rations (10 days) 10
Hemp Rope (50’) 10
Sunrods (0) 0
Water skin 4
Belt Pouch 0.5
Flint and Steel
Thieves Tools 1
Climbers Kit 11
Torches (5) 5
Gold (261), SP (0)
Total Weight 89 100
Region Dalelands
+1 Init
Reroll Nature Check
Background Artisan
+2 to Athletics

Before Melieraz was born, his father, Orlandis, was a very successful merchant, enabling trade between the good fey of Myth Drannor and the humans on watching the hostile Sembia border. He settled down in a convenient middle point in the town Ashabenford to manage the business. Orlandis’s first son Latharian, started his own trading business head quartered it in Myth Drannor. The two had many successful joint ventures.

But Orlandis’s good fortune came to an end. He borrowed heavily from several wealthy families in Myth Drannor, including Latharian, to purchase a large stockpile of weapons to transport them to the southern Dalelands. In addition, he hired a human mercenary company to protect the caravan as it headed south through the dangerous woods.

The caravan came to a point in the road where it was blocked with trees and boulders and had to stop. The men began the task of clearing the debris and other parties started to line up at the blockage, including a train of prominent Eladrin diplomats. When night fell, the blockage was not yet cleared and all parties had to make camp.

Then a company of drow and daemonfey ambushed the caravan, seeking the weapons. The human mercenaries panicked and with their repeating crossbows and, with their poor vision, fired indiscriminately, killing many of the Eldarin diplomats and not many of the enemies. The road travelers had to retreat, loosing the entire caravan.

The fallout for Orlandis was tremendous. He could not pay the debts incurred or borrow more to start another caravan. Latharian also lost money and turned bitter towards his father and refused to help. Orlandis’s reputation was sundered due the deaths of diplomats. Those families will not forget the deaths they blame him for.

As a result, Orlandis and his wife, Nemoriel, stayed in Ashabenford to eek out a living as best they could. Though not skilled, he opened a small shop to cure animal hides and make simple repairs. Into this circumstance was Raz born. His birth was a little surprising given the age of his parents. As Raz matured, he helped with the arduous task of preparing hides for tanning.

Raz was to know only the life of poverty among the mostly human city of Ashabenford. But some of his most enjoyable times were taking long excursions into the woods with his father. When he became old enough, he would go into the woods alone or with some of his friends.

During his adolescence, the inhabitants of the Dalelands organized a large, at least for the area, army to push back the foul humanoids making incursions into northeastern Dalelands. Raz’s family followed the army to provide what simple services they could to the soldiers. Around the camp fires, Raz heard stories and jokes that helped him keep a lighter heart in his dark times.

Raz was befriended by one of the few elves in the army, Tharis. The kindly elf took Raz on scouting trips, taught him to use the bow and the survival secrets of the Ranger. Upon returning from one such trip, Raz made a disturbing discovery. His mother and father seemingly disappeared from the tent they had set up as their temporary home. There were signs of a brief struggle, but that was all. What happened to them, he could not tell. He was devastated. Impulsively, he ran into the forest outside the tent to search for them. In his blaze of grief and irrationality, he became lost in the woods.

In such a state, he stubbled upon a rabbit snare. In addition to a rabbit, a falcon was entangled in the snare, apparently trying to collects its prey at the same time it ran into the snare. Raz approached the bird carefully and began to untangle the falcon. It was in this state of grief that a selfless act of kindness to one of nature’s creatures triggered a new awareness. He and the falcon’s spirits were opened and they made a bond of friendship.

The falcon, Screech, helped Raz find his way out of the forest and back to the camp. They were never far from one another again.

Raz sought out Tharis and was taken under the good ranger’s care. Tharis continued teaching him the ways of the Ranger. After a few years, there was still no clue as to what fate befell his parents, but he always held out hope they were still alive. Oft times he would sneak into the forest and remain unseen to the dangers therein to look for clues. Was it the evil humanoids of the forest that kidnapped them? Or was it a dark hearted eladrin or elf exacting payment of a debt in some unthinkable manner? He still did not know.

One day, Tharis took him into the woods and they sought secluded spot to have a long talk. They talked of all the happenings in his short life and his future prospects. Finally Tharis came to a decision. Raz had progressed in his skills and should now strike out on his own. “Not only search the forest, but the whole world for your parents, Raz. It is time for you to leave the Dalelands.” Unexpectedly, Tharis produced a bag of coins to help Raz begin his journey.

With this, Raz gathered his meager belongings and with his raptor friend, began the search that still consumes him to this day.

Hunter’s Teamwork:
You use a nearby ally to gain advantage with your attack.
At-Will Martial, Weapon Standard Action Ranged weapon.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC. If two or more allies are adjacent to the target, you gain combat advantage against the target with the attack.
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. Increase damage to 2[W] + Dexterity modifier at 21st level.
First published in PH Heroes: Series 1.


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