strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Barrow of the Ogre King: Raid on Loudwater
MT Session 1.1 - Game Recap & Falling Action

Adventure Record

PbP Start Date: 6/14/2009.

MT Session Date: 6/27/2009, 9:00 PM

Adventure Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Base Location: The Town of Loudwater, Gray Vale

Adventure Module: The Barrow of the Ogre King

Session Number: 1.1

Pregame Notes

  • Build PC Tokens
  • Choose unique halos and chat color
  • Talk about macros


Morning of Ches 19, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One… The beginnings of a seemingly heroic adventuring party form at the Green Tankard Tavern…

Amagar Morgata, dark wander of the Gray Vale, is a tiefling fighter seemingly more interested in the chink of coin than altruism. The devoted Iris from the Moonshae Isles is a razorclaw shifter druid of Silvanus who has been sent to Loudwater by her grove to help protect the Gray Vale’s goodfolk from the dangers lurking within Grayvale. Melieraz, an elven beastmaster raptor ranger, and his beast companion Screech, intently driven to help the goodfolk of Loudwater find their missing children. The vain Digi, a goliath barbarian hailing from the mountainous heights of the North Wall, seems only interested in his golden locks and possesses a knack for finding trouble. And finally, the mousy Gweena, a devoted cleric of Chauntea, who carries a bag of seeds to sow her faith amongst the goodfolk of the vale.

Goblin’s blow the South wall and swarm into the square. The Circus Freak Patrol are spurred into action as the cries of help from Loudwater’s goodfolk are almost too much to bear.

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale

Town\Area: Loudwater’s South Square (Area 2)

Building\Level: N/A

Module Location Number: Raid on Loudwater

Campaign Date: Ches 19 (Spring Equinox), 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One.

Time: Morning

Weather Condition: 14 F, None, Partial low white clouds, Wind 15 mph

Other Information: N/A

Last Major Events

MT Session

  • Goblins blow the South wall, swarming into the square and killing mercilessly.
  • They head for Garwan’s Curiosities, breaking the window and taking the items on display.
  • The CFP fight back and the remaining three goblins, knowing they have been bested, throw down their arms in surrender, hoping their lives will be spared.

Last Minor Events


  • The Adventuring party forms at the green tankard. Melieraz gives the party the moniker “Circus Freak Patrol or CFP”.
  • Marsh Laval, proprietor of the Tankard, is introduced.
  • Marsh mentions the name “Ana”, referring to her in a made up story about Curuvar the Brazen. Ana works for Marsh at the Tankard.
  • Sunsteen Urbeth is introduced and expresses a general interest in the adventuring party.
  • Curuvar The Brazen, Loudwater’s resident wizard, is introduced and gives the Minor Quest of returning the Skull Totem to him.
  • Iris meets Brother Griffon.
  • Sunsteen’s withered leg becomes wreathed in blue flame, after he is knocked to the floor from the concussive blast.

Other Information

XP Awarded

  • 600 XP Total/120 per PC
Barrow of the Ogre King: An Adventuring Party Forms
Ches (The Claw of Sunsets) 19, 1479 DR, the Year of the Ageless One

Dawn of the Spring Equinox…

You stir from your night’s rest, awakened by a combination of the savory smell of frying bacon wafting from the kitchen downstairs and a halfling’s boisterous laugh emanating from the commons below.

Marsh Laval, the Green Tankard’s Proprietor, is an early riser and expects the same from his patrons. He’s obviously telling one of his infamous stories again, and your sure it’s at the expense of prompt service.

A moderate wind howls from outside gently rattling your room’s only window. The window is foggy and snow hangs upon it, desperately clinging to the panes as if it had a life of its own. Low white snow clouds hang above the frontier town of Loudwater like a frown upon a sullen face. Diffusing the sun’s warming light, they show no signs of burning off.

Its going to be a cold day and no amount of layering is going keep the last of winter’s tail from lashing out.


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