Character Creation

What You’ll Need

In order to create a character for a strokesRPG game you’ll need the following:
  • A Player’s Handbook
  • A Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • Any other player resources you want (see below).
  • This guide.

Creating a New Character

Creating a character for a strokesRPG game is very similar to creating a character for any other D&D game. In fact, if you follow the character creation rules in the Player’s Handbook, you’ll be pretty much set. However, there are some decisions that I’m going to make about character creation, and this guide tells you what is official for strokesRPG in these circumstances. If a specific situation is not covered by this guide, use the Player’s Handbook as the default reference.

  • All characters start at 1st level unless otherwise specified.
  • Ability scores are never rolled. Use Method 1 or 2 (Player’s Handbook, pages 17-18) to generate ability scores for your character.
  • Starting characters must purchase equipment that is from a player resource. Each character starts out with 100 gp.
  • First choose your character’s Primary Background. Choose one of the regions found in the backgrounds chapter of the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide; it’s the place where they hail from, might define personality or looks, and gives them a small game benefit. Next choose a secondary background from either the PHB2, Arcane Power or Dragon #373, and select one of the following secondary background benefits:
    • Gain a +2 bonus to checks with a skill associated with your background.
    • Add a skill associated with your background to your class skills list before you choose your trained skills.
    • Choose one language connected to your background. You can speak, read, and write that language fluently.
  • Using your character background as a inspiration, create a history for your character. Character history should be a minimum of one paragraph in length and should include:
    1. Influential or otherwise interesting people your character knows, whether they are enemies, allies, or just casual acquaintances. If they know the dog-faced boy of a travelling circus, or the leader of a rebellion somewhere, these can be turned easily into adventures when they suddenly show up needing help with something. This seems much more realistic than someone showing up who the GM says is an old acquaintance. Would you rather help your best friend from high school, or someone your parents say baby-sat you back when your main activities were sleeping, eating and drooling? The same principle applies to characters in a role-playing game. ## Important events of your character’s past. If parents or any other close relatives died when the character was young, this might have an effect on their personality. If your character moved a lot, or was given up for adoption, or beaten, or ignored, or loved more than her siblings, it would have some impact on their psyche. Whether this impact was positive or negative is up to you to decide.
    2. What your character did that got them to where they are now. What jobs did your character hold in the past? What caused them to go into the line of work they are now in? Was it the excitement? the money? the prestige? Or was it the prompting of parents or peers? Revenge for some wrongdoing? Or maybe just an inborn sense that this is what fate requires? Perhaps a combination of these or other factors.
  • Select a deity for your character, if applicable. See the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide or Player’s Guide for a list of deities available in the Realms. A character who has chosen a deity can be brought back from the dead by all the normal methods, provided the character is willing to return. The process is somewhat more difficult for a character who did not choose a deity in life. Please see Homebrew Rule Patron Deities and the Dead.

Player Resources

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Player’s Handbook 2
  • Adventurer’s Vault
  • Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Arcane Power
  • Martial Power
  • Divine Power
  • Primal Power
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  • Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • Dragon Magazine 367, 368, 370, 371, 373, 378 (Forgotten Realms Domains), 379, 380.

If there’s something specific your looking for and is not on the list, please ask. Also note that monstrous races will not be allowed.

This list will be updated as new material comes out.

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