strokesRPG: Gray Vale

Menace of the Icy Spire: The Spirit of Winter

The CFP battle ice warriors, overcome Draigdurroch's traps, and battle the spirit of winter.

PbP Start Date: 10/25/09
MT Session Date: 10/24/09
Adventure Date: Second-day, Tarsakh (The Claw of Storms) 2, 1479 DR
Base Location: Town of Loudwater
Adventure Module: Menace of the Icy Spire
Session Number: 2.3

Pregame Notes

  • Using MT b60


Sunset, Second-day, Tarsakh (Claw of Storms) 2, 1479, the Year of the Ageless One…

The CFP continue their battle with the denizens of the Elemental Chaos. With most of the ice warriors firmly rooted on the second floor, they send down their icy attacks through the atrium while shardling minions use the frozen blue flame within the first and second floor fireplaces as portals into the tower. With the CFP taking more than their fair share of the licks, they finally battle their way to the second floor. The ice warriors soon fall, and the portals are destroyed.

The CFP take a long rest replenishing their resources, and through Amagar’s study of magic, discover a floating disk to the third floor. The CFP discover Draigdurroch’s extensive library, master quarters, and study on the third floor. With an extensive search they find Draigdurroch’s research notes on a new Dark Pact devoted to Asmodeus, fueled by the long dead deity Karsus. They also discover several of Draigdurroch’s ritual books.

Amagar discover’s another floating disk which takes the CFP to the Roof. On the roof the CFP find the Frost Gem marked with primordial scratchings, which has corrupted the gems magic. When the gem is molested the spirit of winter comes forth and attacks the CFP in hopes of protecting the gem. A battle ensues and the CFP destroy both the spirit of winter and the frost gem, releasing both Draigdurroch’s tower and the Gray Vale from its icy cocoon.

Welcome to Menace of the Icy Spire, Session 2.3…

Closing Location Details

Nation: Gray Vale
Town/Area: Dire Wood
Building/Level: Draigdurroch Tower
Module Location Number: Draigdurroch Tower
Time: Moondark
Weather Condition: 34 F, None, Partial low white clouds, Wind 4 mph
Other Information:

Character Situation/Location

Amagar At Rest
Digi At Rest
Gweena At Rest
Iris At Rest
Melieraz At Rest
Screech At Rest

Last Major Events

  • Tower Guardians Encounter
    • 625 XP / 5 PCs = 125 XP ea.
  • Ice Warriors Encounter
    • 1075 XP/ 5 PCs = 215 XP ea.
  • Treasure
    • Cape of the Mountebank
    • ritual book containing the following rituals: Last Sight Vision, Skull Watch, Arcane Lock, & Delay Affliction.
    • 210 gp worth of miscellaneous alchemical and ritual components
    • delicate sculpture made of crystal depicting Asmodeus. worth 260 gold pieces
  • Flame Jet Trap
    • 125 XP / 5 PCs = 25 XP ea.
  • Glyph of Warding Trap
    • 125 XP / 5 PCs = 25 XP ea.
  • Spirit of Winter Encounter
    • 750 XP / 5 PCs = 150 XP ea.

Last Minor Events

Other Information

  • Iris’ Endure Elements Ritual ends in 5.5 hours


With the destruction of the frost gem and the spirit of winter the dark clouds which once hung heavy in the sky clear, revealing an almost full Selune. Partial low white clouds can now be seen and a light cool breeze from the east can be felt gently upon the face.

From this vantage point, the CFP look out upon the Dire Wood and the mountain range beyond. Selune’s caressing moonlight glistens of the freshly fallen snow and brings thoughts of a long dead deity, a dark pact, and of the fey who originally placed the protective seals upon the tower.


Iris searches around where the gem shattered, wanting to collect as many of it’s shards as she can find.


Iris is able to collect about a belt pouch full of sapphire fragments.


Raz will conduct a careful general search of the roof. (Perception 19 = 9[d20]+10)

(How many rounds was the battle with the spirit of winter? I need to keep track of how many arrows I spend a little better. Thx)


Raz says “This looks like a good place for a long rest under the moonlight.” Then makes ready his bedroll after the watch order is established.


Iris stores the fragments in her backpack, then when Raz mentions resting under the moonlight Iris nods in agreement, beginning to set out her supplies herself this time instead of casting her ritual. She as more than happy to rest under the stars.. it was better than sleeping in a building at any rate.


Digi carefully retrieves the rope he used to tie himself off to the pedestal carefully removing the knots and kinks then coiling it back into his pack. he then cleans his axe and tends to his gear. watching with interest the activities of the others, he begins to ponder the course of his life to this point and what the immediate future holds. after a while a sense of contentment washes over him and the Goliath grins to himself. his new found friends have proven themselves a good match and been tested in battle. all seems right with the world. he has even managed to find a passable brush and comb. he contentedly watches the stars as he tends to his hair – carefully working out the myriad tangles that the days exertions have caused.

“What a view. It has been far too long since last I enjoyed the moonlight on the forest”


After getting her things situated, Iris notices Digi hard at work tending to his hair and walks over, motioning to his brush and pantomiming an offer to help him get the harder to reach tangles.


(The battle with the spirit of winter went 6 rounds.)

Raz’s searches the rooftop and finds nothing.

After the watch order is established, the CFP settle down for a much needed rest (7.5 hours) and then wake mid-morning.


After the good nights rest, Raz looks out to the surrounding woods and the mountains in the distance and is feeling comfortable. Very comfortable. He then goes down into the tower to look it over after the big thaw. He’ll search all rooms again for anything interesting that they may have missed due to the ice (Perception 15 = 5[d20]+10.)

He starts a fire in the kitchen area to warm up some water for some tea. If there is no serviceable wood handy, he’ll go out and find some. Reasoning there might be some unspoiled food since it has likely been frozen all this while, he searches the kitchen, especially hoping there may be some herbs and spiced.

While the tea is warming up, he and Screech will go out for a short hunt for a rabbit or some other medium to small game for a fresh lunch for him and the rest of the CFP (Perception 30 = 20[d20]+10, Nature 28 = 18[d20]+10.) While out, he hopes to see the fey neighbors to converse about what has happened in the tower. As he hunts and has some time to himself, he gets a silly grin and a crazy idea. With the crazy idea bumping around his mind, he looks over the surrounding area for any other threats or resources that could be useful for an extended stay.

He hurries back to the others and says “Look at us. 5 people with no home. How about we make this our home! It has the vast woods…” looking meaningfully to Iris, ”...Mountains…” looking to Digi,”...plenty of solitude for comtemplation…” looking to Gwenna, “and so many fire places that you would never be cold here!” looking to Amagar.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have our own place? It may take a little more work to fortify, but I’m sure it could be done. As we continue or adventuring, we are going to need someplace to put our stuff, right?”

As Raz gets rolling, his father’s merchant side comes out. “And, we are close to the road and river with Loadwater not too far either. There has got to be a quarry around here somewhere or other resources that could generate revenue so we could keep the place going when we are gone. I mean we would need something since it would be expensive to build new fortifications and what not. What about farming here? Gwenna, would this be a good area for farming? If we established this as a safe place, maybe people would settle here. Think of the possibilities!”

“What do you all think? Am I just crazy or could this work for us?”


Before Raz goes out on the hunt, he will bury the bodies of the servants caught in their undeserving hell.


Iris will join Melieraz on the hunt, again taking on the form of the timber wolf. As for the idea of settling the area that Raz proposes when they return, she shakes her head in disagreement. To her, it would be better to level the tower and remove any trace of it, not to mention that the direwood still gave her a bad feeling. What with all the petrified trees, there was just something wrong with the place.

Nature: 1d20+10 27 = 17[d20]+10 Perception: 1d20+10 26 = 16[d20]+10


The interior of the tower, like the rest of the vale has been released from its icy cocoon, and it appears it may take some time for it to thaw. The interior of the tower feels like a meat locker and the slowly melting frost which covers every surface will soon coat everything in a thin layer of dew. It becomes apparent that all the towers furniture and trappings, other than the stone devil motif, will be ruined and start to smell of mildew and mold. The tower will take some work to be habitable once again.

During Raz and Iris’ hunt they have the opportunity to explore the Dire Wood and notice the flora immediately surrounding the tower is mostly made up off a small mix of deciduous trees including Fir, Pine, and Spruce. The trees appear to be quite healthy, and teem with life. However, about a 1/4 of a mile away from the tower the trees take on a different characteristic. The trees here are a stark albino white and have no leaves as if the forest had been pasteurized of some great evil. An evil so great, that nothing, not even the good was allowed to live.

Raz and Iris both get an eerie feeling that they are being watched, although nothing living seems to stir in the white wood. Seeing that no conies will be caught here, the duo head back to the healthier wood near the tower and soon catch thier bag of conies, enough to feed the crew.


Upon returning to the tower, Iris will go about carefully checking every book she can get to, looking for anything that might be worth saving from the damage that will come as the books thaw.

(I threw out any rolls below 20 since her passive search skill is a 20 and she’s checking every book she can pull off the shelves, starting on the top floor and working down)

Perception (Floor 3): 1d20+10 25 = 15[d20]+10
Perception (Floor 2): 1d20+10 29 = 19[d20]+10
Perception (Floor 1): 1d20+10 25 = 15[d20]+10


While everyone else is occupied, Gwenna says her prayers, offering Chauntea thanks for one more safe battle. She knows she will be busy once they get back to town, blessing fields that will soon thaw and be ready for planting. When her prayers are finished she assists Iris in searching for useful books. Raz seems eager to find a home, but she knows in her heart that this is not the place.


Amagar likewise gives the books a once-over, but with a bit more of a discerning eye. He focuses his interest on books related to the fallen city of Kars, especially interested in figuring out how it fell.


Iris finds several books and notes of Draigdurroch which are worth saving, but the amount is too great. To save them from the inevitable damage from the frost she’ll have to concentrate her efforts on items specific to what Lady Moonfire and Curuvar the Brazen requested.

Amagar finds several volumes on the subject of Karsus…

Early life

Karsus was born about 3,100 years after the nation’s founding, in -696 DR.[1] He was able to cast his first spell at the age of two, and by the age of twenty-two had become the youngest arcanist to ever create his own floating city.

Gifted with magic, but lacking the necessary discipline that comes with hard work and research, he founded a school of magic on his enclave and encouraged the attendance of radical thinkers and those interested in taboo projects. One of his students, now known only as Lord Shadow, wrote a treatise on the exploration and exploitation of other planes, such as the Plane of Shadow, which garnered initial criticism but was eventually embraced as the key to an infinite source of shadow-creatures as slave laborers as well as a dumping ground for unwanted garbage.

Creation of Karsus’s Avatar

In -345 DR, Arthindol the Terraseer appeared before Karsus and stated, “Mystryl was about to face her greatest challenge – one that could alter the perception of magic for all time.”

Shouldering the responsibility for preserving his civilization, Karsus finished creating a spell, Karsus’s Avatar he had been developing for years. This spell would steal the power of a deity and transfer it to the archwizard that cast it. Karsus believed that with the power of a deity at his disposal, he could destroy the Phaerimm and unite his people. Karsus cast the spell in the 3,520th year of Netheril, -339 DR, and chose Mystryl, the goddess of magic, as his target, feeling that she was the most powerful deity and the most appropriate choice for his purposes. Karsus gained the powers over all magic.

Fall of Netheril

Unfortunately, his choice was a terrible mistake, for one of the responsibilities of the deity of magic was to regulate the flow of magic to and from all beings, spells, and magic items in the world. Lacking the experience to do so properly, magic surged and fluctuated. With her last remaining bit of power, Mystryl sacrificed herself to block Karsus’s access to the weave, causing all magic to fail. The flying cities of Netheril plummeted to the earth. The severing of the link also killed Karsus and transformed him into stone, and the last thing he saw was his entire civilization being destroyed because of his actions. This was to be known as Karsus’s Folly. The stone form of Karsus eventually landed in a part of the High Forest, now called the Dire Wood. The city of Karse was built around its base.

Far away in Illefarn Karsus’ attempt had other consequences. The death of Mystryl forced the Guardian of Illefarn, which was powered by the Weave, to turn towards the Shadow Weave for sustenance or be destroyed. As a result, the Guardian was transformed into the King of Shadows.

Final fate

Karsus was never accepted as a petitioner by any god, nor did he go to the Fugue Plane when he died. Instead, his soul was bound to the Material Plane. Those with experience in Pact magic can call up his vestige where he appears as a giant blood red boulder, like the one found in the High forest where his petrified form landed. Blood burbles up from the top of the stone, trickling down the side facing the summoner, pooling at the base. When he speaks. The pool fountains upwards, its height varying on the volume of his voice. Karsus grants the summoner a boost in magical ability, though he also imparts some of the arrogance he is reknowned for. Also, this vestige for some reason has a strange enmity with Amon.


Raz will spit the rabbits and roast them on the fire for everyone. When he gets a chance he will start hauling stuff out of the tower that will mold to prevent it from stinking up the place and mutters ”...hate to see a good tower go to waste…”


Digi looks around, startled at teh activity that has occurred while he dozed. he thanks Iris for her help combing out his hair and offers her the use of the brush set if she decides she needs them at any time. he then heads down to the smell of cooked rabbits.

“Oh boy, this is gonna really hit the spot. way to go Raz (and Iris)! this makes the whole day look good”

after a bit, he looks to Iris and asks “that dire wood doesn’t look too good does it?”


After enjoying a fresh meal, Raz sees his idea not going anywhere and says “Well, let’s head back to Loudwater and tell them what happened.”

He then gathers his things, making sure the tower door is secured as much as possible in case he wants to come back, and waits for everyone else to get ready to head out.


Saying of prayer of thanks first, then thanking Raz, Gwenna eats heartily. She feels distracted and knows that her near-death experience has affected her profoundly. She suggests that they decide which books are the most important and if each can carry a couple of books, they should be able to save a dozen or so maybe. Although Digi should be able to carry volumes. “I think we should get back to Loudwater as quickly as we can. Our job is done here and I know I can be assistance to the farmers now that the weather has cleared.”


“Loudwater sounds like a good place to be. i could sure go for some of those biscuits Marsh puts out… and some bacon… and a sausage or 2.”

when he sees Gwenna trying to salvage a few of the books, he offers to carry as many as he can.

“I never was much of one for reading, but they will make good trade goods, and someone will get some use out of them. you see any that might interest the weapons smithy?”

then looking at Amagar: “bet you cant wait to get inside by the fire with a mug of ale eh?”


“Something like that, Digi. It seems that we’ve salvaged all that there is left to this place, which would mean that it’s now time to return to Loudwater.” With that, Amagar gathers up any books that might interest Curuvar, intending to collect on this reward.


Raz will carry what books he can as the CFP head out. He will also send Screech into the air and ahead of them to scout out any possible dangers. If there are, Raz will hope to use his superior range of his weapon to hurt the enemy before they can engage with the party.


Iris nods her thanks to Digi for the offer of using his brush set and decides she’ll wait until they get back to Loudwater to take him up on it. She’d enjoyed the meal that she and Raz had hunted down together all the more for the effort put into catching it. Once they were finally ready to set out, she carried as many of the books that were important to Lady Moonfire as she could, hoping the others would be able to gather all the rest of the important ones at least, and maybe no small number of the less important ones could be carried by their Goliath friend.

You leave Draigdurroch Tower for Loudwater before Highnoon. A light drizzle falls from thin high clouds, which is typical weather for the Gray Vale during Tarsakh. You follow the Heartblood River East, hoping to catch the Delybiyr Route which will lead you back to Loudwater. About an hour into your journey, you sense you are be followed and occasionally catch glimpses of dark silhouettes of humanoid figures in the wood.


At some opportune time, Raz will try to slip into the woods undetected and use his stealth to catch a glimpse of their pursuers. When the road or trail passes very close to the woods, he will try to use the rest of the party as a shield and slip in. If it doesn’t, he will suggest the party go off trail of a little ways and ‘Rest’ near the woods and slip off. (Stealt:h 28 = 18[d20]+10) Once he slips off, he asks the party to wait about 15 minutes and then continue on the road.

Once in the woods, he will forge ahead a little ways and will try to anticipate the likely path of travel of the shadows and find a good hiding spot in some dense growth or up in a tree, and wait for sight or sound. (Perception: 26 = 16[d20]+10)


(I’m going to wait until I find out what the rest of the CFP are doing before I reply to your post Chawk)


In a low voice, Gwenna says to her companions, “maybe if we slow our pace a little, Raz can find out who is following and if they are a danger to us.” Gwenna hangs on to her holy symbol just a little tighter, aware that she may need it quickly.


Iris nods to Raz, but stays with the others, trusting that the elf would be able to find his way back to them when he got himself in trouble.. and believing with a cold certainty that he would indeed get himself into trouble that she and the others would then have to bail him out of..


Digi will keep alert, and as quiet as a goliath with his propensities can be. Digi practices thrusts and parries with his axe as he walks. periodically he will burst 4-5 strides ahead of the group and swing his axe mightily through the air – lopping of the heads of dozens of imaginary foes as he waits for the party to catch up.

“hey Gwenna… Do you think we might run into more squeakers before we get back to town?”


Raz slips into the wood seemingly undetected and finds a good hiding spot up in a stout tree ahead of his pursuers. Its not long before he catches his first real glimpse of the Eladrin who are following the CFP.

5 moon elves soon pass under Raz, 4 males and female. 2 of the males wear scale armor and carry Longswords, while the other 2 wear chainmail and carry Longbows with short swords sheathed to their sides. The female has beautiful straight long black hair and only carries a spear. She seems to be the leader of the group as she pantomimes signals to the others to follow.


When Raz sees the Eladrin, his heart jumps at the sight of his fey brothers and sisters. He fondly recalls the tales of his father of Myth Drannor and the elegance and beauty of its inhabitants and their city, wishing to travel their someday and seed out his brother, whom he has never met. He absently fingers his family medallion, a wagon wheel crossed with 2 arrows.

Once he gathers his wits about him, he tries to ascertain the intent of these moon elves. Do they seem angry, possibly over the lose of the Spirit of Winter? Perhaps they want to speak with the CFP, but are uncertain of our own disposition. (Insight: 21 = 18[d20]+3).

After trying to understand their intents, Raz will wait until they are out of eye and ear shot and make one more check of the forest for any hidden watchers (Perception: 23 = 13[d20]+10) then carefully descend the tree. Then he will make his way across the road/path to the other side, trying to keep out their presumed line of site. Then he will enter the woods just enough to keep out of sight and hurry up to the rest of the CFP.

Once he catches up to the CFP, he will try to signal them over to take another ‘Rest’ by the woods. If he can’t signal them, he will send Screech over to get their attention. Once resting, he will slip back in with the party.


Gwenna smiles fondly at Digi before answering his question, “let’s hope there is no more killing. tis the season of life now that the weather has been returned to normal.” She sees Raz in the forest and says, “let’s take a short rest.”


As the others stop to rest, Iris begins to walk around them, behaving almost like a caged animal.. She did not like waiting like this, especially when they had no idea what the intentions of their shadows were.


Digi slumps a bit in disappointment with Gwenna’s answer. “well, i suppose you are right, but stompin’ them is just so much FUN!”

as the party rests, he looks anxiously at Raz hoping for good news.

“see anything to stomp out there Raz? it has been a while since we saw any squeakers…” Digi then takes a moment to examine his hair. using his new found brush to get the locks ‘just right’ before returning his attention to hewing the imaginary foes that surround the edges of the camp…


(Chawk, to use Insight you’ll have to be engaged in a social situation.)

Raz doesn’t see any more Eladrin, other than the 5. Once they pass Raz is able to climb down the tree and catch up with the CFP. He slips back into the group as if he never left.

A moment later the Eladrin show themselves. The female with the spear, flanked by the two males with Longswords come out of the woods, approaching the CFP. The two archers take up defensive positions just inside the treeline.

The female does all the talking, “Who are you and what have you done with the Frost Gem,” she says accusingly?


As the moon elves start their dialogue, Raz is disappointed he didn’t get to put his intel to good use, seemingly taking a big risk for nothing. He then looks to Gwenna, with her soft spoken and earnest way, to win the elves over diplomatically.


(Sorry about that premie Insight check. NOW Raz tries to use insight to judge if the elves are ready to attack. (Insight: 11 = 8[d20]+3…good rolls are officially over… )


Digi stands ready. looking to see if anyone else has a better plan, then looks the elves over.

“Do you mean the one that had been perverted to cause the endless winter?”


Speaking softly and with good cheer, Gwenna starts, “g’day.” Then she introduces herself before continuing, “We have been on a quest to find the source of the unusual weather. You know,” Gwenna said in her calm manner, “planting season is important to the good people of this region. And what is your interest in this Frost Gem?” As she waits for the elves to answer, she tries to discern what motives the elves might have. (Insight: 27 = 17[d20]+10).


Raz is able to ascertain that the Eladrin are ready to attack. Although most of the Eladrin’s weapons are sheathed, sweaty hands are upon their hilts and their knuckles are white from their tense grip upon them. However, the Eladrin do seem willing to talk and the CFPs next words may make the difference between friendly relations with the fey or a battle to the death. Intimidation may not be the best approach.

(Digi, depending upon your intent with your comment, a Diplomacy or an Intimidate check is in order. You may also roll a Diplomacy check to assist Gweena with her roll.)

(I need a Diplomacy check from Gweena also.)

Gweena senses the same as what Raz has ascertained, and also determines that these fey must either be the original creators of the Frost Gem or have been charged with its upkeep and are protectors of Draigdurroch’s Tower and its secrets, which the CFP now carry with them. By their initial comment they seem to not know about the taint of the gem from the Elemental Chaos and are unaware of the dire threat it posed to the Gray Vale’s Weather. Gweena gets the feeling that the Eladrin believe the CFP destroyed the gem to loot the tower and steal Draigdurroch’s research, using it for ill purposes. The CFP must convince the Eladrin that this is not the case or fight.


(Digi was trying to offer information on the corruption as i had guessed they might not know that part…)


(That’s fine Digi, but to get them to hear you your going to have to make a Diplomacy check, and as previously stated you could use it as an assist to Gweena’s Diplomacy roll.)


I will assist Gwenna in her attempt.

Diplomacy:16 = 15[1d20]+1


Hoping to avoid a fight, Gwenna smiles at the tense elves, “we do have a story to tell if you would like to listen.” (diplomacy 16 = 8[d20]+8).


Raz tenses up a little, hoping the blood of any elf would not be shed this day.


“I’m Sariel of Cendriane (History check?),” the female eladrin riplies. “We are the ones who bound Draigdurroch Tower within it’s icy prison and are the slef appointed guardians of the Frost Gem. If you have a story to tell, we are all ears, because it appears that you are guilty as sin.”


Digi wonders to himself if the name is one he has heard in his travels (History: 9 = 8[1d20]+1) then shrugs.

“well, we are the CFP, and we were commissioned to come to the tower to see what might be the cause of the unusual weather that had (notice the past tense) gripped the area of late. Our resident arcane expert (points to Amagar) traced the disturbance to that tower back there that was cased in ice. We fought some demon statues, and then inside found some creatures from the chaos plane. They had put some crazy flames in the fireplaces, and etched something that bound a fierce spirit to the big gem on the roof. We defeated the frost creatures inside then when we looked at the roof, we were attacked by the strange spirit that came out of the gem, and when we killed it, the Gem Exploded, and the weather returned to normal…

“Then Raz (points to Raz) wanted to refurb the place and make it our new home, but it was pretty messed up inside from being locked in ice so long, so he caught us some coneys in the woods instead, then we cooked and ate them – we didnt know you were comming, so we didn’t save any.. sorry…

“Then we were heading back to Loudwater to get some better food, and warm up in a decent bed, maybe have a pint or two of ale. when we happened on you. if you want to come to Loudwater with us, you are more than welcome to… shoot, we’ll even buy the first round.”


History: 16(d20) +4 = 20

“You can buy the first round, goldilocks. That said, the big guy is right. You should be a little more gracious to the people that cleaned up your mess. The Frost Gem drew attention from icy beings of the Elemental Chaos who tried to use it to turn Loudwater into a permanent popcicle. If you were supposed to be guarding it then you did a right sorry job.”


(I’ll need Diplomacy checks from both Digi and Amagar. One check can be used to assist the other if you wish. Amagar can make an Arcana check to provide specific details about the Frost Warriors.)

Amagar recalls that Cendriane was once the most radiant city of the eladrin within the Feywild, however the city was the site of the longest and most vicious battle of the wars between eladrin and drow. Now the entire city-state is a dark, twisted forest, haunted by terrible specters. In the center of this wilderness lies Cendriane itself, a cursed ruin whose magnificent crystal towers stand silent and empty. (Amagar can use the above knowledge to say something insightful, showing empathy to the eladrin and their plight.)


(History check (1d20 + 1): 19 + 1 = 20)


(I’ll take the above roll as Digi’s Diplomacy check.)

As the eladrin listen intently to Digi’s story, the goliath shows a social grace yet to be witnessed by the CFP. As Digi’s story reaches its end, the eladrin seem to relax even more.

When Digi finishes, Sariel nods in understanding and asks some questions for clarification,”Who commissioned you and did they ask you to retrieve Draigdurroch’s research notes, or are you planning on hocking them on the local market?” Sariel gestures at the CFPs packs which hold the heavy books and notes.

“Also, can you describe to me any other details of these ‘chaos creatures’ or offer any sort of proof that the Spirit of Winter was tainted? We checked the tower and no such evidence exists which supports your story. You must understand that to our eyes it appears that the Spirit of Winter was destroyed so you could loot the tower.” Sariel looks to the CFP for their answer.


(oops typo on the check…) “well, I am not an expert at all in things arcane, so explanation of the ‘chaos creatures’ will have to come from somewhere else. as to who commissioned us, we were forced by the dire situation of apparent constant winter and the dire weather to seek it’s cause. a mage in loudwater who had helped us previously with a “goblin problem” suggested that we look at the tower for answers. he offered some hefty coin for the research notes should we find them. also his (points to Amagar)aspiring love interest lady moon-something or other said she wanted them also… tell you the truth, i am not sure at all why she is so attracted to him. not that i am complaining mind you… she could really use a good hot oil treatment. PLENTY of split ends if you get my meaning… and she can obviously afford a good brush and comb. why she doesn’t use them more than an hour or so a day i will never know…

now as to proof of our battle: well, after we stomped them i honestly didn’t have much care for the bodies, and was too busy trying to get my hair back in order. but just look here (separates out a lock of his hair from the greater mane as a whole) see this. you can quite obviously see some pretty serious signs of the damage from the battle. they hurled ice missiles on us from the upstairs, and it litterally took hours to get it straightened out. that gem when it exploded went everywhere too. there are probably still pieces of it in my greaves….


(and I’ll need another Diplomacy check Digi)


(Diplomacy check (1d20 + 1): 19 + 1 = 20 – trippy.. exact same roll… both times on evil DM… still forgot to fix the label on the throw. edited here tho)


Raz, impressed and surprised by Digi’s golden tongue, sees an opening for peace and offers to show the fey elves the shards of the Frost Gem so they can see the corrupting marks.


(I need Amagar to make an Arcana check to put the gem fragments back together in such a way to show the primordial scratchings and seperate Arcana check if he wants to offer arcane details of the Frost Warriors.)

“We didn’t realize the Frost Gem would have such a profound effect on the area’s weather,” the eladrin says. “Curuvar the Brazen is a trust worthy man and we have had dealings with him in the past with his studies of Karse. However, this Lady Moonfire is a young and aspiring warlock, do think she would use Draigdurroch’s research to invoke the Dark Pact with Karse?”


Raz, glad that it seems the most tense part of the encounter to be over, relaxes a little and says “Yes, it seems to have had a potentially deadly affect. If it would have persisted, there would have been mass starvation in the area, I’m sure.”

“Hmmm…Lady Moonfire, she does seem a little flighty. Perhaps the lack of maturity in her young life. It’s too bad some don’t gain wisdom earlier. If you are concerned, we can just deliver the research to Curuvar and I’m sure he will keep tabs on Lady Moonfire, especially if we tell him your concerns.”

“Have you had travels to Myth Drannor? Last I heard, my brother, Latharian, lives there, though, sadly, I have never met him. I grew up near there in Asbenford.”


(I’ll need another Diplomacy check from Raz.)


(Maybe I’ll start using that Evil DM…)


“Are we concerned!”, Sariel says with anger behind her voice, and the other eladrin white knuckle their weapons again, seemingly poised ready to draw their weapons at anytime.

“And what’s this,” the eladrin points to the broken pieces of the gem. “That gem came from one of the darkest areas of the Feywild. Many eladrin gave their lives for that gem, and you.. you destroyed it!”

The eladrin are tense again and battle seems eminent. The CFPs next words may unhinge the delicate negotiations, or it may convince the eladrin that the Gray Vale’s unnatural weather was truly the cause of the Elemental Chaos’ taint upon the Frost Gem.


Diplomacy check for my last post: 5(d20) +2 = 7

Arcana to put the gem back together: 15(d20) +11 = 26
Arcana to describe the Ice Warriors: 4(d20) +11 = 15

Intimidate check for this post: 12(d20) +2 = 14

Amagar’s tail lashes at the mention of a ‘love interest,’ kicking up a spray of half-melted snow. When Raz brings out the bag of broken shards, Amagar works to put the pieces together while describing the ice warriors to the Eladrin.

When finished presenting the evidence supporting the CFP’s case to the Eladrin, Amagar moves to the front of the group with his hands on his swords as well. “Personally, I’ve had enough of this. We’ve shown you evidence of what happened, and will even make accommodations for you in light of your concerns. The Frost Gem was corrupted by beings of the Elemental Chaos, and even if you refuse to acknowledge that out of typical Eladrin arrogance, one of Cendarine should know better and realize that you have failed before! Now, we have a job to do. Get in our way and I will not show mercy.” Amagar’s tail lashes again as he prepares to draw, infernal flames burning in his eyes.


Iris steps up next to Amagar, glaring hard at Sariel as she shifts into an indistinct shape of shadowy fur and claws, an incarnation of the Primal Beast of which all earthly beasts are fractured images.

Intimidate to assist Amagar: 1d20+1 12 = 13[d20]+1


(so I have take Amagar’s Diplomacy check first).

“You are all too brash to be trusted with Draigdurroch’s research. Give us his studies and you may make it back to Loudwater with your silvered tongues in place in which enjoy those ales,” Sariel threatens.

With Amagar’s and Iris’ forceful poise, the eladrin draw their weapons and one shouts his challenge, “Prepare to dine in Hell!”

(We’ll take care of the combat tonight.)


(Ah man! Gwenna? Where are you? Guess it’s too late for that now…)


Digi grips his axe and prepares to charge into the fray. “I think it is time to get angry… you wont like me when i am angry.”

the Goliath then shakes his hair free and wide. he shouts “Yeeeaaaarrgh! and points to Sariel. “Time for some STOMPIN

as he begins to move, it is evident that there is a tiny fleck of spittle at the corner of his mouth

strokes strokes

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